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review 2021-08-22 04:32
A WOMAN FOR ZACHARY by Adriana Kraft
A Woman For Zachary [Meghan's Playhouse Book 2] - Adriana Kraft

Meghan has gone to New York to try her skills on the Broadway stage. Taken by her bank customer, Zachary, he introduces her to Josie to train and improve her acting. Josie has had feelings for Zachary but he does not feel the same way. While Zachary is out of town on business, Josie and Meghan seduce each other. When Zach returns he has to decide whether to accept their twosome or walk away. He's not ready to walk away so he joins them. Meg, of course, has plans for Josie and Zach. Will those plans be fulfilled? Will she stay or go?


I enjoyed this tale. I loved Josie. She was older as was Zach but she was not ready to let her dream of Zach go yet. She shows him things that Meg does not yet know. Zach is intrigued. Meg is imaginative but she is ready to move on with someone she met at the park. After Meg returns from Cat and Kurt's wedding Josie knows Meg has made up her mind. Zachary has also and it is foreign to him. I liked that Zach chose how he did.


I look forward to Meg's next adventure and wish Josie and Zachary well.

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text 2021-08-03 08:14
8 Debunked Myths About Periods You Shouldn’t Believe In

There are a lot of myths about periods. Even though they may seem harmless, improper understanding of periods and reproductive health can lead to unpredictable consequences. That’s why you need to know where the truth is and where is the lie. In this article, we have gathered eight debunked myths about periods you shouldn’t believe in. 


1. PMS is not real 

Many people think that premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is only an excuse to justify mood swings before periods. But the reality is that PMS can cause severe symptoms in some women. The most common of them are:

- bloating

- pelvic pain

- breast tenderness

- acne

- food cravings

- constipation

- diarrhea

- headaches

- fatigue

- irritability

- poor sleep

- anxiety

- depression

- sadness

- mood swings


Additionally, some women can have low or high blood pressure, dizziness, and other symptoms. 


2. Periods are not painful

Pain during periods, also known as dysmenorrhea, is a quite common issue for many women of childbearing age. In most cases, the pain is not severe and lasts for a day or two. However, some women experience severe pain during periods that interfere with normal activities. Additionally, this pain may not respond to pain medication and home remedies. The point is that this pain can be caused by certain underlying conditions (like endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, uterine fibroids, etc.) that may require treatment. 


3. You can’t take a bath during periods

Many people believe that you can get infected through the water. This is not true since there is no open wound that lets the infection into your bloodstream. If you don’t take a bath during periods because of this myth, you should know that a warm bath can actually ease your periods since warm water can relax your muscles. 


4. Missed periods always mean pregnancy

Even though missed periods are considered the most common symptoms of pregnancy. There are many other factors that can make your periods late. For example, stress, weight loss, excessive exercising, and obesity can affect your menstrual cycle. Additionally, some health issues like thyroid dysfunction, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and hormonal imbalance can also make your periods disappear. 


5. You can’t have sex during periods

There is a common misconception that you can’t have sex during periods. But if both of you are okay with having sex during periods, there is no reason to avoid it. In order not to spoil shits, you can take a shower and lay a towel on the bed before sex. You should also know that sex (especially orgasm) during periods can ease the pain since it boosts the production of endorphins. These chemicals can improve your mood and act like pain medication. 


6. Menstrual cycle lasts for 28 days

Indeed, the average length of the menstrual cycle is 28 days but many women can have shorter or longer cycles. For example, periods that occur in 24 or 34 days can be deemed normal. However, if your menstrual cycle has become too short or long, it is better to make an appointment with your gynecologist since there are a lot of conditions that can affect your menstrual cycle. 


7. You can’t get pregnant during periods

Many people believe that it is impossible to get pregnant during periods. But the truth is that there are a lot of women who have conceived exactly during menstruation. You should know that the sperm can remain active for up to 5 days in the female reproductive system. If you have early ovulation, fertilization can occur. 


8. It is better to stay in bed during menstruation 

If you have severe periods and the pain doesn’t let you work or study normally, it is better to stay in bed. But if you feel mild pain and can be active, there is no reason to lay in bed. Additionally, mild physical activity can even make you feel better since it also increases the production of endorphins. You can walk, run, practice yoga, or exercise in any way. However, it is better to avoid excessive exercising and power training.

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review 2021-07-15 04:19
The Mystery Woman - Amanda Quick

Belinda finds her employer near death. He tells her to run. Someone has been sent to kidnap her but he does not know why. Belinda heeds his advice and runs before the murderer comes back into the room. She hides but is found by Joshua Gage, a former spy for the Crown. Now that he has found her he believes she is neither a murderer nor a blackmailer which is why he was sent to find her. She is a private detective and together they join forces to find who wants her and why. What they find is a madman.


I loved this book. I liked the historical element of Egyptology to tie the story together. I also liked Joshua and Belinda being on different sides of the debate of logic and reason vs. paranormal activity or intuition. Joshua and Belinda work well together. She has pulled him out of his year-long fog after an assignment gone wrong. The villains are hiss-worthy. I liked Joshua's nephew who is like him. The story was so interesting it was hard to put the book down.

