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text 2018-01-09 15:51
Reading progress update: I've read 221 out of 402 pages.
Lord of the Fading Lands - C.L. Wilson

Also, I hate this cover. With so many peeps so in love with A Court of Thorns and Roses (ACOTAR) series by Maas, this is similar in ways, they need a new cover and I feel a lot of ACOTAR fans would pick this up if it was more eye appealing. It definitely is helping me through my ACOTAR book hangover.

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text 2017-12-29 05:08
A Court of Thrones and Roses Series Spoiler Free Review
A Court of Wings and Ruin - Sarah J. Maas
A Court of Mist and Fury - Sarah J. Maas
A Court of Thorns and Roses - Sarah J. Maas

Months ago, I embarked on a journey to finally read the ACOTAR series. Earlier this week I finally finished that adventure and let me tell you: I was not disappointed. 


I began reading ACOTAR because everybody on the internet was obsessed with them, everyone was obsessed with Rhysand. I held out, however, for a very long time. Why? Because I was very disappointed with the Throne of Glass series that I DNFed after a 100 pages of Empire of Storms. That being said, I did not want to get so invested into a Sarah J Maas series only to have my heart crushed by characters being ruined, plot events I did not agree with, and the like (I apologize if you like TOG, this is my personal opinion). But, reading ACOTAR was stepping into a whole other world. 


I'll say it now, I believe that ACOTAR is my favorite series, a seat that has been held by the Mortal Instruments for over five years. At the very least, they are tied. 


Staring with the first book, A Court of Thornes and Roses, I had some prejudices going into it. If you have a social media account and follow anything Sarah J Maas related I'm sure you've seen Rhysand. So, I believed that Rhysand would make an appearance in the first chapter or so. But no, reading the summary its clear to see that this is a story between Tamlin and Feyre. 


That being said, I never truly hopped onto the Tamlin and Feyre train. I was always looking at Tamlin, wondering what he would do to make people not talk about him. By the end of the novel, I knew. I also knew why everybody was talking about Rhysand. And why yes, I did guess about a couple things in the novel and I'm still pretty proud of myself because I never see anything coming, ever. 


The plot? It was epic and amazing. I loved the aspects of Beauty and the Beast thrown into fey myths. It was familiar yet mysterious and exciting at every turn.


As a series starter? For me, this book was not as strong as other first in a series I have read. That being the case, I only gave this book a four star review. Yes, I compared it to Throne of Glass, probably one of my favorite firsts in a series of all time (right behind City of Bones, of course). ACOTAR just didn't start off the series in the same way, not that it was bad. It was wonderful. It was a necessary start to the series.  


I would like to say something...the next book, A Court of Mist and Fury, may possibly be one of my favorite books of all time, ever. With that, let's carry on. 


There's not a lot I can say about this book without giving away spoilers from the first novel. Just the fact that its based upon Hades and Persephone, which is common knowledge. 


I can say, however, that I loved everything about this book. I loved the plot, I loved the characters, I loved the ships, I loved the Night Court. I think most of the fandom will agree when me when I say that I also hate the one person most people hate. I hate them with a passion. 


The ending on this novel tore my heart into pieces. It was so beautiful and epic, the one statement that was said, I nearly cried. And then SJM goes crushing my heart. 


The final book, the epic conclusion to the Feyre-centered novels was as epic as I expected. I rated this book five stars. Why didn't I love this novel as much as its predecessor? I'm not entirely sure. I got all the feels from this novel but something about ACOMAF just made me love it so much more, not that ACOWAR wasn't amazing, because it was. 


The events at the end of the second book play out in the third and I was so frustrated for the first part of it. I just kept reading and flipping the pages because I had to know what would happen next. I needed that certain thing to happen. Probably as much two characters needed each other. 


As I got further into the novel I kept wondering what would happen next, kept being surprised, kept being impressed, kept being attacked by feels. And then, I stopped and stared at page 600 of the book and wondered how everything would be tied up in 99 pages. 


Let's just say that SJM created a masterpiece. It was truly wonderful and I couldn't expect a better end to the main series of books. 


Have you read ACOTAR? Keep watch for my next review which will contain spoilers of the series! 

