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text 2017-10-12 19:12
How to Tame a Beast in Seven Days By Kerrelyn Sparks $1.99
How to Tame a Beast in Seven Days - Kerrelyn Sparks

s one of the Embraced—one born with magical powers—the beautiful, innocent Luciana escaped certain death after her father hid her away on the Isle of Moon. Now, nineteen years later, her father has returned with a frightening request. He will be executed unless Luciana returns to the mainland and marries a man feared throughout the land: a terrifying brute known as the Beast.


Luciana accepts her fate and agrees to wed the Beast—Lord Leo—in order to save her father. Soon she learns that her betrothed is also one of the Embraced. With the ability to wield lightning, Leo’s immense power strikes fear into the hearts of men. . .and his mere touch can put an end to a woman’s life. But Luciana cannot deny the passion that burns between them. How can she resist the man who scorches her soul and makes her feel intoxicated with desire—even if surrendering to him could destroy them both?

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review 2017-08-30 04:55
Great Book With Great Characters
So I Married a Sorcerer - Kerrelyn Sparks

Brigitta, knew she was one of the Embraced, but she never imagined she was actually the lost princess of the kingdom of Tourin. When she found out, she was being taken by ship to meet her brother, the king. However, she didn’t plan on being kidnapped by the famed pirate Rupert. Rupert is also an Embraced, a powerful sorcerer who can control the winds. He kidnapped Brigitta to finally get his long-awaited revenge. He just didn’t count on his attraction to her.  This is the second book in the new Embraced series by this author. I loved that we were able to see the characters from the first book as well as the other Embraced that I assume will have their own books. I loved Brigitta’s bravery. Everything she tries to do to help Rupert and avoid a war, especially in a world she doesn’t know and has very little control. My heart cried for Rupert. He had been through so much that you wanted him to succeed in his revenge. I did like the new side characters and liked learning some of the stories of the sisters. However, while I liked Sister Fallyn in the beginning and found her amusing, towards the end, her paranoia started getting on my nerves. Other than that, everything was well written and I really liked the introduction to another kingdom. I highly recommend to anyone that likes this genre.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

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text 2017-08-30 04:42
So I Married a Sorcerer Excerpt!
So I Married a Sorcerer - Kerrelyn Sparks

“I cannot play,” Brigitta told her sisters as she cast a wary look at the linen bag filled with Telling Stones. Quickly she shifted on the window seat to gaze at the Great West- ern Ocean. The rolling waves went on for as far as she could see, but her mind was elsewhere. Calm yerself. The prediction will ne’er happen.

At dawn they had boarded this ship, accompanied by Mother Ginessa and Sister Fallyn, who were now resting in the cabin next door. This was the smallest vessel in the Eberoni Royal Navy, the captain had explained, sturdy enough to cross the ocean, but small enough to travel up the Ebe River to the palace at Ebton. There, they would see their oldest sister, who was now the queen of Eberon.

According to the captain, Queen Luciana had intended to send more than one ship to safeguard their journey, but at the last minute the other naval ships had been diverted south to fight the Tourinian pirates who were raiding villages along the Eberoni shore. But not to worry, the captain had assured Brigitta and her companions. Since the royal navy was keeping the pirates occupied to the south, their crossing would be perfectly safe.


Indeed, after a few hours, it seemed perfectly boring. “If we don’t play, how will we pass the time?” Gwen- nore asked from her seat at the round table. “ ’Twill be

close to sunset afore we reach Ebton.”

“I wish we could wander about on deck,” Maeve grumbled from her chair next to Gwennore. “ ’Tis a lovely spring day, and we’re stuck down here.”

Sorcha huffed in annoyance as she paced about the cabin. “Mother Ginessa insisted we remain here. I swear she acts as if she’s afraid to let anyone see us.”

“Perhaps she fears for our safety because we are Em- braced,” Gwennore said.

Sorcha shook her head. “We’re safe now in Eberon.”

But only in Eberon, Brigitta thought as she studied the deep-blue waves. Being Embraced was a death sentence anywhere else on the mainland. The other kings abhorred the fact that each of the Embraced possessed some sort of magical power that the kings, themselves, could never have.

When Brigitta and her adopted sisters were born, the only safe haven had been the Isle of Moon. They’d grown up there in the Convent of the Two Moons, believing they were orphans. But almost a year ago, they’d discovered a shocking truth. Luciana had never been an orphan.

