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text 2021-06-17 08:00
FREE E-BOOK - The TRIUMVIRATE - Love for Power, Love of Power, the Power of Love




Love for Power, Love of Power, the Power of Love

June 17-21


Download your copy now at





When terrorists kill Shyloh’s mother, he dedicates his life to making a better world. He recruits his childhood friends Aiya and Judith. With their intimate bond, exceptional talents and singular determination they become a formidable team as they grow to be leaders in their chosen fields of politics, religion and the military.


The unraveling of civilization caused by climate change brings unique challenges, and for each of them the goal begins to take on different meaning.


Whose better world will be best?



"This book traces Shyloh's efforts to make a better world of our present social, economic, and environmental crisis through creating a team of three unbiased leaders (The Triumvirate). The problems they address are real and will be known to the reader. They are today's headlines and, being unbiased, these three are revolutionaries in their own time. It is fast paced, a good story, and an easy read.

    This would be a GREAT choice for a bookclub to read and discuss. How can Shyloh relate to the world but not to his own neighbors? Why is Shyloh so helpless without women? Do the two women love him and, if so, why? Would not the two women have gone on to do the same things without him? And what about their politics? Are they right or wrong?"
    - Clark Wilkins, Author of A Compelling Unknown Force


"If you enjoy fiction/sci-fi, climate change and politics this could be a book for you.

I enjoyed the futuristic portrayals of Canada because of the connection with the many pressingsocial issues in our country's politics.

Touches on many divisive social issues of today (immigration, virus, climatechange, federal/provincial strain) and provides a unique perspective. The take on the Canadian confederation was particularly interesting to me because of the current issues in Alberta."

- Tom Urac, Author of Spartan Revolt


    "...unflinchingly stares down some of today's most contentious issues, whether they are of a socioeconomic, environmental, racial, or political nature.

"...sure to spark discussion amongst intellectuals and casual readers alike, ... highly recommend it as a selection for a reading group."
-- Jonathan Walter, Contributing author to THE DEVIL'S DOORBELL, GHOSTLIGHT, and DARK DOSSIER anthologies; and columnist for UXmatters Web magazine







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review 2012-08-15 00:00
Jesus for President: Politics for Ordinary Radicals - Shane Claiborne,Chris Haw,Chico Fajardo-Heflin An excellent look at the seemingly forgotten side of Jesus's teachings as a pacifist, and a great look at politics in general. Eye-opening for all, regardless of belief. I learned a lot more from this book than when I attended Sunday school and church when I was still religious. PS - The art direction is also excellent.
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review 2012-05-16 00:00
Jesus for President: Politics for Ordinary Radicals
Jesus for President: Politics for Ordina... Jesus for President: Politics for Ordinary Radicals - Shane Claiborne, Chris Haw The title of this book is an attention getting update of terms such as "King Jesus" and "Jesus is Lord."  It’s an ironic title because the authors admit that the American “powers and principalities” would remove him quickly if Jesus were somehow made President of the United States. Why? Because the first thing he would do is disarm the military and put them to work aiding the poor.

This book's position is that the ethics of Jesus apply to life here and now; not to some personal spiritual relationship that provides a ticket to a heavenly afterlife.  Readers who believe Jesus is an American and a member of their favorite political party will be shocked to find that the authors of this book are at a completely different place.  In other words, after taking the Hebrew and Christian scriptures more seriously than those identified by the mainstream media as "evangelical conservatives," this book has arrived at a political positions that are polar opposites those pious folks.

My summary of the book’s position is this--actions matter, share your money, and avoid possessing power. Doing this will lead you to live simply, aid the poor and oppose the military. If that sounds radical, this book agrees.  Jesus was radical in his time, and the writers of this book want to follow his example and be radical in our time.

I am generally sympathetic with their political positions, and I tend to be amused at how their study of the Bible leads them to political positions opposed to the “holier that thou” evangelical conservatives. But I can’t be too smug about it because the authors of this book would not approved of my own life style. They don’t offer much of a middle position short of dumpster diving, living off the grid and giving my money away.

The book is divided into four main sections. The first two sections are focused on showing that the book's positions are rooted in the Bible. The first section does a quick overview of the scriptures used by Jesus, the Hebrew scriptures. The second section deals with Jesus' relationship with religious and political leaders in his time. The third section describes what the early church was like before and after it became the state religion. The fourth and last section discusses what Christianity can look like today when allegiance is to God over national patriotism. It goes on to deal with nitty-gritty questions such as serving in the military, paying taxes, and consumerism.

I couldn't help but notice that the book references John Howard Yoder several times. I have recently read his book, Politics of Jesus which I found to be a challenging academic style of writing. The book "Jesus for President" in contrast is quite easy to read and is probably written at a junior high level. I also noticed that the book sites the Amish as a positive example of how Christians should live.
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review 2008-05-28 00:00
Jesus for President: Politics for Ordinary Radicals
Jesus for President: Politics for Ordinary Radicals - Shane Claiborne,Chris Haw,Chico Fajardo-Heflin This book is really more than what it seems. It's a mixture of theology, history, and politics with a call for social activism that draws upon not only the teachings of Jesus, but Gandhi as well. At times, you have to wonder where the authors come from because they call for some pretty intense changes in our way of life, but their rationale is pretty convincing and they offer practical ways to practice the politics of peace and human dignity throughout. This is much more than a "What would Jesus do?" type of book. It's a plan for living a moral life that treats all peoples with dignity as well. There are shades of "communist" economics throughout and there seems to be an overall rejection of the capitalist system and the world it has created. Definitely an eye opener contrasting the way the world operates today and what the world could be if we listened to history's greatest humanists.
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