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Refugee from Goodreads. A place to discuss books and document my collection. I might occasionally post library porn from my T...
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Same name, same avvy. : ) more »
I've only read two of MacLean's books but one was the second in that series (One Good Earl Deserves a Lover... which was a middle of the road read for me). Still, I'd be willing to give her another go. more »
Hi KarmaBites, do you want me to delete that post out of the FYI/Rules thread so it will be clean/just admin posts? I didn't want to just delete it and leave your response hanging. more »
Thanks to both of you. As I thought, I've read a lot from both sides of the spectrum. I would have thought that anything with vampires and werewolves was PNR but now I see the 'amount of romance' distinction. For ex., I'm guessing the Fever series and Kane's Downside Ghosts are safely in UF. (?) Reg... more »
ROFl. Love your friends. I like this name better. I can't even remember the first one but I DO remember, errrr, noticing it. (Where are italics when you need them?) Seriously, though, good job setting up the whole Mulitverse shootin match. more »
That means I'll be taking a good look at Rules of Seduction to read soon. : ) more »
Great choices (and one or two for me to check out). I love Cam from Kleypas' Mine 'Til Midnight and Adrien from Duran's At Your Pleasure. more »
Hello KB and new BL PNR/UF devotees. I'm a GR refugee and, like most of you, I'm riding the BL learning curve. I know I've read a ton of what's considered PNR and possibly UF but I'm a little shaky on the precise definitions. Any help would be appreciated. more »
Hi KB. Hmmm. I called myself a group 'lurkee-loo' in another thread and so I'm not the best to suggest group activities. I know I'd like to hear about what PNR/UF people are reading and really enjoying. What their favorites have been. I always appreciate hearing when a good book is offered for free ... more »
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