Since then, Brigitta had wondered if she had family somewhere, too. Had they hidden her away or, worse, abandoned her? She feared it was the latter. For in all her nineteen years of life, no one from the mainland had ever bothered to contact her.

You are loved, she reminded herself. She’d grown up in a loving home at the convent. Her sisters loved her, and she loved them. That was enough.

It had to be enough. Didn’t it?

Sorcha lowered her voice. “I still believe Mother Ginessa knows things about us that she won’t tell.”


Brigitta silently agreed. She knew from her special gift that almost everyone was hiding something.

“Let’s play the game and let the stones tell us,” Maeve said. “I need to do something. This cabin is feeling smaller by the minute.”

Brigitta sighed. Sadly enough, this was the largest cabin on board. Captain Shaw had lent them his quarters, which had a large window overlooking the back of the vessel.

The ship creaked as it rolled to the side, and Sorcha grabbed the sideboard to steady herself.

“Have a seat afore ye fall,” Gwennore warned her. “Fine.” Sorcha emptied the oranges from a brass bowl

on the sideboard, then plunked the bowl onto the table as she took a seat. “Let’s play.”

Brigitta’s sisters gave her a questioning look, but she shook her head and turned to gaze out the window once again. It had been twelve years ago, when she was seven, that Luciana had invented the game where they could each pretend to be the Seer from the Isle of Mist. They’d gathered up forty pebbles from the nearby beach, then painted them with colors and numbers. After the stones were deposited in a bowl and covered with a cloth, each sister would grab a small handful of pebbles and what- ever colors or numbers she’d chosen would indicate her future.

“We’ll just have to play without her,” Sorcha grum- bled. A clattering noise filled the cabin as the bag of Telling Stones was emptied into the brass bowl, a noise not quite loud enough to cover Sorcha’s hushed voice. “Ye know why she won’t play. She’s spooked.”

Brigitta winced. That was too close to the truth.

She could no longer see the Isle of Moon on the horizon. As the island had faded from sight, a wave of apprehension had washed over her, slowly growing until it had

sucked her down into an undertow of fear and dread. For deep in her heart, she believed that leaving the safety of the convent would trigger the set of events that Luciana had predicted.

But how could she have refused this voyage? Luciana would be giving birth soon, and she wanted her sisters with her. She also needed Mother Ginessa, who was an excellent midwife.

“I’m going first,” Sorcha declared, and the stones rat- tled about the bowl as she mixed them up.

“O Great Seer,” Maeve said, repeating the line they spoke before each prediction. “Reveal to us the secrets of the Telling Stones.”

“What the hell?” Sorcha muttered, and Maeve gasped. “Ye mustn’t let Mother Ginessa hear ye curse like

that,” Gwennore warned her.

“These stones are ridiculous!” Sorcha slammed them on the table, and out of curiosity Brigitta turned to see what her sister had selected.

Nine, pink, and lavender.

Gwennore tilted her head as she studied the stones. “In nine years ye will meet a tall and handsome—”

“Nine years?” Sorcha grimaced. “I would be so old!” “Twenty-seven.” Gwennore’s mouth twitched. “Practi-

cally ancient.”

“Exactly!” Sorcha huffed. “I’ll wait nine months for my tall and handsome stranger, and not a minute more.” She glared at the colored stones. “I hate pink. It looks ter- rible with my freckles and red hair.”

Maeve’s eyes sparkled with mischief. “Who said ye would be wearing it? I think yer true love will look very pretty in pink.”

“He’s not wearing pink,” Sorcha growled.

“Aye, a lovely pink gown with a lavender sash,” Gwennore added with a grin.

“Nay, Gwennie.” Maeve shook her head. “The lavender means he’ll have lavender-blue eyes like you.”

“Ah.” Gwennore tucked a tendril of her white-blond hair behind a pointed ear. “Could be.”

“Are ye kidding me?” Sorcha gave them an incredu- lous look. “How on Aerthlan would I ever meet an elf?” “Ye met me,” Gwennore said. “And apparently, in nine months, ye’ll meet a tall and handsome elf in a pink gown.” She and Maeve laughed, and Sorcha reluctantly


Brigitta turned to peer out the window once again. Over the years, the Telling Stones had proven to be an entertaining game. But then, a year ago, something strange had happened. Luciana’s prediction for her own future had actually come to pass. She’d met and fallen in love with the tall and handsome stranger she’d foretold in specific detail, using the Telling Stones. And if that hadn’t been amazing enough, she’d become the queen of Eberon.

