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review 2018-03-22 17:09
The Demon You Know - Julie Kenner

Enjoyable short story about a demon-hunting mom and her teenage daughter. No knowledge of the series is needed to enjoy. It's short and to the point - reminiscent of a Buffy episode. Narration was well done. Narrator does great job switching between mom and daughter as point-of-view. All voices age and gender appropriate.


My Rating: B

Narration: B+

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2018-03-14 01:04
Preta's Realm: The Haunting by J. Thorn
Preta's Realm: The Haunting - J. Thorn

Preta's Realm: The Haunting by J. Thorn
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

When certain people in his life start disappearing, Drew Green struggles to keep his mind and family intact. Something whispers to him at night; a voice of a person no longer living. It tells him of a time long past, and a curse set to haunt the bloodline. As events eventually spin out of control, Drew finds himself at the mercy of a creature that should only reside within nightmares.

(WARNING: This review contains minor spoilers.)

After about a year or more of having this on my kindle and eventually forgetting about its existence, it finally caught my eye once again. What followed was a last minute read of the month - it's a short book, which I was later thankful for. Initially I didn't know what to expect, but the words akin to "disgusting" and the likes on other reviews piqued my interest. Just how bad could it be? At this point I'd say I'm pretty used to the extreme use of gore and other similar themes, so my curiosity got the better of me. My concluding opinion is that whilst involving some nasty and sensitive elements, it was largely poor in regards to story. I found myself confused most of the time, not only questioning certain plot decisions, but also of how it was paced. A scene would suddenly jump in time without it being properly conveyed, yet I'm not sure if that was supposed to be intentional or not. Either way, it came across as not entirely thought out - like Thorn rushed through the process.

I can't say I particularly liked any of the characters, nor did I understand their actions. I found Drew to be dislikeable as a person; how he treated his family was a large part of that. It was hinted throughout that he suffered from something in the past, perhaps some form of mental illness, yet it was never explained, and thus I settled into a state of aforementioned confusion whilst trying to garner what I could of the backstory. I know Ravna was a decent man in the grand scheme of things, but I didn't get a good first impression of him and unfortunately that stuck. His introduction consisted of him fantasising about a younger waitress, which I honestly found to be offputting. He referred to her as his "gothic princess", and the moment he noticed her in a colour other than black, the fantasy was apparently ruined. Clearly this information wasn't relevant in any way, shape, or form, yet it was still relayed like it was somehow crucial. The others? I don't have much to say about them, other than they lacked memorable presence.

"Preta" and "Gaki" essentially mean the same thing - "hungry ghost" - and is a supernatural being present in Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Chinese and Vietnamese folk religion. I can't say I was familiar with the lore of this creature until I did some homework. It's a good concept - I always like when authors include their on take on weird and wonderful monsters. I did find some discomfort in Thorn's representation, but I was simply too distracted by other elements to really appreciate the depravity. The accounts of the past, told through the spirit of Drew's grandfather, honestly bored me enough that I wanted to skim over; the narrative was written in such a way that didn't pull me in, or make me care for what was happening.

If I were to detail how this could've been a better read for me, then it would go like this; the focus solely upon Drew or Ravna, with either one being fleshed out instead of the back and forth. Drew was supposed to be a devoted family man, yet I didn't see that. Ravna was supposed to be some sort of hunter, yet I felt I was merely given a brief glimpse. Of course, this is my personal opinion; plenty of others thoroughly enjoyed it as it is.

In conclusion: I originally rated this three stars, however I've retracted one to better fit my thoughts. It was a definite miss for me - I didn't like much about it other than the somewhat disturbing scenes of "Gaki".

Notable Quote:

"The 'cesspool' you mention is humanity itself. The 'gateway' is the greed, lust and insatiable suffering of humankind. You can no more rid the universe of Gaki than you can of air or water."

© Red Lace 2018

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Source: redlace.reviews/2018/03/14/pretas-realm-the-haunting-by-j-thorn
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review 2018-03-07 18:38
Review: "Gagged" (The Clipped Saga, #3) by Devon McCormack
Gagged - Devon McCormack


~ 2.5 stars ~


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review 2018-02-26 16:50
ARC Review: The Unlikeable Demon Hunter: Crave (Nava Katz #4) by Deborah Wilde
The Unlikeable Demon Hunter: Crave (Nava Katz Book 4) - Deborah Wilde
The Unlikeable Demon Hunter: Crave

Nava Katz #4
Deborah Wilde
Paranormal Romance - Urban Fantasy
Te Da Media
February 20th 2018
ARC Review Copy


What doesn’t kill you ...


seriously messes with your love life.


