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review 2019-06-02 01:18
Review: Outcasts by Jill Williamson
Outcasts (Safe Lands V2) - Williamson Jill

Title: Outcasts

Author: Jill Williamson

Series: The Safe Lands, 2

Format: Paperback

Length: N/A

Rating: 5 stars


Synopsis: Since entering the Safe Lands, Mason has focused on two things: finding a way to free his village from captivity and finding a cure for the disease that ravages many within the walls of the Safe Lands. After immune-suppressive drugs go missing in the clinic, Mason discovers his coworker, Ciddah, may know more about the Safe Lands than imagined...and may have an agenda of her own. At the same time, Mason's brother Levi is focused on a way to free the remaining Glenrock captives, while Mason's younger brother, Omar, decides to take the rebellion against the Safe Lands into his own hands as a vigilante.

Soon all three brothers are being watched closely--and when Mason stumbles onto a shocking secret about the Safe Lands meds, his investigation just might get those closest to him liberated.


Fave character: Zane

Least favourite character: Kendall


Mini-review: I love love love love love this series. It's one of my favourites and I've read it again and again and probably will continue too.


Fan Cast:

Kendall Collin - Cailee Spaeny

Omar Strong - Asa Butterfield

Luella Flynn - Juno Temple

Mason Elias - Timothée Chalamet

Levi Justin - Cole Sprouse

Bender - Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Shaylinn Zachary - Madison De La Garza

Jemma Levi - Victoria Justice

Jordan Harvey - Brandon Larracuente

Chipeta - Katheryn Winnick

Zane - Tom Holland

Red - Bella Thorne

Penelope Colton - Ashley Boettcher

Naomi - Jeannette McCurdy

Rewl - Paul Dano

Ciddah Rourke - Dakota Fanning

Kosowe Elsu - Greta Oniegou

Eliza - Maiara Walsh

Mary - Serinda Swan

Charlz - Thomas Mann

Skottie - Matthew Timmons

Beshup Chua - Riker Lynch

Ruston Neil - Hugh Jackman

Losira - June Diane Raphael

Droe - Ben Whishaw

Mia - Madison Iseman

Nash - Munro Chambers

Nell - Thomasin McKenzie

Lawten Renzor - David Dastmalchian

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review 2018-10-08 11:00
Review! Marauder (Outcasts #2) Cyndi Friberg!



Rex Dravon, a notorious smuggler, is one of the Outcasts’ most important allies. Many of the Outcasts’ philosophies and approaches to life in general appeal to him, but he’s hesitant to commit to any cause. Hoping to entice Rex into committing, Arton the Heretic, tells Rex that he is genetically compatible with one of the “captive brides”, a feisty blonde named Thea Cline.


Thea is still enraged that she was dragged from Earth without her permission, and she’s recovering from a horrendous tragedy. She sneaks aboard the Marauder hoping to steal a weapon. Instead she’s confronted by the ship’s handsome commander. She knows to be wary of Rex because of his reputation, but she’s instantly, and powerfully, drawn to him. His offer to help her escape comes a little too quickly and she fears he has ulterior motives. Is he simply hoping to lure her into his bed—a fate she’s not sure she’d mind—or is his motivation more nefarious?


Note to Readers: This book contains detailed descriptions of sizzling passion only suitable for mature readers. Certain plot elements carry on from book to book. Though Marauder can be read as a standalone, it’s more fun to read the series in order. Enjoy!



Cosmic sparks and thrilling excitement launch this sci-fi romance out into the galaxy and pull readers right along for the journey. Thea and Rex are bold, convincing characters that captivates readers from the very beginning, Rex with his sexy bad boy image but underneath he has a most appealing side while Thea is feisty and determined with a daring side that also holds an appealing side. The romance for this couple starts off with sparks, mistrust and a sizzling undercurrent that readers can practically feel while Rex tries to woo Thea despite her mistrust and her determination to make her way back to Earth.


The plot has a fast pace and flows smoothly throughout the universe as Rex and Thea travel through space on a supply run that has them running into a bit of trouble which adds some thrilling suspense to the story along with the trouble that the Outcast colony is facing at home with some mysterious elves and armored battle cats. The story is fascinating, exciting and has some wonderfully diverse elements that makes for an interesting read and the relationship has lots of heated passion and stirring love scenes and I couldn’t help but be intrigued and captivated by it, so I am looking forward to visiting the Outcasts again.



