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review 2018-11-15 01:08
I wanted this to be five stars
Batman: White Knight - Sean Murphy

The execution, the details, were interesting.   I do think that Sean Murphy bent a little things: if Jack Napier were a truly good man, as he's presented here, and had to account for everything that the Joker did, then I think he'd be slightly more shellshocked.   Now, I could buy the argument that he was so overwhelmed that he ended up placing all his hopes of forgiveness in Harley Quinn - but that's not how this is presented.   It's presented as he feels bad, whoops, let's save Gotham now.   (Although a lot of his redemption is all about Harleen, so that was kinda weird, too.)   He was a little... off with Harleen, too?   Maybe it was calling her Harley, which seemed weird since they were trying so hard to disassociate themselves from their former lives.  But there was something else, where it was all too cut and dry: her accepting him, his complete devotion to her, and I found it too far off form The Joker to really be buyable.   


Then again, some of this could be explained by the final reveal, although I don't want to go into details: this is well worth reading, and it's worth reading not knowing what's coming in my opinion, so I won't spoil that. 


There's so much elegance in this story that it didn't seem more than a star off, and I think the story focuses enough on other things that I couldn't really say this flaw overtook everything.   I also think when the love story between The Joker and Harleen doesn't take over?   This story is a lot stronger. 


And I'm not spoiling things when I say The Joker goes sane or Batman is in Arkham.   The tagline on the back is The Joker goes sane, and the first page or so has Batman in Arkham.   It's all about the small reveals leading up to the big one  at the end.   It's a slow burn that's dealt with perfectly for the most part.   


Lovely story.  I'm definitely going to look into reading more by this writer/artist. 

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text 2018-11-15 00:37
Reading progress update: I've read 200 out of 232 pages.
Batman: White Knight - Sean Murphy

Again, guesstimating. 


Damn, that panel of Jack Napier with one green eye and one purple eye is haunting.   I know it might not sound it, but it's the build up to this moment and the context that makes it this way.   *shivers*

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text 2018-11-14 23:08
Reading progress update: I've read 30 out of 232 pages.
Batman: White Knight - Sean Murphy


I've been the waitlist for awhile, and wow, this is just a gorgeous concept with excellent execution.   When the Batman starts going off the rails, he ends up holding The Joker down.   While The Joker was taunting Batman about if he were cured, he could save Gotham as Jack Napier, I should add. 


Batman pours an uncounted amount - but way too much - of a pill that no one knows anything about down The Joker's throat.   Batman holds his hand over The Joker's mouth and nose until he stops breathing, and the GCPD watches on - which is all caught on tape. 


It throws the GCPD into the crossfire of the barely old corruption accusations, and makes many wonder if Batman is a hero, or an out of control vigilante. 


Meanwhile, the pills work: Jack Napier is cured, feels remorse, and wants to help Gotham - by putting Batman away.   And all this ties into a new case where Napier needs Batman's help, if he'll agree once he's let out of Arkham Asylum. 


The thing is, this could be totally botched.   It could be a brilliant idea, and the way it was done could totally turn me off.  I'd heard it was done well and I'm a sucker for a Shattered Glass universe.   (Hey, SG is my go-to and the Mirror Universe of Transformers.)   It's not quite SG, or MU: these people started out on the 'normal' side with Batman good and The Joker bad.   But part of what's fascinating is watching it get turned into such a skewed universe.   The fact is that everything falls into place with precision: why Batman's losing it, how The Joker becomes Jack Napier again, even the great bit with Harley so far?   All makes absolute sense.   


Usually we're thrust into an AU, and it's just like 'oh, that's the way it is!'    What makes this feel so unusual is not only the top-notch execution with attention to details, but also the fact that we get to see how this started, and changed, and warped. 


Beautiful, beautiful stuff.  I should mention that Sean Murphy is the writer and artist, and his art is just lush, with Matt Hollingsworth pulling his weight as the colorist.   The art style is not only beautiful, but fits this storyline perfectly, and the colors manage to balance lush, although not too bright ever, and a muted tone, depending on what mood the storyline is going for.   Again, just a perfect combination.  I'm enthralled, although I think you can all tell.  I just picked it up an hour or so ago while I dropped off books on the verge of being late. 


I'm going to go back to his and hopefully be able to return it tomorrow before looking into buying myself my very own copy. 

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review 2018-11-11 02:17
Best Batman So Far
Batman: White Knight - Sean Murphy

Easily the best Batman Story I've ever read. Batman is darkly twisted in this alternate universe. The Joker is not so twisted and everything is.... amazing. This book felt much more grown up, more detailed and dover into darker places than the past Batman books i've read. The illustrations WOW, just fantastic, Matt Hollingsworth is a new favorite.
I am on board for this new series, sign me up for book 2.

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text 2018-11-09 18:04
Door 4 - Diwali; Task 4
Washington Square - Henry James,Lorna Raver
A Little Princess - Tasha Tudor,Frances Hodgson Burnett
Mostly Monsterly - Tammi Sauer
The Dark Tower - Stephen King
A Knight in Shining Armor (Montgomery Saga, #10) - Jude Deveraux

Task 4: Find 5 books on your shelves (either physical or virtual) whose covers show a young woman holding a flower and share their cover images.


I squinted at over 1700 thumbnails on my shelves, and this was the best I could do. If I stretched the definition until it squeaks, I could say these five  are "persons" holding or wearing flowers. 


I could have gone a step farther and gone with young women with flowers in near proximity, and I'd have had plenty of covers to show for it, but I decided to stick with this. And yes, I realize that the last one is technically a knight's gauntlet holding a flower, and doesn't actually have the knight's hand *inside* it. 

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