I will be reading more of this series.

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text 2021-06-12 08:51


LOVING THE TERRORIST – EcoWarrior Series – Book 2

What would you risk to save a very special wild place?

June 12-16

Download your copy now at





Risking it all.

Miriam is forty and frustrated. In an attempt to enhance her living-just-to-breathe life she joins some neighbours protesting a highway bypass that will destroy Eagleridge Bluffs. Not only are the Bluffs her special sanctuary, but they’re also the beautiful home of rare and endangered plants and animals.

The protest gains the support of environmental organizations including the attention of a group of eco-radicals lead by an enigmatic young man named Zaahir.

Miriam is mesmerized by this charismatic leader and sees him as someone that can save her as well as the Bluffs. But is Zaahir just using Miriam to help him further his radical political agenda?

As legal channels fail and civil disobedience falters, Miriam is seduced into the murky world of eco-terrorism.



"... a thrilling read, full of action and romance with a few twists thrown in for good measure."
"Raglin has constructed something special here, bringing the book to life with his wonderful descriptions and great way of drawing the characters out."
                                                              FIVE STARS - Readers' Favorite Book Reviews

"I loved this book! It had everything from romance to action, and it also addressed some important environmental issues which I have great interest in. I look forward to reading the other books in the Eco-Warriors series.
- FIVE STARS - S. McConville, Goodreads review


"Rod Raglin crafts a wonderful, thrilling tale with Eagleridge Bluffs (Loving the Terrorist). His unique author's voice shines through in this lovely novel, with the characters of Zahir and Miriam springing to life from its pages."
- FIVE STARS - L. Newman, Goodreads review

"This is a short but fulfilling read. The author has a unique voice and a great ability to tell a story. You are captured from the first page to the last and want more when it's over."
- FOUR STARS - Melissa, Goodreads review

   Timely topic presented through believable circumstance - FIVE STARS
   Raglin is a master at breathing life into his characters. Every individual is meticulously developed, each with their own flaws and merits. Relatable interactions are seamlessly woven together in this heart-rending glimpse into how human greed and our relentless push for immediate gratification can destroy irreplaceable natural beauty and crucial environmental diversity. And how believing in a dream can end in joy.
   - Mary Keefer, Amazon Verified Purchase






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review 2021-04-15 01:43
A Women Is No Man: a Novel
A Woman Is No Man - Etaf Rum
I know whatever I write about this book will not contain everything that I felt about this book. I should just write capital letters with exclamation marks adding in a mixture of facial expressions as that sums up how I felt reading this book. I had no expectations going into this book and as the two stories in the book converged into each other, I was swept away. The ending had me staring out the window, little tiny bumps spread across my arms and tears were falling down my face. The book was over but was it really over. There was nothing left for me to read but I couldn’t let these ladies go. And so, I stared out the window, waiting until something else came along to fill my mind.

The year was 1990, Isra in the kitchen with her mother cooking dinner, this has become her daily routine. Recently married, she’ll be moving from Palestine to America, where her new husband owns a deli. Isra is nervous about life in America. What will her marriage be like? What will her husband be like? Isra wants a romantic marriage with her husband yet she hardly even knows the man that she married. She’s hoping that her American marriage will be different than the one that her mother and father have. As she discusses her concerns, it was sad listening to her mother’s words. “Love each other? What does love have to do marriage? You think your father and I love each other?” After listening to her mother’s remarks, she’s hopeful that by leaving the country, her marriage will be different than her mothers and the abuse that her mother endures as a wife, will not follow her.

The year is 2008, Deya is one of four sisters living with their grandparents. Deya is the oldest and grandmother is on the hunt, trying to find a suitor for her. Although times have changed the girls still need to preserve their culture. Deya is not ready for marriage and would rather continue on with her education but according to Islamic traditions, Deya must get ready to become a wife and mother. It’s a battle of values, family, freedom and principles that Deya struggles with as she enters adulthood.

I found it fascinating to read about the idea of arranged marriages currently in our society and the implications of how the status of a wife remained the same for many of these women. Isra and Deya were both dealing with the notion of being in an arranged marriage. If that wasn’t enough, they also had to deal with the idea of what being a wife really meant and how that differed from what they really wanted.

As the chapters fluctuated between these two women, Isla story tore at me. She pictured America to be a wonderful place, an opportunity for her yet when she arrives, she realizes that they’ll be sharing a house with her in-laws and his siblings. The romantic marriage that she hoped to find, will have to be on the quiet-side, as everyone is sharing the same house. This was just the beginning of Isla’s spiral tale of what America had to offer her. Deya story was different because she was a fighter. She used what she had to fight back, even if it meant further consequences for her. Cheering for her, I pushed her. I wanted her to push the envelope until she couldn’t push it anymore. She was ready to accept whatever happened at the end. I loved how the author made the stories come together also.

I felt exhausted as I closed this book. As they stood there, I fell in line with them, just waiting. I felt tired yet there was this energy and excitement that I felt within me. What was next? I highly recommend this book. I can’t wait to see what else this author writes.
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