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review 2018-12-08 18:27
Making Up by Lucy Parker - My Thoughts
Making Up (London Celebrities) - Lucy V. Parker

Another fun romance from Lucy Parker that's filled with great dialogue and banter.  Lucy has become one of my favourite romance authors with her London Celebrities series.  I love the settings of the theatre world in London as well as the actors, directors, and performers who populate her world. 

This time around the setting vehicle is a show that is very Cirque de Soleil-esque and our main characters are the circus artist, Trix, who is suddenly thrust into a starring role in the show and Leo, the uber-talented make-up artist.  We know Trix from the previous book, as she is that book's heroine's best friend. 

Trix and Leo felt to me a bit edgier than previous couples in the series, their dialogue more sharp and defensive much of the time.  But it worked because Trix has a past relationship that has left her unsure of herself and very defensive in her dealings with other people.  And trusting other people.  Been there and done that, so I recognised it right off and felt it was well done.  This, of course, made this book a little less light-hearted than the two previous. 

The romance worked for me as well - important in a romance novel, yes?  *LOL*  But it worked and I enjoyed going along for the trip.  :)  *two thumbs up*

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review 2018-04-11 19:12
Pretty Face by Lucy Parker - My Thoughts
Pretty Face - Lucy V. Parker

I loved it.  Pure and simple. I loved it like I loved the first book in the series.  It's fun and it's sexy and it's honestly a joy to read, just in the way it's crafted. 

Back when I was a tween, hell, I guess I'd have been about 10 or 11 (1966/1967 to put it in time frame), I started reading the Penny Parrish books by Janet Lambert.  Sweet, teenage type romances that followed Army kid Penny through her teenage to her adult years.  And Penny became a famous Broadway actress who ended up marrying her director and it was MARVELOUS!  Then, a few years later, I read one of my first Harlequin Romances - Kay Thorpe's Curtain Call (1971) and absolutely loved it.  So much that other than my Janet Dailey collection, it's the only Harlequin of hundreds that I've read that I have left on my bookshelves.  Lucy Parker's books bring me back to that time and remind me of the dreams I had as a girl, to be a stage actress (didn't happen *LOL*, but I still love the dream).  I feel the same way reading Lucy's books as I did back then and I like the feeling - it's a good one.

The characters are terrific and never perfect, even the secondary or thirderary.  *LOL*  I know, I made up that word, it should be tertiary, I think.  Anyway, Lucy's characters, while they are bigger than life, which, of course, they are or who'd want to read about them, they are also relatable with flaws and not so nice traits at times.  I especially liked the way Margo, the hero's ex, was portrayed.  Her emotions and motivations when dealing with Lily and Luc are real and understandable.  She's not a martyr, nor is she a bitch.  I liked that!

Another important thing that I loved was that the author navigated the pitfalls of the power imbalance between the big director and the young actress very well.  It never felt icky or anywhere near #metoo-ish.  Luc was always respectful and mindful of the power imbalances as was Lily and they spoke about them.  So, kudos to Lucy!  That could have gone very wrong.

One thing that Lucy weaves throughout her stories is a sense of fun and witty humour.  I love it!  I've even laughed out loud while reading.  Which brings me back to the girl I once was.  Back in the day, my best friend, Cat, and I used to devour romances - Harlequins, Heyers, Silhouettes... we'd sit and read, different books, and read out delightful passages to each other and then... we'd trade books!  Had we had Lucy Parker's books back in the day, there would be a ton of passages read out loud and then, I'm pretty sure we'd make sure we each had our own copies.  :) 

Oh, read these books!  Sexy and fun and I just love them!

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review 2017-02-24 00:00
Pretty Face
Pretty Face - Lucy V. Parker In their business image is everything. So what happens when sparks fly between a sexy movie star and her distinguished director? I had the pleasure of reading Ms. Parker's Act Like It, a while back and fell instantly in love. Behind the drama of the West End, lies insecurities, spitefulness and entertainment. Pretty Face brings heat to the set. Arrogant director, insecure actress, volatile combination. Gossip, attraction and morality are tackled as Lily and Luc struggle through a business relationship that quickly turns personal. Will the chaotic chemistry ruin their hard earned careers? Lucy Parker has the ability to find humor in serious situations. She merges the dramatic with the eclectic to create static electricity.

Copyright of Night Owl Reviews
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review 2017-02-21 22:19
Good Story and Characters
Pretty Face - Lucy V. Parker

Luc had been in a relationship with Margo for eight years and should have  called  it quits four years earlier but they were just both to busy. But Margo broke up with Luc and two months she was married. Lily was an actress on televisions Knightsbridge and having an audition with Luc who was a  well known director who already had preconceived ideas about Lily. Luc could usually tell in five minutes if an actor was suitable for the  part he was casting and which people had the connection to form a company. Luc had already lost his first choice for the role of Mary when Margo rushed off to marry then Elizabeth had fallen off a stepladder and broke both her ankles. Luc had five days to pick a new Elizabeth the first. Lily was given the part but had to work on her voice. Lily was really excited that she had the part and would be acting on stage. Lily had to ride with Bridget and Luc to the Meet And Greet where cast and crew get to meet each other for the  weekend from there Luc and Lily were going to Harvard to meet with Jocasta Moore who was a vocal specialist. When Lily went to leave from Jocasta’s  home Lily collided with Luc and it was about the twentieth time since she met Luc, Lily had collided with him. Lily and Luc  were attracted to each other which wasn’t normal for either of them to be attracted to  someone when working with them and acting on it.  Lily’s mom was Vanessa and she  was a singer but she used men to advance her career for thirty years. Vanessa had been dating a club promoter when she met Jack- Lily’s dad and they had an affair as Jack was married and then came Lily. Vanessa went from backup singer to headline act Lily was determined not to be like her mom. Bridget quit the show to do a movie and Margo stepped in and took the role. Now Luc and Margo felt like colleagues or old friends.

I really enjoyed this story. I had a bit of a problem in the beginning keeping my attention but once the story got going that changed. This story had a good plot. I also like how it was written except in the beginning.  I like that Luc gave Lily a choice on the relationship without any pressure. Also he   was willing to leave everything opening night because he felt Lily needed him. I also liked how  Luc’s brother apologized to Lily even if she didn’t know why. I also loved how Margo was around Lily when they were together. A good read. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.  

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review 2017-02-09 23:16
Pretty Face - Lucy V. Parker

       Arc Provided by Carina Press through Netgalley


                Release Date: February 20 th 


Another winner! Author Lucy Parker definitely knows how to write the perfect story, because I never thought that theatre "stuff" was that interesting, and then I just want to live in these stories. And be friends with these people. And as such, I am now going to re-read it, because I don't know when I'll read another good story. -_-


Lily is much more than a pretty face: she's smart, witty, and much more than meets the eye. Luc on the other hand, likes to live his life preferably free of taxing emotional dramas. He's forty _lol _ he's "old", and he already has enough on his hands with his latest project. He's known for his professional behaviour and he doesn't need someone with twenty six years old ( OMG! lol) mixing up things in his life. When these two meet, they definitely pay attention to each other... What happens next is a very well built story. I never felt like saying "oh, move on already..". I liked the "view" from the road, and meeting all the other characters? It was not a bore. When the time comes I'll be more than happy to read about them, because this author is most definitely on my auto buy list.

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