Eager to experience something equally romantic, Bri- gitta had begged her oldest sister to predict a similar future for her.

A mistake. Brigitta frowned at the churning ocean. Blue, gold, seven, and eight. Those had been the stones

Luciana had selected. Blue and gold, she’d explained, sig- nified the royal colors of the kingdom of Tourin. Seven meant there would be seven suitors to compete for her hand. And eight . . . in eight months, Brigitta would meet a tall and handsome stranger.

The eight months had now passed.

She pressed a hand against her roiling stomach. When they’d boarded this morning, she’d quickly assessed the captain and his crew. None of them had struck her as particularly tall or handsome. Captain Shaw was portly, bald, and old enough to be her father.As for the seven suitors vying for her hand, she had initially been thrilled, considering the idea wildly exciting. But when her sisters had likened it to her being a prize in a tourney, she’d had second thoughts.

Why would seven men compete for her? She had noth- ing special to offer. Even the gift she possessed for being Embraced was hardly special. And did this contest mean she would have no choice but to marry whichever man won her? The more she’d thought about this competition, the more it had made her cringe.

So, five months ago, she’d played the game again, hop- ing to achieve different results. But to her shock, there had been four stones in her hand.

Blue, gold, seven, and five.

Had some sort of mysterious countdown gone into ef- fect? Reluctant to believe that, she’d attempted the game again a month later. Blue, gold, seven, and four. Alarmed, she’d sworn never to play again.

But one month ago, Sorcha had dared her to play, taunt- ing her for being overly dramatic. Those words never failed to irk Brigitta, so she’d accepted the dare. With a silent prayer to the moon goddesses, she’d reached into the bowl, swished the pebbles around, and grabbed a hand- ful. And there, in her palm, four stones had stared up at her.

Blue, gold, seven, and one. A fate was shoving itself down her throat whether she liked it or not.

And she did not.

Brigitta had been raised on the Isle of Moon, where women were free to determine their own futures and everyone worshipped the moon goddesses, Luna and Lessa.

It was different on the mainland. Men were in charge there, and everyone worshipped a male god, the Light.

Luciana had been fortunate to find a good man who respected her independent nature. As king and queen, they had declared it safe to worship the moon goddesses in Eberon.

But it was not that way elsewhere. In the other main- land kingdoms, Brigitta would be executed for making the sign of the moons as she prayed. Executed for being Embraced. So why did she keep picking the blue and gold colors of Tourin?

And why would seven suitors compete for her? She glanced at her sisters. Sorcha had always seemed the stron- gest, with a fiery temperament that matched her fiery red hair. Gwennore had always been the smartest. Maeve, the youngest, had always been the sweetest. And Luciana— now married—had been their brave leader. Brigitta had never been quite sure where she fit in.

Gwennore, with her superior intellect, had always been the best at translating books into different languages. Maeve had excelled in penmanship, and Sorcha in artwork. Luciana had been good at everything.

But Brigitta . . . the nuns had despaired with her. When transcribing a book, she could never stay true to the text. A little embellishment here, a tweak there, and eventu- ally she would take a story so off course, it was no longer recognizable. This, of course, upset the nuns, for their male customers on the mainland were paying for an ex- act copy of an old tale, not the romantic fantasies of an overly dramatic young woman.

Whenever the nuns had fussed at her, her sisters had come to her defense, insisting that her story was much better than the original. And each time the nuns tried to use Brigitta’s overly dramatic mistakes for kindling, her sisters always managed to rescue the pages and give them to her. They’d even begged her to finish her stories about dashing young heroes, so that they could read them.

Brigitta adored them for that. She’d do anything for her sisters, including this voyage to Eberon that she was so afraid would activate the events she’d been dread- ing.

She shifted her gaze back to the rolling motion of the ocean, and her stomach churned. Did a person’s destiny have to be set in stone, in this case the Telling Stones? This was her story, so why couldn’t it be one of her mak- ing? Surely she didn’t have to stick to a text that had already been written without her consent. Couldn’t she be the author of her own destiny?

“Ye should watch the horizon, not the waves,” Maeve said as she sat next to Brigitta on the window seat. “ ’Tis a sure way to make yerself ill.”

“Oh.” Brigitta turned to her youngest sister. “I didn’t realize . . .” Her stomach twisted with a sharp pain, and she winced.

Gwennore gave her a worried look. “Ye look pale. Would ye like some bread or wine?” She motioned toward the sideboard and the food that had been left for them.

