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review 2018-12-15 13:17
The Extremely Inconvenient Adventures of Bronte Mettlestone - Jaclyn Moriarty 
The Extremely Inconvenient Adventures of... The Extremely Inconvenient Adventures of Bronte Mettlestone - Jaclyn Moriarty

So much win.  It's kind of amazing how much I love Moriarty's books. I really liked how it all came together. Interesting universe with so many pirates and dragons and water sprites, but also committees and dull trips and people being late to pick one up at the station. I only had two tiny quibbles: it's weird to read about a girl living in a more-or-less-contemporaneous setting who wears dresses or skirts all the time. It's just a slight thing, but it pulls me just the tiniest bit out of the story every time a dress or skirt is mentioned because I so rarely see girls or women in them anymore. And also, this is a very white world. Not that everyone is explicitly called white, but because no one isn't. The illustrations reinforce the white-is-default impression. It's a good thing that I've become so accustomed to reading books with a diverse cast that I can't stop noticing when there aren't any other characters.


Despite those two issues, I loved the book. It's my favorite middle grade in I don't know how long. Highly recommended for white readers.


Library copy

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review 2018-12-15 10:22
Der Totengräbersohn (4/4) | Sam Feuerbach
181213 Totengräbersohn4
Autor: Sam FeuerbachTitel: Der Totengräbersohn (4/4)Reihe: Der TotengräbersohnGenre: FantasyVerlag: Eigenverlag [30.10.2018]Kindle-Edition: [380 Seiten]gelesen auf dem Kindle Paperwhiteauch im TB-Format erschienenklick zu Amazon.de

Inhaltsangabe (Amazon):

Der Abschluss der Bestseller-Saga!
Der Kampf gegen die Nekorer führen Farin und Ritter Emicho in die Hauptstadt Nabenstein. Dank Ekels dämonischer Zutaten steigt der Totengräbersohn zu der Attraktion am königlichen Hof auf. Allzu schnell muss er sich zwischen Machenschaften und Intrigen beweisen.
Der andere Kontinent verlangt Aross mehr ab, als sie zu geben bereit ist. Ihr Weg führt sie zu einer geheimnisvollen Gilde in einem alten Kloster. Je mehr sie über ihre Magie lernt, desto weniger möchte sie wissen.

Meine Meinung:


Der Abschluss der Reihe birgt wieder viele Wendungen, Verwicklungen und Geschehnisse. Farin, sein Dämon Ekel, Aross und viele weitere bekannte Figuren begegnen uns, und schlussendlich erfüllt sich die Prophezeiung, wenn auch völlig anders, als von mir erwartet und auch nicht wortgetreu.


Dass Ki sterben musste, und auch noch so sinnlos, hat mich sehr mitgenommen. Ich hatte den kleinen Großmeister schon richtig ins Herz geschlossen.


Die fantastische Welt, die Sam Feuerbach vor unseren inneren Augen entstehen lässt mit all seiner Magie, seinen Charakteren, Kämpfen für das Gute und gegen Unterdrückung und Versklavung, ist genau meine Wellenlänge. Diese Reihe wird nicht die letzte gewesen sein, die ihren Weg aus der Feder des Autors in meine Hirnwindungen gefunden hat. Ich kann sie euch wärmstens empfehlen.


Von mir gibt es die volle Punktzahl 10/10 Punkte.


181213 Totengräbersohn4a


Bücher der Reihe Instabil von Sam Feuerbach & Thariot:


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Weitere Bücher von Sam Feuerbach:


Die Krosann-Saga in 6 Bänden (noch nicht gelesen)


Der Totengräbersohn: Buch 1 – gelesen 26.02.18 – 08/10 Punkte
Der Totengräbersohn: Buch 2 – gelesen 13.04.18 – 10/10 Punkte
Der Totengräbersohn: Buch 3 – gelesen 20.04.18 – 11/10 Punkte
Der Totengräbersohn: Buch 4 – gelesen 13.12.18 – 10/10 Punkte


Der Totengräbersohn (4/4): Buch 4 - Sam Feuerbach 

Source: sunsys-blog.blogspot.com/2018/12/gelesen-der-totengrabersohn-44sam.html
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review 2018-12-15 02:25
So that took me a long time...
Murder of Crows - Anne Bishop

I finally took this out of the library again and finished it.   And I  I still really, really hate Simon and even all the rest of the Others.   Look, commit to being vicious or don't, but this 'we kinda are, kinda aren't' bullshit is bothering me. 


And yes, I'm going to compare to Rocket again.   When Yondu asks him if he's a professional asshole or what, Rocket's like, yeah, pretty much a pro.   He's a d-hole, knows it, and owns it.   And so while he is completely an asshole, he's pretty much a consistent asshole, funny, and I love him.   Simon's so wishy washy and wishy washy to such a degree, I just wanted someone to slap some consistency into his character. 


Which is a shame: the actual storyline moves along at a nice pace, it goes into the truly dark territory that I think is a hallmark of Bishop's work, and I think her storytelling just gets better and better.   She does have a tendency to write vicious characters with hearts of gold, but they didn't feel as inconsistent in the Black Jewel world as in this one.


I got into the world and storyline, but the characters were, for the most part, so confusing due to their being written so inconsistently that I had a hard time connecting with any of them or finishing them. 


Please, please let the next book be better since I took out the next two...

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review 2018-12-15 00:58
[REVIEW] The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden
The Bear and the Nightingale - Katherine Arden

I loved this book. Hell, I don’t even know what to say about it except I want to gush. I read this in 24 hours and I can tell you that it was completely worth it.

My poor heart is aching.

It is such a beautiful, heartbreaking story that grabs you and never lets you go. There is not a single character I hated (well, Konstantin aka Frollo cause it’s practically impossible to like him). Every character was fleshed out and you felt for them, you knew them, you grew attached and worried about them. 

The prose is lovely and atmospheric. Even if right now the heat is sweltering, through Arden’s words I traveled to a wintry Russia full of mystery and snow. It’s so easy to dive into the world and the story and want to stay there forever, to the point that you will resent anyone that tries to distract you.

I loved the lore, the commentary on women’s lives during this era, the familial bonds that tied the story together... I loved it all.



Reading progress notes


5% - The prose is lovely and the book is so atmospheric. I’m half in love with it already.
17% - I’m intrigued with the stranger. And I’m terrified for Pyotr’s family. I think his marriage won’t be a good one.
22% - Oh, Olga. I feel for you and your wish for a raven-haired prince. And I feel for Vasya.
30% - Hating Konstantin already.
41% - This fucker is in love with her, isn’t he?
81% - "Nothing changed, Vasya. Things are, or they are not. Magic is forgetting that something ever was other than as you willed it.”
84% - "All around them was winter, the shroud of bitter snow, the earth like iron, the river like blue marble."

This prose. Can I marry it?
90% - I'm in tears.
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review 2018-12-14 20:54
[REVIEW] The Cruel Prince by Holly Black
The Cruel Prince (The Folk of the Air) - Holly Black
Holy hell. I need to pick up my jaw from the floor. This book is full of twist and turns, it zigs when you think it's going to zag and now I'm a jumble of emotions.
Reading progress notes
pg. 49 - Jeez, this bullying is anxiety-inducing. And also rage inducing for good measure.
pg. 97 - I am really tense right now.
pg. 148 - Jude is just asking for trouble and upping my anxiety. Also, I don’t trust Locke."
pg. 172 - My face throughout the chapter I just read: D:
pg. 200 - *jaw drops*
pg. 242 - I cannot believe this is happening but I like it...?
pg. 280 - Oh, Jude. Even I know that he's saving Cardan out of interest.
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