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photo 2019-06-10 12:16
Get Elite Mobile App Development In Sydney In Budget

We, at GetAProgrammer, present app development solutions that are meant to meet the target audience of the client. Also, we transact our services right on time and within an affordable budget. So, contact us shortly and avail the top-end Mobile app development in Sydney.           

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text 2019-06-10 08:25
Why Choose iOS App Development Over Android

The world is getting more aware of the goodness of mobile apps and how it can help a business, startup or service to stride out all its market barriers and acquire plenty of customers. In view of the recent rage of mobile applications, this article talks about how an iOS app can be more beneficial for a business and make it a fortunate venture.


While most mobile users are drawn towards the chic iPhones loaded with premium features, launching an app rightly targeting the iOS devices can gain you a lot. You can be popular in a day and have a climbing number of customers for your products or services. No doubt, the tech giant Google has also been equally competent in revolutionising the domain of mobiles and showed up with trailblazing Android devices. Its massively popular Play Store’ nearly has over 2.5 million of apps compared to that of 1.8 million in the Apple’s App Store, according to Statista. However, still, app marketers in Australia advocate the development of iPhone apps if a business wants to make its online presence globally felt.

Hereafter, pulling out the probable reasons from businesses and app experts, we’ve explained why iOS app development is more preferable, especially when one wants to make more money.


Promising customer experiences

In concern to the iPhones and iPad devices, users are always spellbound with their smooth user experiences. Thus, every app pushed into the market targeting the iOS are developed at par the standards of Apple. With world-class services, Apple ensures that each of the users onboarding the app face the minimum hassle.


Apple ensures security and consistency of apps

Apple makes it sure to reflect supreme security in all its devices and inbuilt apps. So, isn’t is obvious that all apps targeted to iOS devices should adhere to its security standards too? The app developers thus take special care to work in adherence with Apple’s guidelines while crafting the apps and as a result, they are outstandingly secure and are consistent in quality.

Besides, thanks to the closed ecosystem of Apple, any apps have minimum chances to encounter data breaches.


Download charges levied by Apple

Apps ensued to be run on iOS devices can allow their owners to earn some money because the App Store charges users for downloading an app unlike the Play Store, where a lot of the apps are free. Even if it can result in the lesser acquisition of customers, but the paid users engage more and are retained for longer. So, a business owner can catch more up loyal customers than any free apps.


Apps’ performance can be evaluated

The businesses owning iOS apps can even evaluate their performances. Subsequently, they can release new updates or improvements or additional features in the apps to make them even better. Having access to the performance parameters of apps, the app development companies can find out easily and timely what’s wrong in them and what can be done!


Advanced visual effects

Any apps in the iPhone or iPad devices get better or enhanced visualisation because of the high-screen resolution and notch displays. Thus, any day, iOS devices make an app look more sophisticated and eye-catchy, adding to its unique design and look.


These are clear reasons why going for iPhone or iPad app development can be a wiser decision for your business. While no doubt, Apple’s brand prominence with its inherent App Store is a  fact that makes every iOS app profitable by acquiring more premium users for businesses, however, let’s not forget not about Android apps development that is still now throbbing in the market with the biggest share, for being affordable to small/mid-sized business.

Alex Forsyth is an iPhone app developer in Sydney, working at Envertis, a renowned mobile app development company in Australia that has been transforming bewildering app ideas into reality.

Source: www.envertis.com.au
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text 2019-05-24 07:16
Avail Top-notch Mobile App Development Within Budget

Planning to target mobile users with an outstanding mobile app? Contact nowhere further but us at Envertis Software Solutions. We are committed to delivering quality mobile app development in Sydney within an affordable cost. Whether it is an Android-based app or iOS-based app, we provide services for both.


Here is a list of the services you can expect from our end:


  • Agile strategy of development and optimal coding
  • Consistent customer support to communicate with the experts during the course of development
  • Quality analysis throughout the development
  • On time transaction of the services and delivery of mobile app solution


For more details, get in touch with us quickly. Else, send us your queries by filling the customer contact form from our company website. You may also check out the testimonials and the respective projects we worked on. We have dedicated mobile app experts to assist our global clients with the appropriate solution.

Contact details


Suite 2,

38-46 Albany ST,

St Leonards.NSW - 2065,


Ph No: +1300 858 289

Website address: https://www.envertis.com.au/

Source: www.envertis.com.au
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text 2019-05-22 10:04
Things To Remember To Build An On-demand Service App

This article explains the key things to remember while the appreneurs plan for an on-demand service app to kickstart a new venture in the apps world.