Brigitta shook her head. Perhaps if she sat perfectly still for a few moments, the nausea would pass. “Did ye finish playing the Game of Stones?”

“Aye,” Maeve answered. “Didn’t ye hear us giggling?” Brigitta groaned inwardly, not wanting to admit she’d been too engrossed in her own worries to pay her sisters

any mind.

“My prediction was the best,” Maeve continued. “In four years, I’ll meet a tall and handsome stranger with green teeth, purple hair, and three feet.”

Brigitta wrinkled her nose. “Ye call that handsome? How can he have three feet? Does he have a third leg?”

Maeve waved a dismissive hand. “We didn’t bother to figure that part out. But he is taller than most.”

“Aye.” Sorcha snorted. “By a foot.”

Maeve grinned. “As ye can see, the game is nonsense. Besides, I have no desire to meet any man, no matter how tall or handsome. I plan to live the rest of my life with all of you at the convent.”

“Aye,” Sorcha agreed. “I’m not leaving my sisters for an elf in a pink gown. ’Tis naught but a silly game.”

“Exactly.” Gwennore gave Brigitta a pointed look. “So ye shouldn’t believe anything the stones say.”

They were doing their best to relieve her fear, Brigitta realized, and as her heart warmed, the ache in her stomach eased. “Thank you. What would I do without ye all?”

The ship lurched suddenly to the right, causing Bri- gitta and Maeve to fall against the padded wall of the window seat. The oranges rolled off the sideboard and plummeted to the wooden floor. Empty goblets fell onto the floor with a series of loud clunks.

Sorcha grabbed on to the table. “What was that?”

Loud shouts and the pounding of feet sounded on the deck overhead.

“Something is amiss,” Gwennore said as she gazed up at the ceiling. “They’re running about.”

Maeve peered out the window. “I believe we made a sudden turn to the south.”

“That would put us off course,” Gwennore murmured.

The door slammed open, and they jumped in their seats.

Mother Ginessa gave them a stern look, while behind her Sister Fallyn pressed the tips of her fingers against her thumbs, forming two small circles to represent the twin moons.

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review 2017-08-29 12:23
Book Review For: 'So I Married a Sorcerer' by Kerrelyn Sparks
So I Married a Sorcerer - Kerrelyn Sparks


So I Married a Sorcerer The Embraced Series By Kerrelyn Sparks


About the book:

Kerrelyn Sparks is no stranger to the New York Times bestseller list, as her massive fan base couldn’t seem to get enough of her Love at Stake series. Sparks then introduced her extraordinary fantasy romance series, The Embraced, with How to Tame a Beast in Seven Days last MarchSet in a medieval mythical world, the series follows a special group of people with powers born when the two moons of the world form an eclipse. Now comes the captivating second installment, SO I MARRIED A SORCERER (St. Martin’s Paperbacks; August 29, 2017), where readers meet Brigitta, our fierce and powerful new heroine.


Growing up on the Isle of Moon, Brigitta knows nothing of her past, except that she is Embraced: born with powers that forced her into hiding. Everything changes when she learns she’s a princess, hidden away from her villainous half-brother who now rules the kingdom. But he knows about Brigitta, and he’ll do anything to get her back. Unless a certain roguish pirate has anything to say about it.

Rupert is both an infamous pirate and a sorcerer with the power to harness the wind. He's been waiting nineteen years for revenge—and he needs Brigitta to get it. What begins as a kidnapping of the fiery beauty turns into a fierce attraction. But can he win the captive princess's heart?


Filled with romance, adventure, and a vividly imagined new world, SO I MARRIED A SORCERER is a fantasy in the vein of Game of Thrones with all the fun of The Princess Bride. Audiences will become enthralled with spunky Brigitta and her misunderstood captor, in a world where passion, fantasy, and royal intrigue collide. The characters have everything on the line as it is not just their relationship at stake, but their survival as well.








“I cannoplay,” Brigitttolhesisterashcast a warlooathlinebag filled witTellinStonesQuicklshshifteothe windoseatgazathGreaWesterOcean. Throllinwavewent on foafaas shcoulseebuheminwaelsewhereCalyerselfThpredictiowilneehappen.

Adawthey had boardethiship, accompaniebMotheGinessanSisteFallyn, whwere now restinithcabinexdoorThiwathsmallesvesseithEberonRoyaNavythcaptaihaexplained, sturdy enougto crosthe ocean, busmalenougttraveuthe EbRivetthpalace at EbtonTherethewoulsetheioldessisterwho wanothqueeof Eberon.

