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I'll think of a damn title later
I'll think of a damn title later
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I loved Catch-22, American Psycho, and Fight Club...what books that have come out in the past few years would be a good follow up to those? Thanks! more »
This is a beautiful series that made me tear up (and I NEVER cry), plus the books are short and fast-paced, making quick (but rewarding) reads. Highly recommended. more »
This would be amazing! I second this. :D more »
What's it about? I might have heard about that book... more »
I like odd fiction, and I'd like some recommendations for unusual YA books. I've read Teeth by Hannah Moskowitz, and As I Wake by Elizabeth Scott, and others I'm not remembering, but basically I'm looking for something that isn't realistic fiction, dystopia, paranormal romance, steampunk (it's jus... more »
I'll go first. Bad grammar, insanely slow pacing, too much info (authors LOVE to tell us what people are eating, for some reason), and typos. Yeah, they happen, but sheesh. What drives you batty? more »
This will probably become easier once we're able to send direct messages to each other on BL, but for now I'm guessing a writer can post here and we can reply to it. Thoughts? more »
I'd love to have an official tutorial on how to create themes, listing what's needed, why, how to edit, and some examples. more »
Hello all! Here is my general info: I'm Christina, I post at the Book Lantern as well: http://www.thebooklantern.co.uk/ What I read: Experimental fiction, horror, YA, humor, some nonfiction - those are my favorites. As long as it interests me, I'll read it. Strong points: Grammar, spelling, spott... more »
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