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I'm having problems with shelves. I can get to my to read shelf but when I try to see what's on a shelf, it won't let me see whats on it. Anyone else having this problem?
Not exactly a bug, but you've got a couple of spam groups started already. :-(
Yeah, I noticed those already too. Weird thing is one of the organizations is real, as I work in an organization related to them..
The ability to make an existing shelf an exclusive one is being intermittent for me. Sometimes works, sometimes the icon to click to make shelf exclusive doesn't show, sometimes the icon shows but I can't get it clicked.
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For me it works off "shelf view," but not off "table view." (Is that the way it's intended?)
Bug: post won't move out of drafts

I have a review I added some quotes to, saving it as a draft while I worked on it. Now no matter how often I try and change the date/time and re-save it, it remains in the Drafts section. I can't get the system to realize it's now live and post it "live" in my blog.

Link to the post via preview: http://batgrl.booklikes.com/post/659549/review-the-madness-of-kings-by-vivian-green?preview

Anyone else having something like this happen?
Re: #24 - I did finally get my post to show up. Posts set for 18:00 through 23:00 (US time, central zone) just wouldn't show up in the live feed. So finally I set it ahead for 1:00am - and that did show up. Either that or by that time it was fixed? Anyway, now it's working. I think.
Bug or feature? Not sure if this one is covered anywhere but I just received an email notification that a user joined a group I created but it does not show (anymore?) who this user is. Also on BookLikes the notification itself I do not see a user name. The ava on the left side, but not the name. Never had this one before, first time today. Made a screenshot of the email: http://i.imgur.com/xR0I1LK.png
And I spoke too soon. The problem I had early in #24 - happening again.

What I do: in order to keep all my citings of quotes and my reactions to a book in the same review text, I simply go into that post and add more content, then save it with an updated date. This worked well until just a few days ago. Now I attempt to save and post something in that post by updating the date/time and the post will only save itself in Drafts. I've tried repeatedly to change the date to various times (minutes ahead of present, hours ahead, minutes past the current time, etc.) and it doesn't seem to work.
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I had that happen once and I had to copy the post, delete it, and then paste it into a new post.
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Ugh. With THAT particular group, I can see why it would raise hackles. I'd contact BookLikes about it to be on the safe side ... (send them that screenshot as well).
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One of the people I'm following has a name on their blog, but it doesn't show up when I get notifications.
The bug in my problem? It's all me! (As I had feared!) I needed to reset my time zone! Hopefully fixed now!
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I'm glad you figured it out!
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ROFL Nawh nothing to do the with the group, that would be a little too much.. honor? :D.

I had two more users joining the group today.The user name pops up again in the email, and also on the notification next to the ava on BL itself. Dunno, what the problem was/is. I did not change any settings for eg, Not in my email, nor on BL with the notifications or the group.
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