AccordintthcaptainQueeLucianhad intendetsenmorthaonshitsafeguartheijourneybuathlasminutthothenavaships habeedivertesoutto fighthTouriniapirates who were raidinvillages alonthe EberonshoreBunotworrythcaptain haassureBrigittanher companionsSince the royanavwakeepinthpirates occupietthsouth, theicrossinwoulbperfectlsafe.


Indeedafter a fehoursiseemeperfectly boringIwdonplayhow wilwpasthe time?” Gwen- noraskefrom heseaathround table. “ Twilbe

clostsunseafore we reach Ebton.

“I wiswcoulwandeabouodeck,” MaevgrumblefrohechainextGwennore. “ Tis a lovelsprindayanwere stucdown here.

Sorcha huffeiannoyancas shpaceabouthcabinMotheGinessinsistewe remain here. I sweashe actaisheafraitleanyonseus.

Perhapshfearfoousafetbecausware Embraced,” Gwennore said.

Sorcha shoohehead. Were safnoin Eberon.

Buonlin EberonBrigittthoughashstudiethe deep-bluwavesBeing Embracewas a deatsentence anywherelsothe mainlandThothekingabhorrethfacthat eacothe Embracepossessesomsorof magical powethathkingsthemselves, could nevehave.

WheBrigittanher adoptesisters werbornthonlsafhavehad beethIsle oMoonTheygrowutherithConvenothTwMoons, believinthewerorphansBualmost a yeaagotheyd discovered a shockintruthLucianhad never beeaorphan.

SincthenBrigitthawondereif shhafamilsomewheretooHathehiddeheawaorworse, abandoneherShe feareiwathlatterFoialhenineteeyearolifenonfrothe mainlanhad ever bothereto contacher.

You are lovedshe remindeherselfShegrowuin a lovinhomathe convent. Hesisterloveheranshlovethem. Thawaenough.

It hatbenoughDidnit?

Sorchlowerehevoicestilbelieve MotheGinessknowthings abouuthashwontell.



Letplathgamanlethstones telus,” Maevsaidneed tdsomethingThicabin ifeelinsmallebthminute.

Brigitta sighedSadlenough, thiwas thlargescabion board. CaptaiShaw halenthehiquarterswhich had a large windooverlookinthbacothvessel.

The shicreakeairolletthsideand Sorcha grabbethsideboartsteadherself.

Have a seaafore yfall,” Gwennore warneherFine.” Sorcha emptiethoranges from a brass bowl

othsideboardtheplunkethe bowontthtablashtook a seat. Letplay.

Brigittasistergavher a questioninlook, but shshooheheaanturnetgazouthe windoonce againIt habeetwelvyearagowheshwaseven, thaLucianhainvented thgamwherthecouleach pretentbthSeefrothe IsloMist. Theygathered up fortpebblefrom thnearbbeachthepaintethem with colorannumbersAftethstones were depositein a bowand coverewith a clotheach sistewoulgrab a small handfuopebbles anwhatever coloronumbershechosewoulindicathefuture.

Weljushavtplay withouher,” Sorchgrumbled. A clattering noise fillethcabiathe baoTellinStones waemptieintthbrass bowl, a noisnoquite louenough tcoveSorchahushed voiceYknowhshwonplayShespooked.

Brigitta winced. Thawatoclostthtruth.

She coulnlongesee the IsloMooon thhori- zon. As thislanhad fadefrosight, a wave oapprehension hawasheoveherslowlgrowinuntiit had


suckehedowintaundertow ofeaandread. For deeiheheartshbelievethaleavinthsafetothe convenwoultriggethseoeventthaLuciana had predicted.

Buhow coulshe have refused thivoyageLucianwoulbgivinbirtsoonanshwanted hesisterwitherShalsneedeMotheGinessawhwaaexcellenmidwife.

Igoing first,” Sorcha declared, and thstones rattled abouthe bowashmixetheup.

Great Seer,” Maevsaidrepeatinthlinthespokbefore each predictionReveatuthsecretothTellinStones.

Whathhell?” Sorchmuttered, anMaevgasped. “YmustnleMother Ginessheaycurslike

that,” Gwennore warneher.

Thesstonearridiculous!” Sorchslammed theothtableanouocuriositBrigittturnetsewhahesister haselected.


