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review 2017-04-01 15:19
The Obsession by Liliana Lee - My Thoughts
The Obsession - Liliana Lee

Holy steam bath, Batman!  This book is SCORCHING!

Erotic romance, emphasis on the erotic, done extremely well in my opinion.  Yes, there were a few passages of uber-flowery language, but I can overlook that.

The story is told from the POV of the Princess Shanyin, sister to the emperor who has a harem of 30 of the most gorgeous male concubines and then the very handsome Chu Yuan catches her eye and she decides that she must have him.  And thus the tale of her seduction of Yuan begins.

There's a plot here, beyond the seduction and heat which I thought added to the book, but make no mistake, this is a novella about erotic sex and it delivers.  I will be reading Books 2 and 3.  :)

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2015-07-08 03:53
7.6.15 - Enslavement - Liliana Lee
The Enslavement: (Erotic menage historical romance) (Princess Shanyin Book 2) - Liliana Lee,Jeannie Lin

I actually didn't want to review this particular book of Lee's because I left the genre that is erotica a time ago but since these were short novels and it was the only one in the trilogy that I hadn't read.  I thought I'd go ahead and read it, which to my discovery was not the most fabulous of ideas.  


I did like and understood the evolution of Shanyin's character throughout the series which was very surprising to me.  I was not the biggest fan of Princess Shanyin in the beginning.  However, I did grow to understand and like her as I continued reading despite the graphic sex throughout the trilogy.  


Yet in Enslavement, this is a book that must be read with caution and I added spoiler alert because I am warning people before they read that the sex is very graphic and there is rape involved.  Not many can stomach reading.. which I cannot, but part of me understands why it was in there considering the characters and the storyline.  


Needless to say, this was not my favorite book read to date.  But if whomever is reading this does want to read it, go with caution and know that you've been warned.



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review 2015-05-18 02:08
The Fulfillment - Liliana Lee
The Fulfillment: (Erotic Historical Romance) (Princess Shanyin Book 3) - Liliana Lee,Jeannie Lin

Liliana Lee is the pseudonym for the author Jeannie Lin in this erotic series on the Princess Shanyin.  I believe this is the name that she will be using for any and all erotic series that she writes.


The Obsession saga is my returned foray back into the erotica genre and it is a brief one.  Formerly I read a ton of adult romances in this neck of the woods and it seriously burned me for reading for a good while. However, I made an exception when it came to Ms. Lee.  

The Fulfillment surprised me because from book one in this series, Princess Shanyin got on my nerves and became one main protagonist that I thought I was going to hate.


Needless to say, despite it being an erotic series, these books are really well written. 


By the end of book one, I grew to understand the Princess a tad.  I saw how through great adversity she became a woman who learned how to deal with the complexities that were given her.  And by danged did she learn...




Here in Fulfillment, everything came to a head and Shanyin becomes a woman whose growth has impressed me to the point of actually liking her.  


This series really surprised me, and took me for a wild ride.  It was almost like watching one of the Chinese dramas that I watch except with a bunch of smut added.  =)  

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2014-12-14 15:42
The Fulfillment Mini-Review
The Fulfillment: (Erotic Historical Romance) (Princess Shanyin Book 3) - Liliana Lee,Jeannie Lin

I loved this trilogy! The third story, The Fulfillment, again was darker, almost broody. Shanyin has been reunited with Yuan, but in an upsidedown world. She also has new enemies to contend with, and the same "weapon" to use against them.


There were twists and turns that I couldn't see resolving in a positive way for Shanyin. She's a survivor though, and that was what I liked about the character. In many ways, in this installment, she's completely alone.


This is an erotic romance though and that shines through. Yuan yearns for Shanyin. While we never see his point of view, his feelings for her are clear. Shanyin really struggles to see them though.


If heartache can be lovely--else why would we read these stories? *sigh--this is a great example. Highly recommend!

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2014-12-13 20:26
The Enslavement Mini-Review
The Enslavement: (Erotic menage historical romance) (Princess Shanyin Book 2) - Liliana Lee,Jeannie Lin

Book #2 in the Jeannie Lin/Liliana Lee Princess Shanyin trilogy. This one is noticeably darker. The writing is fabulous though. I also love that Shanyin is a bit of an anti-heroine.  She's not ashamed of herself or how she lived her life. Yet, in this story, she confronts how she had tried to hide from what was happening with the emperor and at court. As worldly as she is, she was naive about what was going on in her own harem.


Trigger warning: This story had some dubious consent scenes, along the lines of Shanyin said no, but her body said yes. Ugh. Not unusual for some erotica but it was there. Just a warning. It is with one particular character (named Tai), so those scenes could be avoided. 


Other than that, have Book #3 ready to go because the end of this one will have you ready to grab it to keep reading.



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