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review 2016-11-07 15:14
Getting Around Tokyo Pocket Atlas and Transportation Guide: Includes Yokohama, Kamakura, Yokota, Yokosuka, Hakone and MT Fuji - Boyé Lafayette de Mente

Great help. Although there are plenty of free maps in the country, all over H.I.S and hotels and other places, this was a great tool to plan my schedule beforehand (I admit that it was overwhelming before going, seemed all too difficult. It was, but not that much XD Too bad I couldn't use it in Yokohama, I left it in the hotel :( It has a good size. Very recommended!

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review 2016-10-03 18:57
Hokkaido Highway Blues - Will Ferguson

I liked this book, some insights of the author, like "are the Japanese insecure or arrogant?", since the author did find both kinds in his journey. Sometimes people were insecure AND arrogant. I get that they are very proud to be Japanese, they love their country, they are proud to be homogeneous, but they are kind of racist too.


There were some fun parts but even though I enjoyed his adventures, I did not like his sense of humor. He tried too hard. This is the 3rd or 4th book about Japan I read from an Western guy POV and I sense that they are too arrogant; I don't get why they are so preachy about Japanese people. They (American & Canadian guy I've read so far) mock the Japanese people sometimes; and this author also had the nerve to be rude with people who stopped for him and also for those who didn't. He looked down to so many people. I think he should be grateful he had hitchhiked the whole thing and that Japanese people stopped for him at all. Another author that writes about Japan, where he admires the country but dislikes the people. I much prefer to read from someone who doesn't go there to criticize but to understand and appreciate this wonderful culture.

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review 2016-10-03 18:39
Salvation of a Saint - Keigo Higashino,Alexander O. Smith

I bet this book was written after the dorama, since Fukuyama Masaharu is mentioned. I like the addition of Utsumi, since I loved her in the show. Excellent mystery as always, a bit creepy how it was planned. Somehow I can understand the murderer... the victim was an ass. Still, this one is my least KH mystery, and that is saying something since this one is really good.

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review 2015-10-15 14:06
Black Butler Character Guide: The Butler, Assembles (Kuroshitsuji Kyarakutā Gaido: Sono Shitsuji Shūgō) - Yana Toboso

I can't really say "I finished reading AND understanding everything" since, unfortunately, this beautiful guide is in Japanese only and the translation is not out yet -or ever-. Nevertheless, this little book is a must for all KS fans. I purchased the hardcover edition and it is so pretty! At the beginning there is a tiny little poster of the same drawing in the cover, full color.

The guide has these chapters:

1. Characters: which are Sebastian, Ciel, Tanaka-san, Meyrin, Finny, Bardroy, Madame Red, Grell, William, Undertaker, Elizabeth, Lau and his sister, some members of the police, some members of the Circus (bleh), the guy from the mafia Azurro, Agni and Soma.

[I almost forgot about Ciel's past... and it made me wonder again if he suffered from sexual abuse when he was a child? the night when his parents were killed... please don't, Toboso-sensei, don't make it happen. But if he was "humiliated'... hmph, I don't even want to go there.]

2. Art works from Toboso-sensei: sketches by her own handwriting, and WOW, are they amazing or what. It is obvious she had so much fun drawing the clothes, their different postures, the hairstyles. I personally love Sebastian with a 7:3 hairdo

3. Making ...: which is the BHS of Toboso-sensei and her editor. She looks so cute and funny in her "demon" form.

4. Variety: quizzes and a little game about the series. Never before I wanted to read and understand fluently Japanese so much like I did this time. I am dying to play the game and answer the quiz but I could understand only a few of them, and it does not work because at the end of the game, you can see which "type" you are (i.e., Ciel type, Soma type, etc.)

My favorite quotes:

Sebastian Michaelis: When he gets tired of dealing with humans... it's healing time with cat's paws. Because of the soft, cute cats that doesn't exist in the demon world, Sebastian thinks that life in the human world isn't all that bad either. Incidentally, Ciel's cheek feels identical to a cat's paw.

Grell Sutcliffe: (when he was asked to leave a message to Sebastian) Last time we finished half way, so next time we'll go all the way. I'll longingly wait for it *blows kiss*! I love Grell and his masochists, crazy manners Poor Grell does really want to be a girl, he admits he wants a sex change O_O

I am sure this guide was very useful for the musicals. There is a -mouthwatering- drawing of Sebastian and Grell, "Aka vs. Kuro", just like there is a song in KuroMyu I (which was awesome, btw).

**Once there is a translation of this book, I'll change my rating to 5 stars**.

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review 2015-10-15 13:57
My Fairly Dangerous Godmother - Janette Rallison,CJ Hill

My least favorite in the series. For once, I did not care for the heroine, nor for the hero, nor for the fairy story. I miss the spark that the other two books have. I don't feel like Sadie really mature. For around 90% of the book, she was shallow, childish, not very smart. She used to have a crush on rock singer Jason, her silly wish was that she has a great voice and that Jason loved her. Once in Little Mermaid's and Twelve Dancing Princesses' stories, she realizes he has a big ego and he was not the man she thought he was, so she turns her affections to the other available hot guy, Donovan.

Donovan was just too perfect for my taste. Intelligent, strong, handsome, nice, altruistic... his only crime was that he was poor so he was used to steal in order to survive. I don't buy their insta-love... like, why would they fall for each other, taking aside their "prettiness"? She was silly and shallow, he... well, of course she would fall for him, he was too perfect.

Chrissy got on my nerves in this volume. As a fairy godmother at least. It seems she was mean and petty on purpose, and was less willing to help than in the other two books. And although I love Little Mermaid, here both stories were not much of a parody like on the previous books.

The cover, on the other side.... Gorgeous! I love it, and only because of that beautiful cover, I almost do not regret that I have purchased the paper book instead of the e-book... almost.

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