Add to your shelves at -


Goodreads - https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/40193053-marauder


BookBub - https://www.bookbub.com/books/marauder-outcasts-2-by-cyndi-friberg



Marauder is the 2nd book in the Outcasts series -


Goodreads - https://www.goodreads.com/series/243313-outcasts


Author - https://www.cyndifriberg.com/books-by-series/outcasts/


Amazon - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07G2L22M5?ref=series_rw_dp_labf



which includes -

1 Heretic
2 Marauder
3 Tracker



The Outcasts series is part of the Ontariese Universe!


The books can be read as standalones but if you would like to read the entire Universe in order - read the following series in the order listed below -


1 Beyond Ontariese


2 Shadow Assassins


3 Battle Born


4 Outcasts



AVAILABLE in print or ebook at -


Amazon - https://goo.gl/5dxkGf


Kobo - https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/marauder-4


B&N - https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/marauder-cyndi-friberg/1129627297?ean=2940156080588


iBooks - https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/marauder/id1437396210?mt=11


Passionate Sci-Fi with a touch of danger and a whole lot of sass.

USA Today Bestselling Author: When my parents realized I had an aptitude for storytelling—okay, even at an early age I was a consummate liar—they encouraged me to find constructive ways to put all that “creativity” to use. I wrote my first novel when I was in junior high school. It was a typical teenage girl’s fantasy about being kidnapped by a sexy rock star, finding out he was really a misunderstood millionaire’s son, and living happily ever after with the reformed rebel. Rock stars led to vampires and vampires to outer space. Not sure how that happened, but I sure love it there.


Now I spend my days, and many of my nights, trying to keep up with the characters springing to life within my mind. I find creative ways of avoiding errands and housework because I can’t drag myself away from the drama unfolding in my latest story. And every day I thank God I was able to quit my day job and actively pursue my dream!



Website - http://www.cyndifriberg.com/


Goodreads - https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/175319.Cyndi_Friberg


Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100007036338876


Twitter - https://twitter.com/Cyndi_Friberg


BookBub - https://www.bookbub.com/authors/5089938/record_interest




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review 2018-02-14 07:27
Soccer team as microcosm of America
Outcasts United: A Refugee Team, an American Town - Warren St. John

This was a wonderful journalistic view of the smallish town of Clarkson, Georgia USA, a strong-hearted woman called Luma Mufleh, and a soccer team called "The Fugees" (for refugees -- the kids named themselves.) But as with all good journalism, it's about so much more. It tells us about America via the microcosm of one team in one town.

Reading it gave me a better understanding the spirit of refugees to America, the many ways they get here and the difficulties they face once here. It's also a great view of the strength and fortitude of these families - not only in fleeing their homes but in being able to stay afloat once settled, and how long settlement can take. And finally it's a great story of an awesome bunch of kids, who aren't always winners or easy, but they are always kids -- and kids who have seen some tough things. Kids, in other words, who desperately need soccer.

There are also nods to all of the other things inherent in the US: class, race, nationalism, power-hungry city councils, and everything else. Some hilarity and heartbreak and through it all kids being kids.

I got a good impression of the team's founder and coach, Luma Mufleh, a Jordanian woman who literally dedicated her life to Clarkston’s refugee children and their families. I have a good impression of her. She is fiercely independent and private. I have a feeling it may have been difficult to even write about the team, so kudos to Warren St. John who not only got in to get the story, but clearly went far further than "just the facts, ma'am" here -- he made friends, and if you read this, you might feel like you have made some friends too.

I just learned that a children's book has been written by the author, which is wonderful. I look forward to reading that one too.

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review 2017-12-31 05:55
Second Chances and Hope
The Outcasts of Time - Ian Mortimer

What would you do if you knew that you were dying? Would you take your fate and hope for the best, or try and make a deal?
John and William are two brothers who are living through the black plague. As people die around them, they work on getting back home, just hoping that they can make it alive. As they pass the dead and dying, John wonders about his soul, and whether he would make it to heaven or not. As they pass a young couple on the road, John notices a baby, and he refuses to leave the child even though the parents are dead of the plague. As they carry the screaming babe through the night, William curses his brother, but John could not allow the child to die alone on the side of the road. They head to the home of an acquaintance, who is nursing a child of her own and can at least feed the child until they can read their own home. But as they enter the home and the woman goes to care for the child, it is discovered that he is plague ridden. The brothers leave the home, and are soon sick themselves, but John heard a voice telling him to go to a certain spot. 
Once there, they both hear a voice, although it tells them different things, they are given an amount of time, each day will be 99 years in the future, and they can see the changes that are coming. As they set out, the changes are shocking, and dangerous. 