Gwennortiltehehead as shstudiethstones. “Ininyearye wilmeet a taland handsome—”

Ninyears?” Sorcha grimaced. woulbsold!” Twenty-seven.” Gwennoremouttwitched. “Practi-


Exactly!” SorchhuffedIlwaininmonths fomtall and handsomstranger, annot a minutmore.” Shglareathcolorestones. “I hate pink. Ilooks terrible witmfreckles and red hair.

Maeveeyes sparklewitmischiefWho saiywoulbwearinit? I thinyetrulove willoovery prettipink.

Henowearinpink,” Sorcha growled.

Aye, a lovelpingown with a lavendesash,” Gwennore added with a grin.


NayGwennie.” MaevshooheheadThlavendemeans hell havlavender-blueyes likyou.

Ah.” Gwennortucked a tendriohewhite-blond haibehind a pointed ear. “Coulbe.

Arykiddinme?” Sorchgavtheaincreduloulook. HooAerthlawould I evemeeaelf?” Ymeme,” GwennorsaidAnapparentlyininmonthsyelmeet a taland handsomelin a pingown.” ShanMaevlaughedanSorcha reluctantly


Brigittturned to peeouthwindooncagainOvethyearsthTellinStonehaproveto be aentertainingameButhen, a yeaagosomethinstranghahappenedLucianapredictiofoheowfuture haactuallcomtpass. Shemeand fallein love witthtaland handsomstrangesheforetolispecifidetailusinthTellinStonesAnd if thahadnbeeamazing enoughshebecomthqueeoEberon.

Eagetexperience somethinequally romanticBrigitta habeggeheoldessistetpredict a similafuturfoher.

mistakeBrigittfrowneathchurninoceanBluegold, sevenaneightThoshad beethstones

Lucianhad selectedBluangold, sheexplained, signifiethroyacolorof thkingdom oTourin. Sevemeantherwoulbseven suitortcompetfoher hand. Aneight . . . ieighmonthsBrigittwoulmeet a taland handsomstranger.

Theighmonths hanopassed.

She pressed a hanagainsher roilinstomachWhetheyboardethis morning, shed quicklas-

sessethcaptaianhicrewNonothem hastrucher aparticularltalohandsomeCaptaiShawaportlybaldanolenougtbhefather.


Afothsevesuitorvyinfohehandshhainitiallbeen thrilledconsidering thidewildlexcitingBuwhehesisterhad likened ithebeing a prizin a tourneyshed haseconthoughts.

Whwoulsevemecompete foherShhad nothinspeciato offerEvethgifshpossessefobeing Embracewas hardlspecialAndithis contesmeashwoulhavnchoicbutmarrwhicheveman woherThmore shethoughabouthis competition, thmore it hamade hecringe.

So, fivmonthagosheplayethgamagainhopinto achievdifferenresultsButheshocktherhad beefoustones iher hand.

Bluegoldseven, and five.

Hasomsoromysterious countdowgoninteffectReluctantbelievthatsheattemptethgamagain a montlater. Bluegold, sevenanfourAlarmed, sheswornevetplaagain.

BuonmontagoSorchhad dared hetplaytauntinhefobeinoverly dramaticThoswords nevefailetirBrigittaso shed acceptethdareWith a silenprayetthmoogoddessesshereacheintthbowlswishethpebblearound, angrabbed a handfulAnthereihepalmfoustones hastareuaher.

Bluegoldsevenand one. A fatwas shovinitseldowhethroawhetheshlikeionot.


Brigitthabeeraised on thIsloMoonwherwomewerfretdetermintheiowfutureand everyonworshippethe moon goddessesLunand Lessa.

Iwas differenon thmainland. Mewere ichargthereaneveryonworshipped a malgod, thLight.


Lucianhabeefortunatto find a gooman whrespecteheindependennature. As kinanqueen, thehad declareisaftworship thmoogoddesses in Eberon.

BuiwanothawaelsewhereIthothemainlankingdomsBrigittwould be executefor makinthsigothmoons ashe prayed. Executefobeing EmbracedSwhdishkeepickinthbluangolcoloroTourin?

AnwhwoulsevesuitorcompetfoherShglanceahesistersSorchhad alwayseemed thstrongestwith a fiertemperament thamatcheher fierrehairGwennorhad alwaybeen thsmartestMaeve, thyoungesthad alwaybeen thsweetestAnLuciana— nomarried—habeen their bravleaderBrigitta hanevebeequitsurwhershe fiin.