There are widespread categories of on-demand apps that are running in the market in full swing. From instant cab services to spa and tailoring services, people have got today on-demand services through the apps in all areas. No matter where they are located, and what devices they use, such apps are accessible to all. While apps in on-demand services are rocketing, a large number of appreneurs wait to start out their venture in it. But before they jump in it, here’s a list of things that they should never miss out. They need to ask their hired mobile app development firm to must incorporate these features in their app.



Getting the target audience’s perception

While you know who will be your app’s target audience, make sure you also perceive their behaviour their expectations well. Knowing what they want and how they want it will help you guessing the features right for your app. Also, knowing their pain points in the kind of service you too will be providing will help them better.

Defining on-demand service provider

Who will be actually addressing or responding to the people’s on-demand needs? Like, it’s the driver for on-demand cars. The app must be able to communicate to the users about the details of the service provider i.e. photo, name, age, gender and other information. That is needed to ensure the reliability of the app and so users can be well assured about getting the service after placing their order.


Integrating push-notifications

Push notifications are needed as a compulsory aspect in on-demand apps to get the users coming to the app again and again. It helps the customers know about the arrival of your product or service, any new offer, any new addition to the service and so forth.


Secure and multiple payment systems

Besides providing the users with hassle-free online payment systems via credit/debit cards, eWallet and net banking, ensure that they are all reliable and secure system. All of the users primary and secondary financial credentials are saved up with no chance of breaches.



Order History

Well, this is essential because any kind of on-demand service has the maximum chances of being repeated. Thus, there should be a feature that will show up order history and allow users to repeat any order. Any service orders can be saved us favourites too to help users avail the same quickly at one click.

Real-time Tracking of service

On-demand service apps are at times pointless if they do not allow the user to view the activities of the service provider real-time. They must be allowed to track the order status after placing it in real-time. It instils the trustworthiness of users in the service.


Reviews and ratings

Lastly, let your app a feature that asks for users to put their genuine reviews and ratings regarding the app and its service. Showing off what other customers have said will encourage the ones who are thinking to use the app for the service.


On-demand apps market are flourishing too much! Before the market gets saturated, it’s time you grab your own space with a befitting app. Surely, this compact guide on the features will surely help you.

Johan Smith is an adept Android app developer in Australia working for GetAProgrammer, a visionary company for mobile app development in Sydney, that has been profound for building A-one applications for businesses in on-demand, and other industries.

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text 2019-05-08 10:06
How Does App Revolution Turning Travel Businesses Profitable
In the blink of our eyes, mobile apps started impacting our overall lifestyles as well as the way businesses make markets.


When did all happen or how fast apps development turned so important and influential we did not realise. Apparently, now almost all businesses are having their own custom app to approach their target segment in a more personalised way. Likewise, there’s hardly anyone out there whose mobile is not loaded with apps for on-demand services, shopping, bill payments and other purposes.


Clearly, mobile apps rage will prevail in businesses. So, if your travel business still not own an app, it’s time to have one to make more markets. Envertis, a popular company for mobile app development in Sydney having expertise in widespread app categories can help you.



Here, have a look at the proven benefits of apps in a travel and tourism business, making it so popular.


Takes travel experiences one-step ahead
Travellers can avail every service related to their holidays at the tip of their fingers. The travel agent can bring an app that will help them to get tour itinerary, book flight tickets, reserve hotel rooms and other amenities, avail a tour guide, get precise details of every destination and so forth.


Helps in global targeting

An app will help the travel company grow its presence worldwide and become more competitive in the industry. With the submission of the app in major app stores will make you visible to tourists in any corner of the world and attract them to avail your service through the app. Also, eventually, your app can collect feedbacks and customer ratings from every tourist on completion of their trip, pushing the promotions of your travel agency further.


Widens the customer base and enhance loyalty

While an app can help you to acquire new customers by offering them promotional deals and discounted packages, it can simultaneously help you win the hearts of your existing customers. Loyalty schemes, like privileged packages, extra discounts, coupon code on flights or hotel reservations are some key ways to gain the loyalty of existing customers.


Helps in reducing paperwork and costs of operations

A mobile app will help your business to go paperless as it will act as the database for all your customers' information, travel brochures, payment invoices, reservations and boarding tickets and so forth. Besides reducing your labour costs in your business, this also puts the traveller in zero hassles as they need not have to carry all the essential documents along with.

With more smartphone users seeking for travel-related apps to plan their trips, you are genuinely going to capture more customers by developing an app for your tourism venture. So, do not wait anymore but appoint the best of app developers in Sydney or Melbourne from Envertis now!
Source: www.envertis.com.au/ios-app-development
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