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text 2019-03-14 19:26
Reading progress update: I've listened 347 out of 347 minutes.
Three Act Tragedy (Audio) - Agatha Christie,Hugh Fraser

This is such an excellent Christie. And Hugh Fraser´s narration is perfection.


And the very last exchange between Mr Satterthwaite and Poirot made me giggle:


Mr Satterthwaite looked cheerful.

Suddenly an idea struck him. His jaw fell.

"My goodness," he cried, "I´ve only just realized it. That rascal, with his poisoned cocktail! Anoyne might have drunk it. It might have been me."

"There is an even more terribly possibility that you have not considered," said Poirot.


"It might have been ME," said Hercule Poirot.

(spoiler show)


Ha, brilliant.



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text 2019-03-13 14:21
Reading progress update: I've listened 160 out of 347 minutes.
Three Act Tragedy (Audio) - Agatha Christie,Hugh Fraser

Mr Satterthwaite smiled covertly. Whether Egg wanted to include him or not, he had no intention of being left out. He was fond of mysteries, and he liked observing human nature, and he had a soft spot for lovers. All three tastes seemed likely to be gratified in this affair.


I like Mr Satterthwaite very much. 

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text 2019-03-11 18:51
Reading progress update: I've listened 92 out of 347 minutes.
Three Act Tragedy (Audio) - Agatha Christie,Hugh Fraser

Hmm, I don´t think I would be thrilled by a nickname like Egg. Even though it becomes much more charming when it is the mademoiselle Egg. 


I enjoy listening to this so much, I´m glad I choose this book as my next reread (relisten).

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review 2019-03-07 20:02
The Tragedy Man by Staci Layne Wilson
The Tragedy Man - Staci Layne Wilson,Andy Garrison

Cary works at a dreary art gallery and he does not like his boss. He may even wish ill upon him, if only in his thoughts. As he sinks further into his own little world of misery, he daydreams about creative deaths for the jerk in charge of his work life.

When his boss turns up dead, Cary decides he’s going to become an Important Literary Writer of Important and Smart Literary Things. Instead, he sells a pulp horror novel all the while despising himself for writing such drivel and he becomes very successful in spite of himself but his success has a steep price. Cary really should’ve read the contract before signing it . . . 

The rest of the book follows the insufferable and always morose Cary as he falls further and further into a fever dream of sex, violence, madness and poor-me-ism. 

I liked some of the story even though it’s quite easy to guess at what’s going on here and the terrible images in the latter half had me laughing at Cary’s expense but I did not like a single thing about Cary. He’s a depressing, pompous sad-sack, lacking charm and self-awareness and he is also weak and insecure and has a mommy issue or two. He’s just really douchy, hateful and hard to stomach. I guess I wasn’t supposed to like him but his terrible snobbery and constant jabs at horror fiction made this story a not-so-fun time for me. He and his lover were constantly denigrating the genre I love most in the world, as well as its fans, and I found it all very unpleasant and wished painful death upon him a million times over. But the ending was spectacular so I am torn about a rating. I suspect I’ll go with a three after stewing on it for a bit. 

I listened to this story as an unabridged audio (and, YES, that counts as reading – fight me) and the narrator does a terrific job of bringing Cary’s arrogant and bitter tone to life. 

*I received a copy of this audio courtesy of the author.

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text 2018-08-31 09:00
Friday Reads - August 31, 2018
Get Well Soon: History's Worst Plagues and the Heroes Who Fought Them - Jennifer Wright
Khobar Towers: Tragedy and Response - C.R. Anderegg,Perry D. Jamieson,Air Force History and Museums Program (U.S.)
Rockets' Dead Glare (A Tourist Trap Mystery) - Lynn Cahoon
A Touch of Midnight - Lara Adrian
The Demon of River Heights - Stefan Petrucha,Sho Murase
Miss Frost Solves A Cold Case: A Nocturne Falls Mystery (Jayne Frost Book 1) - Kristen Painter
A Deadly Brew (A Tourist Trap Mystery) - Lynn Cahoon
Hollywood Scandals - Gemma Halliday

2 TBR piles for September and October - 1) Regular reading and 2) Halloween Bingo.


Regular Reading: Starting Tuesday, I will be listening to the audiobook version of The Flat Book Society September's pick, Get Well Soon, as that is the only copy of the book my library system had. Next on the non-fiction que is Khobar Towers, which is only 153 pages so it should go quickly. I am hoping to finish Hollywood Scandals soon.


Halloween Bingo Reading: A Deadly Brew by Lynn Cahoon (Free Space - will be released Sep 4th), Rockets Dead Glare by Lynn Cahoon (Amateur Sleuth), A Touch of Midnight by Lara Adrian (Relics and Curiosities), The Demon of River Heights (Nancy Drew, Girl Detective #1) by Carolyne Keene, Stefan Petrucha and Show Murase (Baker St. Irregulars), and Miss Frost Solves a Cold Case by Kristin Painter (Cozy Mystery). All are short books that I can get through quickly over the weekend. 


Because my husband was denied leave (vacation time) and was TDY to Iceland for a month this summer, he has spent little time with the kids, who are now in school. So we are taking a day trip to Legoland Windsor on Monday as an end of summer surprise. HEE HEE HEE Adam and I can't wait to see their faces when we drive through the arch into the park.


Happy Labor Day my fellow Americans!


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