Gwennorewithesuperiointellect, haalwaybeethbest atranslatinbookintdifferenlanguagesMaevhaexcelleipenmanship, anSorchiartworkLuciana habeegooaeverything.

BuBrigitta . . . thnunhadespaired witherWhetranscribing a book, she coulnevestatrutthtext. A littlembellishmenhere, a tweathereaneventuallshwoultake a storsoff courseiwanlonger recognizableThisof courseupsethnunsfotheimalcustomerothmainlanwere payinfoaex- act copoaoltalenothe romantifantasies oaoverly dramatic younwoman.

Whenevethnuns hafusseaherhesisters had comther defenseinsistinthahestorwamucbettethathoriginalAnd eactimthnuns trietusBrigittaoverly dramatic mistakes fokindlinghesisteralwaymanageto rescuthpages angivthetherTheyevebeggeheto finishestories


aboudashinyounheroessthathey could reathem.

Brigitta adorethefothat. Shedanythinfor her sistersincluding thivoyage tEberothashwasafraiwould activattheventshebeedreading.

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Aye,” Maevanswered. “Didnt yheaugiggling?” Brigittgroaneinwardlynowantinto admishebeetoengrosseiheowworries tpahesisters


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Brigittwrinkleher noseYcalthahandsomeHocahe havthrefeet? Does he have a thirleg?


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Aye.” Sorcha snorted. By a foot.

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Aye,” Sorcha agreed. Inoleavinmsisterfoaelin a pingownTinaughbut a sillgame.

Exactly.” GwennorgavBrigitta a pointelook. Syshouldnbelievanythinthstones say.

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Thawoulpuuoff course,” Gwennore murmured.

Thdooslammed openanthejumped in theiseats.


MotheGinessgavthem a sterlookwhile behind her Sister Fallypressethe tips of her fingers against her thumbsformintwsmalcircletrepresenthtwimoons.


5 Stars!
'So I Married a Sorcerer' by Kerrelyn Sparks is Book Two in "The Embraced" Series. This is the story of Brigitta and Rupert. Brigitta along with some other young girls were brought to the Isle of Moon when they were very young. This was their save haven from trouble that was looking to find them. They all became 'Sisters' and lived at the Convent of the Two Moons. Now in their present day they are traveling aboard a ship to visit with their 'Sister" Queen Luciana who found her happy ending and now is about to give birth. Along with the sister traveling with them is Mother Ginessa. Brigitta is unsettled by a predication that her and her sister found out about in the Telling Stones they created. It tells that Brigitta will meet seven suitors in eight months and it revolved around the Royal Colors of Tourin. Well the time frame is here and Brigitta is worried for her future. When the ship they are on is stopped buy the Royal Navy Guards of Tourin Brigitta knows something is wrong. When confronting Mother Ginessa...she finally tells her that She/Brigitta is a Royal Princess of Tourin. And that her half brother Gunther is looking for her. We learn that Gunther is not a good person and that he killed the Brigitta younger brother and rightful Heir to become the King. 
Rupert spies on Gunther and learned that he was looking for his sister that everyone thought was dead. Now Rupert to is looking for her and he arrives at the ship about the same time as Gunther's men. But Rupert is looking for revenge and Brigitta is the key. Rupert met Brigitta before when she was a baby and even then she had a calming effect on him which appears she still effects him. 
I loved the first book in this series and this book didn't disappoint either! I truly enjoyed their story and hope to read more in this series soon. I am so curious about each sister and their stories. 


Kerrelyn Sparks is no stranger to the New York Times bestseller list, as her massive fan base couldn’t seem to get enough of her Love at Stake series. Sparks then introduced her extraordinary fantasy romance series, The Embraced, with How to Tame a Beast in Seven Days last March. Set in a medieval mythical world, the series follows a special group of people with powers born when the two moons of the world form an eclipse. Now comes the captivating second installment, SO I MARRIED A SORCERER (St. Martin’s Paperbacks; August 29, 2017), where readers meet Brigitta, our fierce and powerful new heroine. Growing up on the Isle of Moon, Brigitta knows nothing of her past, except that she is Embraced: born with powers that forced her into hiding. Everything changes when she learns she’s a princess, hidden away from her villainous halfbrother who now rules the kingdom. But he knows about Brigitta, and he’ll do anything to get her back. Unless a certain roguish pirate has anything to say about it. Rupert is both an infamous pirate and a sorcerer with the power to harness the wind. He's been waiting nineteen years for revenge—and he needs Brigitta to get it. What begins as a kidnapping of the fiery beauty turns into a fierce attraction. But can he win the captive princess's heart? FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Brittani Hilles, Publicist, St. Martin’s Press Brittani.Hilles@stmartins.com | 646-307-5558 Filled with romance, adventure, and a vividly imagined new world, SO I MARRIED A SORCERER is a fantasy in the vein of Game of Thrones with all the fun of The Princess Bride. Audiences will become enthralled with spunky Brigitta and her misunderstood captor, in a world where passion, fantasy, and royal intrigue collide. The characters put everything on the line as it is not just their relationship at stake, but their survival as well. About the Author Kerrelyn Sparks is best known (so far) for the Love at Stake series, which has hit as high as number 5 on the New York Times list and 22 on the USA Today list. 

