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review 2017-03-27 02:40
"Our revels now are ended."
Hag-Seed - Margaret Atwood

I should have read The Tempest ahead of this, but I was over-eager in my excitement at getting my greedy little paws on a copy of Margaret Atwood's Hag-Seed. It worked out in the end, though, because she so kindly explained the basic plot of The Tempest at the end of the book, which helped clear up some of my questions.


Hag-Seed starts off a bit slow, with the betrayal and then multiple chapters of Felix sinking into delusions of the daughter he lost living with him. That is why this book, which I actually really loved, is a 4-star read and not 4.5 or 5. After 75 pages, I was actually thinking I might DNF this one, which is a very, very rare occurrence for me as I am stubborn and unable to let go of books once I start reading them.


Then I decided on a whim to push on, anyway.


Boy am I glad that I did. I recognized many of the basic elements of a good revenge plot as I read and, as Felix helped his prisoners, and thus the reader, get more familiar with the story of The Tempest, I slowly began to pick up on the lines Atwood had drawn between her characters and Shakespeare's.


Of course, the end result of a modern take on an old story is that the basic character, plot, and world development have been done, they just need embellishing and cleaning up a bit. We'll call that the gold paint on the cloak, for those who get the reference. This, I think, Atwood did very well. I felt bad for Felix, certainly, after what was done to him in the name of getting ahead, but also felt his madness just as Prospero in The Tempest was also a bit mad, and even questioned if he had gone too far at times. I think my favorite was 8Handz, though, for reasons I don't want to list here because it would give away too much of the story.


Overall, if you're a fan of retellings and/or Shakespeare, I would say to give this one a go. General Margaret Atwood fans may be a bit more split.

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review 2017-03-26 21:27
This one's not only worth reading...
A Boy Worth Knowing - Jennifer Cosgrove

But I'm pretty sure at some point I will be doing a re-read on this.


I honestly only have one big issue with this book and that's the title because there's not one boy worth knowing in this book there's 2. There's funny, smart, sweet, adorable, isolated Nate and then there's James. Handsome, loyal, not afraid to think for himself, James.


Now before I go any further let's talk about the title...truthfully the title is perfect, but you'll have to read the book to find out why...I'm not spoiling. Also I probably wouldn't have read this book so soon if it wasn't for my friend Todd's review over on GR. Seriously it's an awesome review, check it out...Todd's Review 


I think a lot of us remember what it's like to be a teenager and I'll be one of the first to admit. It's not easy and for me it often wasn't fun and I have no desire to repeat it. But imagine being a teenager able to do something that pretty much anyone else can't...like, I don't know maybe see and talk to dead people. Seriously, life would suck.


Nate's been on his own for a long time so when someone like James moves to town he doesn't expect him to want to friends much less anything else with the school pariah, but James likes what he sees in Nate and he's not afraid to follow his instincts.


There's so much about this story that's simply awesome. James and Nate together are wonderful. I loved them both and truly couldn't imaging how any mother wouldn't. 


'A Boy Worth Knowing' is a young adult story and as such the steam and sexy times are kept appropriate for that age level but this is not a story that lacks for depth of emotions by any means and while the central part of the plot may involve a paranormal element the high school setting and the people in it are very reflective of the real world that we all live in.


Every class has it's Penny, a queen bee who rules not because of their merits or how deserving they are but because of their ability to intimidate and manipulate. Ironically this is the part of the story that had merit above all else of me. The part of the story that in the end told us that people like words only have as much power as we give them.


'A Boy Worth Knowing' is a story worth reading and not just for young adults. My young adult days are so far behind me that Nate and James could have easily been my grandchildren and if they were I would have wanted them to read this story. It's an incredibly well written work of fiction that holds a very real message about believing in yourself and being true to who you are and trusting that your real friends are the ones who walk in while everyone else is walking out.



An ARC of 'A Boy Worth Knowing' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2017-03-26 19:17
When your world is going up in flames who better to fall in love with than a fireman...
Cleansing Flame - Andrew Grey

'Cleansing Flame' is the second book in Andrew Grey's series 'Rekindled Flame' and while I did enjoy the first book a tiny, tiny bit more it wasn't enough to really make a difference on my rating.  'Rekindled Flame' which is the title of the first book as well as the series was a really solid 4 star read for me while this one was a little bit of a weaker 4 stars but still quite enjoyable.


