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review 2018-01-21 20:08
Good characters and story
Animal Instincts - Patricia Rosemoor

Skye could communicate with animals and usually saw images of their thoughts her twin brother Shade could hear people’s thoughts and was a cop. Shade was the other half to Skye’s souls. Skye worked with animal  rescue  as she also had a psychic connection with animals as well as her twin.But now a man Skye and she could hear his thoughts . skye had been looking for a wounded coyote and seen a lion, a wolf , and a hyena and he told them to leave and they did. Then Shade appeared and and asked what Skye was doing with this man before her. Skye could feel the mutual dislike between the two men. Shade knew more than he was letting on. Then shade was blocking what he was letting Skye see. Luc qwas then man by Skye and she heard him when he thought “ what are you”. Luc’s father had won the permit to build the first casino boat in Chicago though the permit for The Ark as it was called had not included the several lower decks clocked by his father’s magic where only the invited got to play. The year before when the first complex on the lower decks  had opened Luc had taken the job of head of security to make his dad happy. Luc had recognized Ske as Shade’s sister from the physical similarities she shared with Shade. Yet he couldn’t control her. Luc wanted to know Skye better and he didn’t like being thwarted. Luc was used to having control especially over humans but for some reason not Skye. Luc couldn’t get her off his mind. Shade then died in the line of duty with a bullet through his skull.and had saved Luc’s mother Elizabeth. Even his partner didn’t know he was looking into murders that may be linked to the casino. Then Luke’s ghost appeared to Skye in his apartment which apparently his ghost couldn’t leave. Shade figures he has unfinished business here and that is was the case he was working on he won’t be able to move on until that is solved. Skye finds her mother’s old Book Of Powers and it explains what is going on and all the odd things Skye can do. Skye reads the book to Shade’s ghost and Luc was by an outside window and heard what Skye actually is and what have to ask her what she was anymore. Luc is a shifter who was half human he had not embraced either side of himself. His human mother raised him. Luc pushed Skye away thinking it would keep her safe.

I did definitely enjoy this book., it's definitely a different twist on shifters. Some of the word choices were off like using coppers for a cop. There was some replication in the dialogue like Luc asking “ what are you” it got boring. This made me choke up at times. Luc and Skye had some hot chemistry between them. The supernaturals didn’t seem to really care if their secrets got out and people became aware of what they were. I liked the tension between Luc and Skye.  My interest was caught in the beginning and stayed through to the end. I also liked the plot and the fast pace. I liked the drama bit loved the character and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.  

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review 2018-01-18 10:00
Review: After the Dark (Killer Instincts #1) by Cynthia Eden
After the Dark - Cynthia Eden



In New York Times bestselling author Cynthia Eden's gripping new series, a disgraced FBI profiler must save her reputation by stopping a sadistic killer she knows all too well.


Former FBI agent Samantha Dark was one of the most respected profilers in the bureau, an expert on the twisted minds and dark hearts of the most depraved criminals. But when her own former lover turned out to be the serial killer she was hunting, Samantha's career was destroyed. Blamed for the FBI's failure on the complex case, Samantha fled Washington, DC, for the quiet anonymity of Alabama.


Now an all-too-familiar killer is hunting once again. She can catch the sadistic assassin, but that means putting her trust in her former partner, Blake Gamble. Ex-military, Blake is tough, protective, precise. With her entire life on the brink, she knows he wants her back in the FBI…and possibly more.


But someone else wants her, too. A threat is waiting in the dark, a killer who has set his sights on the ultimate trophy victim—Samantha.


It is not any surprise to me that Cynthia Eden once again brings a new world to life with well written words that paints vivid imagery that gives life to her imagination.


 Killer Instinct is the first novel in a gritty, intense romantic suspense that had me breathless with anticipation and suspense throughout.




Blake and Samantha are two characters that grab ahold of readers and refuse to let go. Their chemistry is off the charts and the emotional turbulence makes readers easily become caught up in their story. The romance is an up and down emotional ride that adds depth and really makes them real as the readers empathize with their problems and cheer them on.


Spine tingling tension builds throughout the story as the progresses and the readers find themselves caught up in the suspense as a killer terrorizes and has these FBI agents working overtime to stop him. But the case is further complicated by the past and the killer’s idea of just who will be the ultimate trophy.


Another great suspense, that I just couldn’t put down to I had read every last page and I can’t wait to read more books in the Killer Instinct series.




After the Dark is the 1st book in the Killer Instinct series.


Before the Dawn & Into the Night – books 2 & 3 are available.


After the Dark is available in print & ebook at:

Amazon   B&N   BAM   GPlay   iBooks   Kobo


Also available in audio at:

Amazon   Audible


Cynthia Eden can be found at:

Goodreads   Website   Facebook   Twitter   Pintrest


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review 2018-01-09 12:40
Review For : Animal Instincts by Patricia Rosemoor
Animal Instincts - Patricia Rosemoor

3.5 Stars
Animal Instincts by Patricia Rosemoor is the first book in the series " Kindred Souls".  This is the story of Luc Lazare and Skye Cross.   Luc is working to help save his family from a bad situation and doesn't have time for distractions. Skye too is looking to help the animals she is able to connect with which leads her to where she is now with Luc.  
This was a pretty interesting read and I will look for more books by this author.

Source: www.amazon.com/Animal-Instincts-Patricia-Rosemoor-ebook/dp/B076XPV39F/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1515274779&sr=1-1&keywords=Animal+Instincts+Patricia+Rosemoor
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review 2017-05-08 04:50
Midnight Target (Killer Instincts #8) by Elle Kennedy
Midnight Target (A Killer Instincts Novel) - Elle Kennedy



Author: Elle Kennedy

TitleMidnight Target

Series: Killer Instincts

Cover Rating:

Book Rating:


Buy This Book:




Four years ago, Cate’s entire life changed when she discovered she was the daughter of a super soldier. But Jim Morgan’s over protectiveness has pushed her away. These days, she’s working as a freelance photographer and living the dangerous life Jim never wanted for her.

