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review 2018-07-14 23:03
And I Darken (and snore): DNF at 50%
And I Darken - Kiersten White

I have been listening to this for almost 7 hours and absolutely nothing has happened. Nothing. A lot of Lada being an absolute bitch to anyone and everyone and her brother being an obviously homosexual wannabe Muslim and everyone else is out to kill them. I am so over this mess. I hate Lada. She is nasty and vindictive and rude. Everything she does "out of love" is manipulative. I kept on listening, praying for this to pick up, but it never did. All battles were skipped, which is such a Twilight move. Any time a fight scene might come up, the chapter ends, the next begins and everything is over. It's just lazy writing. A lot of fluff and filler. Boring. 


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review 2018-07-11 19:09
Unfortunately this one didn’t exactly have me holding my breath…
Like Breathing - Tia Fielding

Devin Rice may not have gotten off to a great start in this world but sometimes Karma can be kind for him it was. He’s got a set of awesome adoptive parents and a brother who he loves and who loves him…enough that they live as roommates. He works for his dad’s video company as a coder and all in all things are pretty good. But Devin also has some issues he’s got a bit of social anxiety going on and his romance life is pretty much non-existent, at the moment, but that’s all about to change when Devin agrees to deliver an assignment for his brother to his mentor and professor…Seth Kent.


Seth is older but he’s also brilliant and gorgeous and pushes more buttons than even Seth knew he had and he’s also in a relationship with…an older man…enter Leaf, yep, that’s his name ‘Leaf’ like the things you find on trees. So awkward moment, right? Nope, because Leaf’s all good with Seth’s attraction and when he meets Dev…well he not only understands the attraction, he quickly comes to realize that he shares his partner’s attraction to Devin. Thanks to his work with rescue dogs Leaf’s frequently gone from their home and while Dev had the good fortune to be adopted by a loving couple who gave him a wonderful childhood and home…Leaf, not so much and while he survived his childhood and all things considered turned out to be pretty awesome, it left him with a bit of a different outlook no life where some things are concerned.


I have to admit I was more than a little intrigued by the blurb and willing to venture into the story and things started out not to badly. I liked the first part of the book things between Dev and Seth started out fairly well and held a lot of promise and then we met Leaf…and that’s where the story fell apart for me. Don’t get me wrong I liked the characters all 7 of them…wait, what? 7 you say? Where did we get the number 7 from? Oh that’s easy…sit back and I’ll explain…


Ok, so you know who 3 of the characters are right? Devin, Seth and Leaf but somewhere early on…as in right around the time we meet Leaf we also meet…Husky, Grace and Missy and later on we meet Weasley (and any good Harry Potter fan will get this name and why he has it) and that makes lucky number 7…do you see where I’m going here? Because if you don’t than let me spell this out for you…I love dogs, hell I have one. He’s my fur-baby and I love cats I don’t have any right now but that’s not a reflection of how I feel…trust me on that one. Anyways back to the story and how things went sideways for me. Shortly after Leaf came into the picture I announced to my hubby… “It’s a little weird that I’m starting to feel like I know more about the animals in this story than a dog that I’ve lived with for 6 years.” so yeah, that was my first clue that we were heading sideways and unfortunately it became an ongoing problem for the remainder of the story. Pretty much without fail whatever was happening events consistently drifted back around to the dogs and one unfortunate little ginger kitten.


Ultimately there was a lot about this story that I like or could have potentially liked if I could have had more people time and less rescue dog story. It’s not that I didn’t like the dogs not even close I just needed them not to be in the foreground of the story so much and more a part of the background that helped to flesh out the main story which should have been about the relationship development between Dev and Seth and Dev and Leaf and ultimately between Dev, Seth and Leaf and for me when something else in a story keeps pulling my focus away from what’s suppose to be the core of the story than well…it’s a distraction and not an enhancement of what I thought I was going to be reading about and honestly, it eventually becomes a bit annoying.


At the end of it all what should have been a story about two men in a relationship (Seth & Leaf) meeting and taking a third man (Dev) into their lives and their hearts got overshadowed by 3 dogs and a cat and at times started to feel like a PSA for rescue dogs. So, if you like dogs…I mean really, really, really like dogs you’ll probably like that, but for me, while I do like dogs, it just became distracting and a little bit annoying.




An ARC of “Like Breathing” was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2018-07-11 01:17
Family...can't live with them...can't live without them...but sometimes...
Family Man - Heidi Cullinan,Marie Sexton,Colin Darcy

the choice isn't always ours.I think we can all agree that in general stereo-types suck and while some are worse than others in terms of their implications, some can also have a basis in reality...like the fact that some cultures place a great deal of importance on things like family, which isn't to say that they're the only cultures that value family and honestly, try as I might I can't see this as a bad thing. But as much as a person can love their family sometimes, that same family can have expectations that aren't fair or may even have just been misinterpreted...hey, it could happen.


For Vincent Fierro family means everything and as an Italian man, he's sure that being gay isn't an expectation his family would have and certainly not something that they would accept from him but after 40 years and 3 divorces Vincent is starting to realize that he needs to find a way to live his life for himself and hopefully...maybe if the stars aligned he'll still get to keep his family. 


Trey on the other hand doesn't have a lot of family and maybe that's a good thing because all he's got is his gran and his mom...and mom...to say the least is sucking the life from him. Mom's got an addiction issue and we'll talk more about that later.


'Family Man' isn't a new story by any means it was released in e-book format back in 2013 and it's been on and off of my radar on a somewhat consistent basis every since but when I saw that it was out on audio I decided that this was a sign that it was time for me to check this one out.