Dayne's life over the past couple of years hasn't been good it started with a car accident that left him seriously damaged and with a new best friend named 'Pain' and grieving the loss of Jeff the man he loved and thought he was spending forever with. Barely a year later he's burying his mother and now at the start of the book he's back in school trying to get himself turned around and essentially remaking his life only to arrive home and find his home going up in flames. Dayne's pretty much at his limit of how much crap he can handle having dumped on him and really 'can you blame him?' I know I couldn't. 


I really like Dayne...sure he has the occasional pity party but he keeps going, he doesn't just give up and wallow in it and I think a lot of people would. He's smart and determined. Truthfully he's not really asking for much he just wants to get on with his life and get out from under the damned black cloud that seems to want to follow  him everywhere and it's when he's at his lowest trying to fight back the tears and despair that are threatening to drown him that the world gives him a glimmer of light in the form of an incredibly kind hearted and attractive firefighter named Lawson...someone he'd met earlier that day at the local historical society.


Lawson's attractive, friendly and as kindhearted as they come and he doesn't hesitate to offer Dayne a place to stay when he realizes that this sweet attractive man whom he'd had the chance encounter with has no one to call on in his time of need.  It takes a bit of fast talking from Lawson with strong dose of help from their mutual friend Mason to persuade Dayne to at least accept Lawson's offer of a place to stay for a few days.


Now don't be thinking that these two men head off to Lawson's house and fall into be and live happily ever after...nope sorry just like real life it doesn't happen that fast for them. There are obstacles both within their control and not and then even when they do begin to work things out it's still not a smooth road but it's not an over the top WTF angst filled one either.  However, have no fear while it took a while for the sparks to ignite between these two once they did things were definitely hot. 


We get to see a bit of Richard and Mason, they're the MC's from book 1 and while they by no means over shadowed the story in this book, they were definitely a nice addition to the story. Having MCs and secondary characters from previous books show up in subsequent books is something that I love happening when I'm reading a series.


There's also a secondary part to this story that relates to Dayne and Lawson's first encounter at the local historical society that I really enjoyed I found this part of the story to be incredibly sweet touch adding an opportunity for Lawson and Dayne to get to know each other better and help their relationship grow. 


Like the first book in this series, 'Cleansing Flame' is a sweet, low angst, romance that makes for a relaxing and enjoyable read and I'm looking forward to seeing whose story is next in this series and how hot those flames will burn.



An ARC of 'Cleansing Flame' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2017-03-25 02:19
La leggerezza del principe - Leta Blake,Keira Andrews,Cristina Fontana

