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review 2019-01-11 20:19
Guardian by Sierra Riley 4 Star Review!
Guardian - Sierra Riley

“I won’t get hurt again.”

“He probably has women falling at his feet.”

Attorney Alexander Wilson lies to himself. He’s not in the closet. He’s happy alone. He could come out to his work colleagues any time. Until then it’s one nerd and his Corgi, his string of failed relationships, and his collection of Space Shuttle toys. So when he’s hired by a tattooed, musclebound mechanic, it’s just as well that Conflict of Interest prevents him getting involved.


“A guy like him wouldn’t spend time with a guy like me.”

Mechanic Titus Edwards walked away from a promising Army career. As a former EOD expert he’s faced tougher environments than Flushing, Queens, but never a tougher job: raising his eight year old niece. When her biological father crawls out of the woodwork, Titus needs an attorney if he’s to protect her. But he’s not expecting to find himself drawn to Alex. After all, Alex is a guy. And Titus isn’t gay.


“We’re wasting time on a fairytale.”

Both men are haunted by pasts they would rather forget. But if they are to forge a future together they’re going to need to overcome more than their individual hurts. Can they learn to trust themselves and each other before it’s too late?




I like a slow burn. Alex is such a wonderful man and so is Titus. We get a Corgi. A real conflict with real stakes but no false drama.

I liked the bloom of this book and enjoyed the characters.



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review 2018-12-19 00:00
The Highland Guardian
The Highland Guardian - Amy Jarecki The Highland Guardian - Amy Jarecki Please see all of my reviews on my blog at https://www.robinlovesreading.com.

Above all else, Captain Reid MacKenzie, Earl of Seaforth, is a man of honor. He was at a battle at sea and he made a promise to act as Guardian to a dying man’s daughter. He figures at most he would be settling the child into a boarding school. However, when he meets her, he discovers that she is hardly a child. Instead, she is a beautiful young woman, one that he wouldn’t mind having for himself.

Miss Audrey Kennet is devastated by the news that her father has been killed. Then, when the stranger tells him that he is now her guardian, and that it is his decision that she marry, she is none too pleased. Reid begins to look for a suitable mate for her. No one suits Audrey’s fancy, except Reid. Reid has a very busy agenda. Despite the fact that he is drawn to Audrey, there are reasons that they will not suit. His life is headed into a direction in which Audrey simply will not fit.

As with the previous stories in this series, Amy Jarecki has incorporated historical facts and blended it with fiction. This lends itself into a well developed, exciting story. The is no shortage of action, drama and deep emotion that turned into a consuming love.

As always, the conflict and danger abounded. Along with this, the character development was just wonderful. Although only nineteen, Audrey made a delightful heroine. I enjoyed Reid as well. Part of him did want to rush Audrey into a marriage, but the better part of him really wanted her to be happy. The story rounded up quite nicely with a delightful conclusion.

This is the second book in the Lords of the Highland series. The other books that have been released are, The Highland Duke, The Highland Commander and The Highland Chieftain. The Highland Renegade and The Highland Earl are due for publication in 2019.
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review 2018-12-07 05:00
Guardian Spirits (Spirits #3) (Audiobook)
Guardian Spirits - Jordan L. Hawk

The final book in the Spirits trilogy is adequate. This hasn't been my favorite series by Ms. Hawk by a long shot. I never really felt the romance between Henry and Vincent, the ghost adventuring is pretty standard though she does bring a certain flair to it, and the narrator is listenable, but nothing to write home about.


The plot here was again predictable and I could see every twist and turn coming from a mile away. While it makes emotional sense that Vincent and Jo would make the incredibly stupid decisions they make, it still felt like all the characters were given a case of the dumb-dumbs in order for the plot to happen, which is why this got downgraded half a star.

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text 2018-11-10 05:07
Reading progress update: I've read 145 out of 320 pages.
Lethal Guardian (Pinnacle True Crime) - M. William Phelps

I started this book 2 Novembers ago, and I was loving it. I was just so burned out at the time I shelved it for another day. I guess I will finally knock it out. M. William Phelps is one of my favorite crime authors.

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review 2018-11-02 07:36
Guardian Angel by SailorChibi
Guardian Angel - SailorChibi Guardian Angel - SailorChibi

This is an engaging short fic in which Dean must come to terms with his classification as a 'little.' Left wanting more.

Source: archiveofourown.org/works/11009841
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