Visit Kerrelyn on Facebook, Twitter, or her website, http://www.kerrelynsparks.com/

Praise for Kerrelyn Sparks:


"A deeply satisfying, delightfully swoon-inducing close...full of vulnerability and tenderness."

— Publishers Weekly (starred review) on Crouching Tiger, Forbidden Vampire


"Mixing paranormal romance with humor, Sparks clearly has a style all her own, one that readers love."

— USA Today's Happily Ever After blog


"Sparks skillfully infuses her writing with a deliciously sharp wit."

— Booklist


Source: www.amazon.com/So-I-Married-Sorcerer-Embraced-ebook/dp/B01MUSYN5M/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1503763279&sr=8-1&keywords=So+I+Married+a+Sorcerer+by+Kerrelyn+Sparks
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review 2017-08-28 15:31
Early ARC Review: So I Married a Sorcerer (The Embraced #2) by Kerrelyn Sparks
So I Married a Sorcerer - Kerrelyn Sparks

Review originally featured at Angel's Guilty Pleasures


So I Married a Sorcerer

The Embraced #2
Kerrelyn Sparks
Historical Paranormal Romance - Fantasy
St. Martin's Paperbacks
August 29th 2017




Growing up on the Isle of Moon, Brigitta knew that she was born with the magical powers of the Embraced—even if she did not know how to wield them. But she has finally learned the truth: Brigitta is the lost princess of the kingdom of Tourin. She was sent into hiding as an infant to escape the wrath of her half-brother, the king. And now he knows just where to find her. . .


Rupert is a notorious pirate and sorcerer who can harness the wind with his hands. He’s spent most of his life plotting revenge on the evil king—and Rupert believes that Brigitta could be the key to finally destroying his enemy. But what begins as a kidnapping of the innocent beauty escalates into something deeper, and more passionate, than either captor or captive could have imagined. Rupert soon vows to protect Brigitta against the king—but will they survive long enough to find their happily-ever-after. . .or does fate have something else in store?




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So I Married a Sorcerer is the second book in The Embrace series by Kerrelyn Sparks.


We are treated to a love story that takes place on the high seas and a bit on dry land. Theirs secrets, drama, past wrongs that need writing, action, and romance.


Rupert, my heart broke for him and everything he has been through. Brigitta, is scared of her fate and knows it’s coming for her. These two where perfect for each other.


The romance starts out as a pirate romance, but turns into our heroine battling for the man she loves, but also for what is right. It’s sweet and passionate. I enjoyed Rupert and Brigitta together and how well they complemented each other. We see how a past changes a person, but also how beautiful life can be when you find something worth keeping and fighting for. We are also treated to a little side romance better Stefan and Sister Fallyn. I loved this romance as well.


I will say I figured out who Rupert was at the very beginning, but it didn’t upset me that I knew.


Expect plenty of adventure, passion, and danger plus we get to go into dragon territory and get a sneak peak at who fate will match next.


Rated: 4 Stars


*Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy provided by St. Martin’s Press via NetGalley with the sole purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, comments and ratings are my own.


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I was born and raised in Northern Indiana. I’m an outdoor sun loving reader living near San Fransisco. I’m a mother, wife, dog owner, animal, and book lover. I’m the owner, reviewer, and mind behind Angel’s Guilty Pleasures. My favorite animals are horses & dogs. As for reading I love all things paranormal & urban fantasy. My favorite shifters are dragons!



Source: angelsguiltypleasures.com/2017/08/early-arc-review-so-i-married-a-sorcerer-the-embraced-2-by-kerrelyn-sparks
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