When Cate snaps a photo linking a corrupt South American politician with the leader of a notorious drug cartel, her mercenary father leads a team to rescue her—only to get shot and critically wounded in the process.

As Morgan’s operatives rally together on a revenge mission, they’re faced with new alliances and old heartaches. Cate is forced to work with David “Ash” Ashton, the man who broke her heart two years ago, while Liam Macgregor and Sullivan Port resurface after years apart to finally try to deal with everything they’d left unsaid.

Soon it’s all-out war between the cartel and the mercenaries—with two couples caught in the middle of the blood feud. Love and redemption are within their reach...but first they have to make it home alive.





Midnight Target in a nut shell ...




(If you can't see the image I included just think of the Ana / Christian drunk dialing scene) Yeah the whole I love you, I don't love you, come back, whaa whaa part kinnnnnnnda got annoying. (I'm not a big fan of adult tantrums..) But the rest I really loved.

So I loved to hate it and I hated that I still loved it yet I was still totally thrilled we got another KI book. (Although in the next installment can our heroine be a little ... more? Please?) Its worth the read, I mean, hey, everyone went for it in 50 so why not? I still love you Kennedy! I'll be here for the next one.





Until next time book lovers...



Krissys Bookshelf Reviews received a digital copy in exchange for an honest review from Netgalley.

All thoughts, comments and ratings are my own.

If any of Krissy's Bookshelf Reviews has been helpful please stop by to like my post or leave a comment to let me know what you think. I love hearing from you!

Thank you so much for stopping by!



Krissys Bookshelf Reviews









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review 2017-04-21 06:58
Review: Midnight Target by Elle Kennedy
Midnight Target (A Killer Instincts Novel) - Elle Kennedy



Midnight Target hits the ground running and never lets up. Emotions are high, sexual tension runs hot, and the action is top-notch. As the final book in the Killer Instincts series, the stakes are bigger than ever with the full force of Jim’s mercenaries and Noelle’s chameleons all out for blood when Jim is critically wounded. Elle Kennedy definitely knows how to send her badass heroes and heroines off in style, and this is one hell of a satisfying end to the series with almost all of our favorite characters getting a moment or two to shine and not one, but two sexy-as-sin romances taking center stage.

Cate Morgan grew up in a gilded cage, a prisoner of her maniac grandfather until she was found by her father, Jim. Cate’s cut from the same cloth as her father. She’s a thrill-seeker, someone who – even as a teenager – knew she wasn’t cut out for a normal life. But Jim wants her wrapped in cotton, and his overbearing protectiveness pushed her away. Now a photojournalist on assignment in South America, Cate’s life takes a turn when she snaps a photo of a supposedly dead drug dealer. With killers hot on her heels, she has no choice but to call her father. And when Jim’s wounded rescuing her, Cate is forced to work with David “Ash” Ashton – the one man she wants nothing to do with. Ash broke her heart, and nothing makes her madder than the fact that she’s still attracted to him.

Ash has had it bad for Cate for years, but he knows he can never have her. Their difference in ages and the fact that he’d never do anything to lose the respect of Jim, the man who gave him a chance, a job, and a home, makes her off-limits. But with blood running hot and danger around every corner, the sexual tension between them is about to boil over. Cate and Ash are two people clearly meant to be together, and I loved the flashbacks that showed their history, built up the tension, and had me rooting for these two to get together. It isn’t easy for them. Ash’s loyalty to Jim means he tries to push Cate away, and he hurts her in the process. But readers can see how completely head over heels he is for her, and the fact that he’s so totally in love with her just melted my heart. They come into their own both as individuals and as a couple in Midnight Target and their growth is fantastic to watch.

As previously mentioned, there’s a second romance in this book and it’s the one I’ve been waiting for: Liam Macgregor and Sullivan Port. For the past few books Ms. Kennedy has been ramping up the tension between these two smokin’ hot mercs and I’ve been dying for their story. It’s been two years since Liam and Sully last saw each other and when they reconnect…holy smokes. Attraction, longing, anger, fear, and love are all intertwined and bottled up in each of the men. Their confrontations are insanely hot and you could power a whole village with the emotional charge from their scenes. Every minute Ms. Kennedy made us wait for their love story was absolutely worth it because Liam and Sully rocked. The angst, raw desire, and pure want between them packs one heck of a punch and I stayed up way too late reading Midnight Target because I could not put the book down until Liam and Sully got their happily ever after. Nobody can mix passion, anger, and love together quite like Elle Kennedy, and Liam and Sully are perfect examples of her talent.

I could spend pages going on about Liam and Sully because they rank right up there with Jim and Noelle when it comes to favorite couples of mine, but it’d be remiss of me not to mention the action outside the two romances. The mission is personal this time for all the characters and the upped stakes definitely kept me engaged. Ms. Kennedy isn’t afraid to make things dark and gritty, and with a drug lord targeting first Cate, then the entire team, the suspense is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. The world these mercs and assassins live in is bloody and grim, but it makes the characters and romances shine all the brighter in contrast.

Midnight Target has raw passion, high stakes, boundless energy, and two powerful love stories. It’s a stellar read fans old and new of the Killer Instincts series are sure to enjoy. Every obstacle the protagonists face is worth it when there’s an ending as satisfying as the one in this book. I loved Midnight Target and I cannot wait to read it again and again!

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Source: witandsin.blogspot.com/2017/04/review-midnight-target-by-elle-kennedy.html
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