Colin Darcy is the narrator and this was my first time listening to a book narrated by him and not my last. Mr. Darcy impressed the hell out of me. Overall I enjoyed his narration but I have to admit I quickly became a fan of Vince's voice. It was so perfectly the voice that I imagined Vince would have and I was simply delighted with Vince and while I hadn't really given as much consideration to Trey's voice once again things worked and in general the same can be said for the secondary character voices as well. It all just worked.


Ok, so without spoiling this for those of you who haven't read or listened to the audio on this one...overall I liked this story. I liked the way that Vince grew and developed as the story progressed seeing him come to terms with his sexuality and while it was a struggle for him at times and he didn't always do the right thing at first he still kept trying and it never felt like he was giving up on himself or on being with Trey in spite of what he thought he was risking and I loved that when Trey needed him the most he was there for him and while their relationship was definitely a work in progress neither of these men were afraid of a little hard work if it meant having what they wanted.


Now I can't say this was the part of the story that I liked the best because that's not the case but I had a definite appreciation for how the author's dealt with Trey's mom's addiction issue. It wasn't glorified in that she magically got better and everyone thought she was wonderful for it and all of the damage that she caused with her addiction suddenly disappeared or was forgotten and without giving away specifics of the story I'm not going to go into this any deeper except to say that as someone who has had the experience of being involved with a person who had addiction issues as with most things in this world each person, each disease, every issue is unique and while there may be commonalities there are also things unique to that person and their situation and while I saw the commonalities in Trey's mom to the situation that I was in I also saw the things that were different and unique to this characters story and for me that was a a touch of realism that came naturally to the story. 


Ironically as much as I enjoyed this story I can't say that I"m sorry it took me so long to get around to this one because I thoroughly enjoyed Colin Darcy's narration and again...the voice of Vincent...it was so worth waiting for, but even if you're not a fan of audio...hey, it can happen the story is a worthwhile reading experience.



An audio book of 'Family Man' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2018-07-10 23:46
Aliens Omnibus 3: DNF at 35%
The Complete Aliens Omnibus: Volume Three (Rogue, Labyrinth) - Stephani Danelle Perry,Sandy Schofield

Cliches by the truckload, let me count the ways....


1. Strong female pilot that tries really hard to be Ripley


2. Fat co-pilot


3. Rich corporate assholes


4. Evil company 


5. Mad scientist that wants to tame/create aliens 


6. The good guys using ventilation systems to outsmart the bad guys


7. Creations turning on their masters and for some "shocking" reason, the master being surprised. 


I'm out. The first omnibus was great. The second was bad. This was boring and poorly written. 

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review 2018-07-10 17:58
Forget the magic...this one will consume you...mind, body and soul...
The Consumption of Magic - T.J. Klune,Michael Lesley

Holy hell!!! TJ Klune has knocked it out of the ball park with this series and then when you turn it into an audio book with a narrator as talented and just innately tuned into the story as Michael Lesley is...well, you've created a monster of the best kind.


I thought the first two books were incredible and they were...are but with each successive story this just gets better and better...I gave the first two books 5 stars and I'm doing the same again here because for me it's not really a matter of each book gets better it's more a case of each part of this story remains equally as amazing as the one before it was. 


So yes, to begin with if you haven't read or listened to 'The Lightening Struck-Heart' or 'A Destiny of Dragons' stop now and go fix that because this is truly one big epic fantasy story and you need all of it in order to truly appreciate and understand what's happening. 


To be quite honest I've read and listened to the audio book for the first to parts of this series and still I would happily go back and listen to them all over again and I will as soon as time permits because without a doubt this is going to be one of my favorite series EVAH!!!


This part of the series essentially picks up where 'A Destiny of Dragons' left off and we get to spend more time with Sam of Wilds and his entourage of interesting and unusual friends. I've pondered on more than one occasion who's my favorite and  while I have to admit I am so totally a fan of dragons...when it comes to this bunch I just love them all. As a collective they work and somehow one without the others just wouldn't be a good...so I feel no need to choose and I simply adore each and every one of them.


As the adventure progresses in this story so does the danger to all involved. Sam is reunited with his mentor, Morgan of Shadows and Randolph only to discover that there are secrets so any secrets and not only do they threaten the faith and trust that he has always had with Morgan and begrudgingly with Randolph as well but the very well being of Sam, his friends and the whole of Verania as well. Also just a bit of a heads up the story doesn't end here and this one's definitely left us sitting on the edge of a cliff...a seriously freakin' scary cliff but fear not the next book is already out so if you can't wait for the audio book to be released there is the e-book currently available and if you're like me you may have hopes of reading the book before the audio comes out because this one's worth experiencing once or twice or maybe a few times more.


Like the previous books 'The Consumption of Magic' is filled with adventure, action, laughter tears...so freakin' many tears...TJ, Kleenex called to thank you for the boost to their sales...ffs!!! you need to stop this...no, no actually you don't because as much as you're books tend to shatter me into a millions itsy bitsy pieces each time the adventure is done you've put me back together so I'm going to trust that you'll do the same with this one as well. Just keep writing stories that are unputdownable. Yeah, it's a word...hey, google said so and google would never lie to me (just FYI I typed this with a straight face). 


So if  you're still not convinced about this book...this series, well all I can say is you need to go to GoodReads or Amazon and read some more reviews because they're out there a whole lot of really, really awesome reviews for a really, really awesome book...seriously check it out.




An audio book of 'The Consumption of Magic' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

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