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review 2017-12-28 15:29
Bed of Roses Or When I Actively Wanted a Heroine to be Hit by A Bus
Bed of Roses - Nora Roberts

Wow, I totally forgot how much I disliked the heroine in book #2 until my re-read. Oh Emma, so perfect but a total jerk (I thought) Emma. Who even though she keeps telling her love interest (Jack) things are fine, throws a fit when he doesn't treat her like his girlfriend. And I ended up loathing the other characters in this book who decided that well they couldn't be friends with Jack anymore since Emma was so hurt. What are you? Teenagers? Who does mess like this? I actually booed when the HEA comes our way since I didn't think it was deserved at all.

Emma is the wedding florist for her and her friend's wedding business. Emma is looking for Mr. Right. She wants to be in a relationship, get married, and have kids. Of course she has a crush on Jack who wants none of those things.

Jack has a thing for Emma, but also has a thing for not committing to anyone. So of course this will totally be okay with Emma even though she knows before she gets involved with Jack, he is not looking for anyone to settle down with.

Honestly the chemistry between these two was meh. I actually think that Mac and Carter had better chemistry. And the whole book just felt off to me. I just hated that I was reading about a woman who was doing everything she could to make a guy catch feelings for her. And I hated how everyone was encouraging Emma in her nonsense.

The four friends were all kind of annoying in this one. I was just done with the whole group and their chosen freaking dudes in this one.

The wedding details (still boring). The endless discussion about the flower arranging that Emma was doing (good Lord make it stop). I just found myself bored for most of the book and did end up skimming a fair bit. I honestly thought that Roberts "In the Garden" series did a better job of discussing flowers/plants/etc. and making it organic to the overall story. This book just made everything about wedding planning sound tedious as hell.

But I really did get ticked towards the end when all of the so-called friends freeze Jack out after Emma seriously acted like a freaking child. Team Jack all the way.

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review 2017-12-22 15:11
Once Upon a Rose (La Vie en Roses Book 1) - Laura Florand

Loved it. Loved the setting. Loved the characters. Really wish I hadn’t put this one off for the two years I’ve had it in my Nook library. The characters were strong and real. Nothing was overdone or overdramatic or intense. Just human reactions to misunderstandings and the development of a real relationship, no paranormal or historical plots thrown in. A hearty, sweet, romantic, and just downright enjoyable love story. I will definitely pick up the others in the series and hopefully, it doesn't take me another two years to get to the next one.


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review 2017-11-09 00:00
Wolves and Roses
Wolves and Roses - Christina Bauer Wolves and Roses - Christina Bauer A young girl Bryar Rose is a Magicorum and all Magicorum have a life template they must follow and Bryar’s life template is sleeping beauty. But Bryar doesn’t live up to her life template so she must attend this special school for people who don’t live up to their life templates.

At this school Bryar meets her best friend Cinderella or Elle who like Bryar has secrets of her own. Elle is a very talented con artist who must hide out from her stepfamily. If Elle meets up with her stepfamily or they find her it could cause her a world of problems. Bryar and Elle become best friends who have each other’s backs always no questions asked.

Bryar has these episodes where she will fall asleep standing on her feet if it were not for her inhaler. Bryar was raised by her three aunties who make this special medicine for her to keep her from falling asleep.

Bryar’s three aunties want Bryar to marry prince Philpot but Bryar Rose wants no part of this prince but the thing is she has to fake it until her eighteenth birthday which is just right around the corner and then she will be home free. She won’t have to listen to her aunts anymore or anyone else for that matter. She will be free as a bird to live her life as she wants and that is a normal human with no magical powers.

Bryar meets the man of her dreams literally a man that she has been dreaming about her whole life. Knox is a werewolf who wants to protect Bryar from the moment he lays eyes on her. Whenever Bryar is around him her legs don’t seem to want to support her any longer. Knox is one hot dude that will make your tongue come out and slap your brains out.

Oh man I don’t know what to say about Wolves & Roses except that I fell hard and fast for the world the author created in Wolves & Roses and all the characters as well or most of them anyways there were a few that I didn’t care for much. From the very beginning I was drawn in and I couldn’t get enough of Wolves & Roses I fell asleep trying to devour this one, oh yeah. And that ending was awesome but it did leave me wanting more which is what a good story will do. Yes, I can’t wait to read the next book Shifters and Glyphs in the Fairy Tales of the Magicorum series.

I would recommend Wolves & Roses to anyone who loves fairy tales.
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