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review 2019-05-20 12:46
Llewellyn's Complete Book of Essential Oils
Llewellyn's Complete Book of Essential Oils - Sandra Kynes

by Sandra Kynes


After a substantial introduction telling about the author's personal history with essential oils, there is some well researched history of their use in various times and cultures. 


We are told how to differentiate pure from synthetic commercial oils and about their processes. One thing I really liked seeing was safety guidelines and specifically safety for children and pets.


Details are given about shelf life and how to choose and blend oils. Perfume notes are explained, which I haven't seen in other books on the subject.


It goes into basics in a clear and concise manner and then into 'remedies'. After aromatherapy and self-care, it gets a bit new age with chakras and magical uses.


There's an interesting balance of practical and woo. The profiles of individual oils are well-informed and would satisfy any academic. We finish off with conversions and two different glossaries. Over all a well-written and pretty thorough book on the subject.

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review 2019-05-19 20:49
Book Review for Enterrador by Ambere Sabo
Enterrador (Silent Sons MC #3) - Ambere Sabo


What a great tale we love hearing Adan's story before he became a Villainous Drug Cartel Cartel Boss.

I loved seeing the cared free man so in love with his women Alex.Alex was everything good and kind and pure sunshine to his very dark soul and even darker world.To all looking at him he had the perfect life and wife and family and a baby on the way but, Adan was keeping secrets that Alex wasn't privy to and they were very dark indeed.All is not what it seems....

Alex was definitely Adan's soul mate and also his ultimate weakness but, also what lead to his downfall.

Adan truly shows us what set him on the path to become the Villainous monster he has become today.The story was filled with love and violence,retribution,punishments and retaliations, earth shattering heartbreak, betrayals and a story filled with a ton of darkness that now lives in ones heart that was once filled with a ton of love.

Overall this was a gripping tale that was a page turner that was filled with so many twists and turns you had to love it to the very end.


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review 2019-05-18 15:13
Splendor Solis
Splendor Solis - Stephen Skinner

by Dr. Stephen Skinner; Dr. Rafal T. Prinke; Georgiana Hedesan; Joscelyn Godwin


The Splendor Solis was a 16th century Alchemical text. This is a modern new translation with commentaries by academics. Dr. Stephen Skinner is familiar to me in relation to esoteric material, so I found this very interesting.


It's very much an academic work, so of most interest to people with an interest either in ancient Alchemy or in the history of esoteric texts. It is, as one reviewer said, basically a biography of the book, but I would add a fascinating analysis of hidden meanings in the 22 color plates that were originally hand drawn. My advance review copy didn't show these plates, but I found them online as the British Library has a photographed copy.


A bit dry at times, but a very interesting and informative book.

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review 2019-05-17 22:33
Book Review for Miles by Lane Hart and D.B. West
Miles (Savage Kings MC Book 8) Kindle Edition - Lane Hart



Let's start off by saying that we really are enjoying this series and the character's in this series they are a whole lot of fun and we could not help but fall in love with each and everyone of them.
Miles is the total enigma and a super hot bad boy biker bada**.I loved him from the onset of the story as he really made me laugh time and time again because he didn't have a clue what to do with wife.Leave it to Miles to get a mail order bride. lol  We loved seeing Mile's struggle with his emotions as they were all new to him as all he has known is dark thoughts yet, Kira is causing him to have a spring in his step an others are noticing.
Kira was just a sweetheart.She was brave and beautiful and strong and determined.Although she looks sweet and innocent she is anything but so it doesn't surprise me when she keeps her cool when things start to heat up and start to go wrong for her and Miles.I found Kira to be a bada** in the making.
Overall this was a really enjoyable story as it was packed with suspense,had a great cast of characters ,had a ton of heat and more than a few surprises and we loved it.I just love stories like this because I loved how all the MC members rallied together and worked with each other and allied a mafia kin pin to takeout a threat that had become a common enemy for the sake of a brother.Let's not forget the old ladies they are just a hoot and bada**es in their own right ! 
Favorite quotes 
“Our men think we’re fragile females who freak out over the smallest thing. The truth is, it takes a strong woman to bring a King to his knees, but once he’s there, he’ll treat you like a queen and do anything for you.”
“My boys are stronger swimmers than yours.”“Your boys probably carry AK-47s and wear bandanas,” Chase says with a chuckle. “I bet they blew right through that pussy like it was a hostile takeover.”
Another great read that goes into the keeper pile .Be sure to check out the other books in this ongoing series as they are amazing as well.
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review 2019-05-17 13:39
African Cowrie Shell Divination
African Cowrie Shells Divination: History, Theory, and Practice - Zolrak

by Zolrak


I have always loved cowrie shells, from when I was a child and my aunt brought one back for me from a trip to Hawaii. I never knew they could be used for divination!


This book was a strange mix. It's about African divination and has chapters on Orishas, Eshu, Yoruba, Santeria, etc., but in the introduction the author talks about God from an apparent Christian perspective. I found that a little odd, even though I know Voodoo and Christianity have combined in places like Haiti.


The second part of the book is about the actual method of divination with cowrie shells, about a third through the book. This gives instruction for prayers and preparation, followed by methods for reading with four cowrie shells, then the sixteen cowrie shells. These are given with lines in their native language and I have to admit, go on a bit for something with no translation.


The instructions for the actual reading methods are fairly straight forward. This would be a good book for someone studying the cultural influences behind these methods, but the necessity of steeping oneself in Yoruba or Santeria in preparation might not be to everyone's taste in practice.


There's an extensive glossary and overall I found it a very informative book.

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