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review 2017-11-20 21:52
Skeptical how accurate this is.
Black Indians: A Hidden Heritage - William Loren Katz

As it is Native American Heritage Month it seemed like a good time to pick up this book by author Katz. Native American history really does not get the attention it should in the US and black Indians (as the title refers to) are a group I don't think I ever heard about until well into adulthood. At most I think my education was limited to how black Indians could claim membership in a nation and how that criteria can differ from group to group. In order to rectify this it seemed like this book would be a good reference to learn more. 


The book looks at the history of black people in the US and how they intermingled with the indigenous peoples already here. From intermarriage to slave trade it was interesting to learn more about the general history and more about people who I had no idea could claim both heritages.


That said, a lot of the criticisms are right on target. The writing is really terrible. Written at a middle school/high school level at best the author is just not interesting. I became very uneasy when seeing several reviews point out the inaccuracies of the text (despite the high rating). Katz has a bibliography, but this was the type of book that might have been better suited to in-text citations (or at least foot/endnotes so I could check sources or at least see a citation).


So while there is value to the book I can't but feel I'm not really sure how much of an expert he is and am not sure what would be a good source to compliment this book. I bought it based on the high ratings but am not sure that was a good idea. Borrow instead.

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review 2017-09-04 01:05
Christianity (American Heritage Library) - Roland H. Bainton

The history of Christianity spans over 2000 years, across three then five continents, and numerous individuals doing their best to follow the example of Jesus.  Roland H. Bainton’s Christianity is a survey of the history, theology developments, and impact of the faith has had on society over the length of its existence since the ministry of Christ on earth.


Beginning with the various cultural backgrounds that influenced the life of Jesus and the society he lived and teach in, Bainton writes an easily read survey of Christianity.  Everything from the Apostolic Age through the persecution by the Roman Empire then its long progression of conversation through the Western Empire’s fall is covered very well.  However with Rome’s fall, the book’s focus begins to be firmly placed in Western Europe—later to expand to the Americas—with all the culture, historical, political, and theological developments that are well-known to anyone with a general knowledge of the history of Western civilization.  Given the book is less than 400 pages in length, Bainton’s having to choose the best way to get through the history of Christianity meant having to neglect the developments of East Orthodox, Oriental, and Coptic Christianity in favor to everything connected to Western Christianity.


Though not all facets are covered, Roland H. Bainton’s Christianity is a well-written survey that covers the basics of everything related to Western Christianity.  For anyone looking for general information of Christianity, I recommend this book to you.

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review 2017-03-20 20:07
Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred D. Taylor
Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry - Mildred D. Taylor

This book is part of a several book series on the Logan family. The book takes place during The Great Depression in the deep south. It is about an African American family and their struggle against racism. The main character, Cassie, has to learn the "do's" and "don'ts" that society requires. Because the book is shown through a child's perspective, it really questions and displays the types of injustices that were a common occurrence for the time period. The book may show injustices that people may not normally think about or know to think about. This book is a great example for what life was like as well as what types of social struggles occurred at the time. This book would be a great text to use a reinforcement read for history class for the study of The Great Depression, Black History Month, and feelings on personal heritage. The lexile level is 920L so it could be used around the 5th or 6th grade.

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review 2017-01-21 17:58
Harness (Terran Times) Viola Grace Review
Harness (Terran Times) - Viola Grace

Using tech to hold her shape becomes a problem when she meets a man who drives her senses into overdrive.

Alfreda has become used to the constant pressure of her harness, keeping her in a basic bipedal form and helping her back into her Terran shape. When she learns that her mixed blood makes the shapeshifter in her far stronger than the human, she has a choice. Should she give in or keep herself human at all costs?

El-sur works with the Guardian project, finding those of his species and training them to their full potential. Alfreda is stronger than any other shifter he has met, and she is also the only female of his kind he has ever seen. Will biology win over education?




This one was fully of twists and turns with the romance a sweet beat in the background.


The heroines self discovery was good to watch as was the coming alive of a world. 

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review 2017-01-07 16:19
Ice Runner (Tales of the Citadel Book 19) Viola Grace Review
Ice Runner - Viola Grace

Using heat to skim along ice delivers her into the arms of a botanist who has more than a casual interest in her and her talent.

Kescu has been raised under ice. Under the surface of Wanlio 6, the locals live and thrive with the Ice Runner moving emergency and experimental supplies from one city and base to the other. Her talent is heat, but she channels it through metal plates, and she skates along the frozen surface of her world.

Lorvik is a new botanist who is assisting a researcher at another base to develop fast-growing fruiting plants for starving populations. When the Ice Runner first arrives in his base, he knows she is more than she seems, but a kiss and genetic testing proves that his path has led him to the right woman. His woman.

Negotiations do not go too smoothly, but Kes knows she is meant for another world. Life in the ice is beginning to hurt. She agrees to his suit, and he only has one more hurdle to pass. Her mother.




The ice planet was an interesting place to visit. The mother daughter sister relationships were moving.


The romance was a bit cold but the plot was good. 

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