Ho aspettato con impazienza l'uscita di questo libro, la trama mi sembrava originale ed intrigante e la storia narrata sembrava essere perfetta per una fiaba che associata al genere M/M che adoro rendeva la lettura un must, capace forse di farmi ritrovare la magia provata nel leggere "Bruto" di Kim Fielding . Ho iniziato con gioia la lettura, con ottime aspettative che purtroppo si sono completamente infrante. Sapevo che ci potevano essere delle "lacune" essendo la storia sviluppata come racconto breve e avendo appena 100 pagine, non mi aspettavo certo un approfondimento psicologico nei minimi dettagli viste le premesse però avrei voluto vedere qualcosa almeno! La storia è... inconsistente, leggera come Efrosin potremmo dire, inizialmente sembra quasi non esserci, per dare spazio a parti più erotiche e poi viene ammassata completamente nel finale rendendo tutto simile a un minestrone. I personaggi non sono caratterizzati al meglio e anzi sono piuttosto piatti così come il loro rapporto. Posso capire che non è semplice cercare di creare un rapporto tra i due in 100 pagine ma neanche puoi farmeli limonare allegramente nel giro di neanche 20 paginette senza neanche essersi presentati o detti ciao... seriamente ok che Efrosin non ha gravità sentimentale o come vogliamo chiamarla però Dmitri è un essere umano alla fine e almeno lui dovrebbe avere un po' di senno o almeno poteva avere un minimo di carattere... Vedere due personaggi che interagiscono soltanto saltandosi addosso e che quasi non condividono emozioni o sentimenti in particolare mi ha lasciato triste e molto delusa. Nonostante abbia apprezzato la resa delle scene erotiche descritte molto bene e anche intriganti avrei di gran lunga preferito che non ci fossero state, le avrei sacrificate senza problemi per lasciare quelle pagine alla conoscenza tra i due, alla creazione di un rapporto di amicizia e poi di amore, sarà forse il mio lato romantico a parlare ma mi riesce difficile cogliere la bellezza dello scontatissimo lieto fine di zucchero e cannella se ste due a malapena sanno il nome uno dell'altro. La storia così come i protagonisti è lasciata molto a se stessa, ci vengono buttati addosso frammenti di trama per spiegarci il motivo delle maledizioni dei due giovani e per dare un contentino al lettore più esigente ma il tutto con molta fretta, quasi a voler giustificare il finale e la "liberazione" dei due, avrei voluto vedere un combattimento finale con la strega che ha causato i malefici, vedere i due ragazzi affrontarla e dimostrare il loro amore uno per l'altro invece... il tutto si riduce a una scena ridicola e completamente affrettata e priva di senso che libera come per magia i due protagonisti dalla maledizione... così a caso, qualcuno si chiede il perchè di tutto ciò? No! Dov'è finita la strega? No! Se mai potrà tornare a maledire nuovamente i due? No! Non che mi aspettassi il realismo ma... WTF? Non puoi ridurmi 3/4 del libro a sesso,sesso,sesso e poi concludere la vicenda in modo affrettato, ridicolo e no sense! Questa cosa mi ha... deluso... tantissimo! Vorrei poter dire che qualche pagina in più avrebbe giovato alla lettura dando spessore ai personaggi e alla storia ma qui la volontà manca del tutto, non si tratta di una storia sviluppata e affrettata per mancanza di tempo e personaggi descritti frettolosamente per risparmiare pagine, qui proprio manca il senso della storia, se fosse una fan fiction avrebbe sicuramente il tag "Porn with plot" essendo appunto più che una bella favoletta un escamotage per descrivere scene erotiche e aggiungere una storiella per intrattenere e non cadere nel PWP. Quindi, delusione... non mi sento di mettere meno di 3 stelle essendo alla fine una lettura godibile, essendo scritta bene e avendo apprezzato la descrizione delle scene più hot ma rimane un M/M mediocre e che non mi ha lasciato praticamente niente, non ho empatizzato con nessuno dei personaggi trovandoli tutti odiosi, inutili e vuoti, si salva un po' quel povero santo di Geoffry ma solo perchè è il meno peggio e anche la storia alla fine è priva di un contenuto che ti spinga anche solo a dire "Wow lo rileggerò di sicuro tra qualche anno" questo libro finirà sicuramente nel dimenticatoio, quasi me ne sono già scordata e avendolo anche comprato mi secca... molto... non mi sento quindi di consigliarlo, leggetelo solo se non avete di meglio o come me ci avete speso i soldi e vi scoccia non approfittare del vostro acquisto in caso contrario potete trovare di meglio

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review 2017-03-24 18:32
Ashes to Ashes - Valerie Thomas

Book Title:  Ashes to Ashes

Author:  Valerie Thomas

Series:  I guess…it’s a series???

Genre:  YA, Mystery, Splash of Paranormal

Publisher:  Ebbing Neptune Publishing

Source:   I received an ARC via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review







⇝Ratings Breakdown⇜


Plot:  1/5

Main Characters:  1.5/5

Secondary Characters: 1/5

The Feels:  0/5

Addictiveness:  0/5

Theme or Tone:  1/5

Flow (Writing Style):  2/5

Backdrop (World Building):  1/5

Originality:  1/5

Book Cover:  4/5

Ending:  1.5/5 Cliffhanger:  Yes, and goodreads doesn't even say this is a series yet.


Will I continue this series?  NONONONO!!!  JUST NO…


Overall Rating:  1/5 Stars


⇝My Thoughts⇜


I've tried to write how I feel about this book and nothing comes out right…I just can't.  I can't recommend this, I can't even explain why…It's just not plausible or conceivable.  I tried to like it, even just a little...It became so tedious, that I skimmed quite a bit, once I was about a 1/3 of the way in. 


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