Nava is happily settling into her new relationship and life is all giddy joy and stolen kisses.

Except when it’s assassins. Talk about a mood killer.


She and Rohan are tracking the unlikely partnership between the Brotherhood and a witch who can bind demons, but every new piece of the puzzle is leaving them with more questions than answers.


And someone doesn’t appreciate them getting close to the truth.


Go figure.


On top of that, a demon known only as Candyman has unleashed a drug that’s harming users in extremely disturbing ways.


Nava vows to take this demon down. But will life as she knows it survive this mission, or will this be the one time she should have looked before she leapt?


Happily-ever-after? Barring death, she’s got a real shot at it.






Note: This series needs to be read in order.


I’ve been enjoy the Nave Katz series. I’ve found the novels to be action-packed and entreating. The Unlikeable Demon Hunter: Crave uncovers some interesting things and digs into a mystery, but it also was lacking in character development and those action-packed scenes.


I had a difficult time getting into The Unlikeable Demon Hunter: Crave. Their where things I liked, but there where more things that just bothered me this go around.


Things I Liked:


• I like the covers for this series and the titles for the books. They fit each novel perfectly.


• I enjoyed the mystery of this new drug thats hit the streets. It’s not a normal drug and it affects people differently.


• Things are revealed in many areas. Personal, the Witches, the Brotherhood, Demons, and more.


• I was very happy to see Nava making friends with those in her Brotherhood house.


What Bothered Me:


• Nava has grown a little, but not as much as she should have. She’s not so wild and out of control as she has been, but she still is not thinking through her actions.


• I’m also disappointed in the lack of training for Nave. She’s in the Brotherhood, but she still doesn’t have the training that all the boys have. They started as kids learning and fighting and well Nava didn’t have that. She needs to study and train, yet she’s not.


• We get progress in finding out who is binding demons, but in this area when Nava learns something she goes to either the Witches, Demons, or the Brotherhood, the ones who know what she is doing, and she tells them that information, which then stirs up a hornets nest. She doesn’t ask discrete questions or investigate well. What she does is get everyone ruffled up.


• And, her relationship. It’s been an on again off again thing. Nava and Rohan are in a good place at the start, but at the end it’s off again. I’m so over this up and down romance. I’m also disappointed that Rohan doesn’t share his personal life aka his history with Nava. He knows everything about her, yet she still doesn’t know things about him that she should. I’m also upset with Nava; because of a choice she makes at the end which she knows won’t end well for her and it doesn’t. Now, I will say that their sexy time is sexy, but I did have an issue with the author trying to progress their relationship with them have sex without a condom. I didn’t have an issue with the no condom. My issue is I didn’t feel that they where ready for that step in their relationship.


The Unlikeable Demon Hunter: Crave was just ok. The story was slow throughout and it left me with with more questions by the end about the Brotherhood, the Witches, and the Demons as well as feeling sad about Nava and Rohan’s relationship. I’m at a point where I’m not sure if I want to continue with the Nava Katz series. Their was just to much that bothered me this time around.


Rated: 3 Stars


*Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy provided by Author Deborah Wilde with the sole purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, comments and ratings are my own.


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Check out my reviews from the previous books:









I was born and raised in Northern Indiana. I’m an outdoor sun loving reader living near San Fransisco. I’m a mother, wife, dog owner, animal, and book lover. I’m the owner, reviewer, and mind behind Angel’s Guilty Pleasures. My favorite animals are horses & dogs. As for reading I love all things paranormal & urban fantasy. My favorite shifters are dragons!

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Source: angelsguiltypleasures.com/2018/02/arc-review-the-unlikeable-demon-hunter-crave-nava-katz-4-by-deborah-wilde
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photo 2018-02-15 11:00
The Little Crow (Heart of Darkness #1) by Caitlin Ricci

Detective Jamison Landry’s job isn’t easy. He’s dealt with the worst criminals imaginable and believes in his work and the community he serves. But he’s never met someone quite like Mal before.

The mysterious man, rescued from a basement in which he was chained by cultists, keeps Jamison guessing. He both confuses and excites him, and Jamison isn’t sure how he feels about that. Plus, things turn from unusual to downright strange when people start insisting Mal isn’t quite human. And Jamison’s creepy dreams of crows and graveyards don’t make things any better for him.

Will Mal stay around long enough for Jamison to figure out his secrets, or will this stranger leave him aching for more?

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