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text 2020-06-03 11:12
The Final Episode!
The Book of Revelations - Shanna Lauffey

I've been following this series from the beginning and it has kept getting better and better throughout. I don't follow many series and easily get bored with them, so this is a real exception. It has elements of Mystery and Thriller and even a touch of Romance, but technically it's Science Fiction because of the time travel.


Only there's no machine. The Time Shifters can slip through time or across distance at will, but not at the same time. And they can only move forward and backward within their life span. It's a very original concept and well executed.


I'm both looking forward to and dreading reading the last episode. I'm going to start today. Dreading it because then it will be finished!


I hope this author writes more. Oh and the paperback version is in two omnibus editions and called The Time Shifters Chronicles volumes 1 & 2. I'll add the second one to the database, the first one is already there. The series is also in audiobook.

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review 2020-05-31 10:31
The Book of Revelations
The Book of Revelations - Shanna Lauffey

by Shanna Lauffey


This is the final episode of a ten volume series. I should say serial because it's continuous and the books are best read in order.


I seldom read a series all the way through, but this one kept my interest and left me feeling very satisfied. Probably the most climactic drama was in episode nine and the series could have stopped there, but having read this one now I have to say, yeah it was needed.


There are some new elements in Kallie's life as well as connections to old ones. Her character development is nicely evolved in this one and all the loose ends of the series are tied up neatly. I was happy to see Marcus back in the picture and I finally understand Connor, who has been a bit of an enigma in recent episodes.


I do wonder about back story on some of the peripheral characters, but that just shows how invested I got into this world. If the author ever writes more stories about these characters like Anne Rice did with some of her vampires, I'll definitely want to read them!

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review 2020-02-20 19:53
Revelations of a Secret Princess by: Annie West
Revelations of a Secret Princess - Annie West




A mother's love, an uncle's devotion and the secrets that could be their undoing. Revelations of a Secret Princess is a heartbreaking trek through past mistakes, present deception and the redeeming power of love. Caro and Jake are complicated. From young love to adult secrets. There's a ton of baggage they need to work through. West does away with the fairy tale and delivers hard hitting emotion that is unpredictable, relatable and unforgettable. These characters stay on your mind and in your heart, long after the last page is through.


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review 2019-09-29 10:17
5 Star Revelations
Bloodline Revelations - Iuliana Foos


As the vampire Princess of the New Coven, she followed the path chosen for her, but when Theodora De Croix awakens an ancient alien, she sets the prophecy in motion. As Alex learns about life on Earth and the intricate coexistence between humans and vampires, he conquers Theodora’s heart and decides Earth is a possible new home for his people.


The final book in the ‘Bloodline Trilogy’ is a thrilling conclusion full of ‘blow your mind’ revelations, surprising twists and an epic love. The characters are strong, compelling and have so much chemistry that readers can feel it leaping from the pages. But the relationship has a major issue – Alex wants to bring his people to Earth and Alex’s current plan is just not acceptable to Theodora. There is also the prophecy that Theodora is resistant to and the fact that Alex was made with no emotions adding lots of emotional turmoil and suspense to the story and making the romance quite entertaining.


The plot is fast paced with the suspense building throughout and exciting events keeps readers glued to the pages as they await the final outcome of the prophecy. Startling twists and stunning revelations keeps the adrenaline pumping and readers on edge as they learn so much about this world that really brings the whole trilogy into a different but thrilling perspective. With a destiny that’s not decided until the very end adding to the powerful, exhilarating conclusion, readers don’t want to miss a second of this final story of the trilogy.


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text 2019-05-16 09:12
TOUR, REVIEW & #GIVEAWAY - Revelations by Robert Sells
Revelations - Robert Sells

@GoddessFish, @hotchoc84 (Charlotte), #ScienceFiction, 4 out of 5 (very good)


Aster Worthington spearheads the First Contact Team who are unraveling a message from an alien race. The altruistic extraterrestrials promise free energy and an excited Earth builds a massive structure called the Dome to house the alien enterprise

Seven years later, no "free energy" and strange things are reported in and around the Dome. When Aster and her colleagues mount an expedition to investigate the interior, they are shocked to find it filled with humanoids having insect-like deformities. It becomes obvious their true purpose is to take over our planet. Now Aster and the scientists are trying to come up with a defense to fend off the invasion. A defense that is tied to a 2000 year old document hidden by the church. But, will it be too late?

Source: archaeolibrarian.wixsite.com/website/single-post/2019/05/16/Revelations-by-Robert-Sells
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