This was an exciting read. I had a hard time putting it down. As John and William work their way through the different centuries they remember home, and do their best to make the most of their situation. As time goes on, and the days dwindle, both are ready for death and the end of their suffering. John suffers through the choices that he has made, wondering if anything he did made any difference. 
This shows the good and the bad of each century. While there are some who enjoy the suffering of those around them, there are those who are determined to do good, and to try and make the world around them a better place. Hope and chance - the ability to work through the challenges of what life throws at you, and the eventuality of what the choices of one person in the past could have on the future generations. 

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review 2017-11-15 16:33
The Outcasts of Time by Ian Mortimer
The Outcasts of Time - Ian Mortimer

This novel is beautiful in its prose, fascinating in its historical detail, and emotive in its themes on humanity and the passing of time. I was first drawn in by the promise that renowned historian Ian Mortimer would be taking readers on an adventure through time. Finding that this book does that while also making thought provoking statements on the human condition, I was helpless to put it down once I started it.

The story of John of Wrayment and his brother begins in 1348 during a devastating outbreak of the plague. One would think that any time might be preferable as an escape from the fate of man during that time, but such does not prove the case through John's eyes. He sees the plague as 'a second Flood. God is clearing the land. Not with water but with pestilence.' Yet, he is even more horrified by what he discovers when he accepts a supernatural offer to live his remaining six days on earth, each 99 years further into the future than the last.

The brothers explore Exeter and its surrounding area through the ages, the cathedral where John has sculpted those he loves into the faces of angels and disciples, serving at their centering point regardless of the century. John at first finds comfort in finding the face of his wife there, but his fear and anxiety is enhanced as the statues that seemed so permanent crumble and wear away the further he gets from his own time. Out of all the changes he sees, this seems to impact him the most. The loss of his own work and what was supposed to be eternal memorial of his family.

When we think about traveling into the future, I think we expect to see progress and increased happiness. Certainly, we would think that one leaving the time of the plague would see that, but that is not what John notices. He is confused by what we would call advances. 'We worked long days and had straightforward pleasures. But now, so many things are easier - yet what does the world do? It revels in causing suffering and killing.' John is horrified at the loss of faith that he observes. 'We were far more united and accepting of God's will. In this new century, people are all divided and unsatisfied, hoping that God will smile on them personally.' 

John wishes only to do good in order to please God, but the further he gets from his own time, the more he realizes that is no longer a key goal of the people. He is also frustrated by his inability to perform a heroic deed in any era. Due to his bedraggled state and lack of possessions, he finds himself at the mercy of others rather than able to help them. 'If Christ were living in this day and age, would He not have ended up in a workhouse?'

'Every day is composed of . . . of an unpredictable horror - no, of a horrific unpredictability.'

It seems that time travel is not all it is cracked up to be.

Each day/century brings John closer to his death and he grows eager for it. Though he is disappointed in his failure to do a great deed for God, he cannot tolerate what he witnesses occurring in the world. 'Men are starting to direct things that rightly only God should control.....Men've strived to compete and outdo one another, as if nothing is the will of God and everything is the will of man.' Instead of being impressed by progress, John sees only disintegration of faith and character.

Thankfully, there are a few bright spots included in John's six day journey. He meets at least one kind person in each time, and it is these small comforts that enable him to move forward.

I was eager to discover what would happen to John once his time was up, but I will not reveal it here. I will only say that the ending was satisfying and reiterated the message that John had already taught us, 'What is important is what does not change - that mothers and wives are so happy when they hear that their sons and husbands are alive that they run around the house yelling for joy; that men do their duty in the face of great danger not purely for themselves but for all their community.'

An amazing read - my favorite of this year.

The man who has no knowledge of the past has no wisdom.

I received this book through NetGalley. Opinions are my own.

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