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review 2016-03-21 19:26
Short and Sweet Romance
Secrets on the Sand - Roxanne St. Claire
A sweet quick little romance. A lesson on being kind and never be cruel to the geek, he may rule one day. It was predictable, reminded me of pretty woman, man saving girl from poverty but there was so much more. Great characters, funny bits and sexy without making me blush when reading in public. I look forward to reading more from this author.
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review 2014-11-04 20:19
BOOK REVIEW | Secrets in the Sand: The Young Women of Juárez by Marjorie Agosín
Secrets in the Sand: The Young Women of Juarez (English and Spanish Edition) - Marjorie Agosín,Celeste Kostopulos-Cooperman

Memory is the only witness that
Remembers the women of Juárez
Now statues,
Scattered bones,
Heads and little ears.

Secrets in the Sand: The Young Women of Juárez is a collection of poetry written by Marjorie Agosín about the missing women of Juárez. From 2008 to 2013 over 211 girls have gone missing, but the murders have been going on since the 90s. The most disturbing issue of all is that the government has done nothing about it. In the introduction to these poems, written by Celeste Kostopulos-Cooperman, she writes that Mexico is a country with a "machista" culture that "often accuses women of provoking their abusers." With this kind of victim-blaming perpetuating the minds of those who are in charge, it's not surprising to see that there hasn't been much progress made towards stopping these murders.

She dreams about borders
A knife parts her in two
North and South
The body of a woman lies
In the middle of the night
In the middle of the day
In the middle of the light
On the border no one finds her
The desert petrifies her memory
The wind erases sounds
Everything is a darkness without sunlight.

She has crossed borders
And doesn't return home
Her mother wanders about crying
And looks for but does not find her

She crosses borders
Wakefulness and dream
Ashes and bonfires.

Agosín's goal was to give these women a voice. They have been permanently silences and are suffering a second death because of the negligence of the government. These murders have been going on for over 20 years with no change in the system or in the enforcement of the law. Agosín uses free verse, often conflating herself with the victims and reminding all women that in another time, in another place, or even tomorrow in your home, it could be you.

News Reports

The news report of Ciudad Juárez
Announces another death
The child says that it looks like the same woman
All of those women are the same, the father replies
The mother prepares the food
She sees herself in those women
The news report continues
They announce the winners of the soccer tournament
The child asks his mother why
They always kill the same woman
The mother's voice is strange
Like that of a little girl
And a well of silence
Forms on her sad mouth.

By using free verse, Agosín is able to give a voice to the traumatic experiences of the women who were murdered and the women who have been left behind. Sometimes I had to read a certain poem over and over until I understood it, and other times I read it over and over because it was just that powerful. Combining the Introduction, Poems and Afterword, there are only 143 pages in this book. (Which you can also cut in half because half of it is in Spanish on one side and English on the other, so if you're not bilingual, it will go even faster.)

This book has easily become one of my personal favorites. I really appreciate the accessibility of Agosín's style. Had she tried to make her poems more complicated, she may have run the risk of taking away from the violence. Instead, she made sure her poems were succinct, easy to understand and straight to the point - given the women of Juárez and the women who are terrified for their lives a powerful and booming voice.

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review 2014-05-04 00:00
Secrets on the Sand (TheBillionaires of Barefoot Bay #1)
Secrets on the Sand (TheBillionaires of Barefoot Bay #1) - Roxanne St. Claire This story was just so-so. I didn't care for the heroine and got tired of her hiding her big secret that was basically the plot. I liked the hero's pursuit which is why I finished but I skimmed the last half. Billionaire Zeke considered a geek in high school encounters Mandy the girl he once idolized who is now a maid.
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review 2014-03-31 02:02
Secrets on the Sand Review
Secrets on the Sand (TheBillionaires of Barefoot Bay #1) - Roxanne St. Claire

Zeke Nicholas has turned his mathematical genius skills into a mountain of money. But Zeke sits on that mountain all alone, longing for the one thing money cannot buy: a lifelong partner and true love. Enter Mandy Mitchell...the maid at his thousand-dollar-a-night resort. 

The minute they meet, Mandy knows he’s exactly the kind of trouble she should avoid...but Zeke does have one thing Mandy needs to gain the independence she craves. Will he give it to her? One look at Mandy, and Zeke turns his relentless ability to get what he wants into a full-on seduction and he’s ready to give her anything. But can Mandy face down the secrets of her past to find a fairy-tale future with Zeke? 



This book was fine. I like the hero and the heroine. However, the romance takes place over the course of a week and so it is a bit fast. The hero had a crush on the heroine in high school and he is now a super hot rich guy while she is down on her luck. I really wish he was still nerdy. He can be hot and nerdy.


A quick easy read with flat secondaries. I can see how many people would really enjoy this one but not grand for me. 

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2014-03-29 03:02
Secrets on the Sand
Secrets on the Sand (TheBillionaires of Barefoot Bay #1) - Roxanne St. Claire

I love Roxanne St. Claire's books so I knew I would love this series. I ADORE the Barefoot Bay books. I wasn't sure what to think about a billionaire series, given that, for me, billionaires don't conjure up the image of hot dudes in their 30s. And, to be fair, dukes wouldn't necessarily be dashing hotties either, but this is Romancelandia, so I go with it.


However, Zeke, a math guy who uses his powers to make billions, was pretty charming and sweet. Amanda, a high school homecoming queen known formerly as Mandy the Magnificent, works as a maid following a horrible end to a horrible relationship. They are sweet together. St. Claire weaves in enough backstory to get a sense of their pasts but it never feels like a-very-special-episode. She does it just right. In fact, I thought there was a slight dig at another famous "romance" hero billionaire in Amanda's backstory. Just sayin.


It was romantic, gentle, a lil sexy, funny, and a great read. I was a tiny bit disappointed that there was no sex. Boo. However, I'm making my way through St. Claire's backlist and it is amazing and wonderful, so no complaints.

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