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review 2017-05-28 23:21
Mmmm...rock stars...
A Kind of Truth - Seth Clayton,Dreamspinner Press LLC,Lane Hayes

'A Kind of Truth' is the story of wanna' be rock star Rand O'Malley and geeky music student with a kink and the hidden heart of a rock star Will Sanders.  Rand's all about the music and the band so needless to say when he turns to Will for guitar lessons...love was the last thing on his mind.


I have to admit in spite of the fact that there are a lot of really good reviews out there I was a little nervous going into this because rock stars can be dicey for me at times. What can I say just not my thing. So when hubby decided audiobooks were the thing for me on Mother's Day, I went shopping and while I was listening to the audio samples I stumbled across this series and listened to the samples...I liked them...I wanted to hear more...buying the books seemed like the wise thing to do, turned out it was.


Seth Clayton is the narrator and I'm really, really enjoying these audio books. Listening to Seth is like sitting down with a friend while he tells you a story. In general his voice has a warm and friendly tone that just draws you in and invites you to listen to the story he wants to share with you. His voices are consistent and he adds a wonderfully laid back, self deprecating tone that easily slips into something warm, sultry and sexy at times with a wonderfully warm and inviting laugh thrown in when needed.


'A Kind of Truth' is the start of what promises to be a really enjoyable series narrated by what I think may be another favorite narrator for me.

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review 2017-05-28 22:21
And then there was this one...
Fighting Instinct - Mary Calmes,Tristan James Mabry

'Fighting Instinct' is the second book in the 'L'Ange series' and was also narrated by Tristan James and as with the 'Old Loyalty, New Love' and 'Chosen Pride' I was completely enchanted with the arrogant, confident and slightly cocky voices of the alpha men in this series. 


So once again a 3 star read that Mr. James's narration made just a little bit more enjoyable and 3 stars became 4 and here's my link to my original review...

Original Review: Fighting Instinct

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review 2017-05-28 22:09
Oospie, I missed one...or two...
Old Loyalty, New Love - Tristan James,Mary Calmes

This is what you find when you wander through your book shelves...books that you failed to rate or review so lets quickly fix that.


I picked up the audio books for this one and the second book after having reviewed the audio book for 34564117  because I really enjoyed the narrator on this one, Tristan James and noticed that he'd also narrated the first two books in this series.


I love listening to Tristan James narrate Mary Calmes books and especially her L'Ange series. Mr. James gives her alpha shifters voices a level of confident arrogance that just works for me and his interpretation of these characters works so well that while this book was only a 3 star read for me the audio book bumped things up to 4 stars.


So if you're curious about my original review...here's the link....Original Review: Old Loyalty, New Love

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review 2017-05-28 19:53
So I did the audio thing again...
The Deep of the Sound - Amy Lane,Nick J. Russo

I have to admit for someone who was initially so resistant to the idea of audio books I've certainly done a 180 on that opinion...moral of the story...'never say never'. 


'The Deep of the Sound' is the 8th book in Dreamspinner's 'Bluewater Bay' series and definitely one of my favorites in the series...no surprise there it's by Amy Lane and she's a favorite for me. While I happily read this one when it was released as an e-book in June of 2015 and I loved it 5 stars worth and yes, the review was long...I'm discovering that I've written more long reviews than I realized with this foray into the world of audio books. So here's the link to that original review, in an effort to keep this from becoming yet another long review....

Original Review: The Deep of the Sound


Narrated by Nick J. Russo one of my favorite narrators. I had zero doubt that I was going to enjoy this and happily I was right.  While Amy Lane is an auto-buy for me when it comes to e-books, Nick Russo is becoming her equivalent when it comes to audio books. Mr. Russo's voices are solid and without fail he has the ability to draw me into a story effortlessly with his solid and consistent voices and his ability to help define a characters personality through their voice. 


For me there were no surprises here one of my favorite authors teamed up with one of my favorite narrators to create yet another very enjoyable listening experience for fans of audio books, so needless to say my original rating of 5 stars remains unchanged and 'The Deep of the Sound' remains an incredibly enjoyable story whether it's reading or listening this one's definitely worthwhile.



An audiobook of 'The Deep of the Sound' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2017-05-27 22:32
Review: Nothing But Trouble (PJ Sugar #1) by Susan May Warren
Nothing but Trouble - Susan May Warren

I borrowed this book from OverDrive after finishing that huge book because I needed something much lighter in tone and in subject matter. The book had some first-book syndrome going on in the beginning; lots of backstory and info-dumping. However, the first scene in the book hooked me and I settled into the story and in PJ's head fairly quickly. Once she was back in her hometown and the murder took place, then things got interesting - more than enough to have me borrowing the second book in the series. There is a hints at a love triangle, but at the end PJ decides on neither of the men and wants to work on herself. PJ is lovable, good-hearted without being overly weird like most cozy mystery amateur sleuths, but damn is she impulsive at times. She also had a lot of character development going on in this book; it is almost like it is part mystery, part chick lit. There is a lot of Christianity in this book, but it is authentic to PJ's character and never feels preachy - it is PJ who kept reminding herself of biblical verses to help her think through and calm down in some low points while investigating the murder. I even like the recurring side characters and they helped in world building as well as added to the plotline. Looking forward to reading book two next month.

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