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review 2017-06-10 18:41
Graveyard Shift by Casey Daniels
Graveyard Shift: A paranormal mystery (A Pepper Martin Mystery) - Casey Daniels

Pepper Martin, now Community Relations Director of Garden View Cemetery, is contacted by the ghost of Eliot Ness, one of Cleveland’s most famous dearly departed. According to Ness, the ashes scattered at the ceremony twenty years earlier weren’t his. His were stolen prior to the ceremony by a Ness groupie, and he cannot rest until those ashes are found. Luckily, Pepper has an idea where they may be.

Knowing she’ll have no peace until she does what the ghost wants, Pepper travels across town to retrieve the ashes...


First, I want to say that the description of the book gives away too much information of the book. So, I have removed the part of the description on my review here on my blog so that it's less revealing. Luckily, I must have skimmed the description before I started to read the book since I only had a vague idea of the book's story. And, I like it that way. I don't want to know too much!

Anyway, I found the book to be quite charming to read. It actually felt like just the perfect book to read at the moment, a cozy mystery book is always nice when you have read heavier or darker books. Graveyard Shift is the first Pepper Martin book I have read, and I admit that it was Eliot Ness that caught my attention. I found the idea of his ashes being stolen quite interesting and people seeing ghosts is always intriguing. I had no problem getting into the book, despite no previous knowledge, instead mentionings of previous cases, etc. just made me interested in reading previous books. Pepper Martin was easy to like. However, I found her mother quite annoying and I wished sometimes that Pepper would just tell her to stuff it! Quinn, Pepper's boyfriend did I have some trouble warming up to. I don't know, I just didn't find him that interesting. Perhaps I will grow to like him if I read more books in the series.

The case in itself was not earth-shattering mysterious. It was perhaps a bit too easy to figure out (especially if you have read the description) what would happen and there were no great twists to the story. But, I liked the book, the story was easygoing and charming and I definitely recommend this series to people looking to read a cozy mystery series with a paranormal touch!

I want to thank Severn House for providing me with a free copy through NetGalley for an honest review! 
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text 2017-06-01 14:40
My May 2017
Immortal Writers (Immortal Writers Series Book 1) - Jill M. Bowers
Coraline - Neil Gaiman,Cornelia Krutz-Arnold
The Castaways - Jessika Fleck
Secrets of a Reluctant Princess - Casey Griffin
Blutdämmerung - Rainer Löffler
Welcome Back, Vol. 1: Help, I'm Alive - Christopher Sebela,Jonathan Brandon Sawyer
Joyride Vol. 1 - Collin Kelly,Jackson Lanzing,Marcus To
Die Auserwählten - In der Todeszone: Maze Runner 3 (Die Auserwählten – Maze Runner) - Katharina Hinderer,James Dashner,Anke Caroline Burger
Maze Runner - Die Geheimakten: Alles über Die Auserwählten (Die Auserwählten - Maze Runner 0) - James Dashner,Anke Caroline Burger
Immortal Writers - 4 stars
Coraline - 5 stars
The Castaways - 5 stars
Secrets of a Reluctant Princess - 2 stars
Blutdämmerung - 5 stars
Welcome Back, Vol. 1: Help, I'm Alive - 4 stars
Joyride Vol. 1 - 4 stars
Die Auserwählten - In der Todeszone - 2.5 stars
Maze Runner - Die Geheimakten: Alles über Die Auserwählten - 5 stars


I mean there are two comics and one really short book in there but I'm surprised that I finished 9 books. Two of the books were a major let down BUT most of the books were just pretty amazing. So success.

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review 2017-06-01 10:22
Let the Dead Speak (Maeve Kerrigan Novels) - Jane Casey

Chloe Emery returns home after a weekend away to find her mother gone. In her place is a wave of blood covering the house. Maeve Kerrigan and her colleagues are called to investigate. What secrets was Kate Emery keeping and where is she? If there are all the signs of violence, but no body, is it really murder?


This is the first Jane Casey novel I have read and I didn’t know what I had been missing out on. My first thought on finishing the book was – Brilliant.


The narrative grabs from the opening, leaving the reader intrigued to find out more. I did not have any previous reader relationship with Kerrigan and her colleagues so I was a little worried that I would find some aspects of the story passing me by. My worries were unfounded.


There is an acerbic, dark humour to the writing that I felt worked perfectly with the story and characters. I loved the interaction between Kerrigan and Derwent. The banter offset the seriousness of the case to a tee. Theirs is a great example of a fictional duo, the trust shown in the easy, yet sometimes turbulent relationship between the two. Kerrigan’s new colleague Georgia Shaw is annoying, too over confident for someone so newly part of the team, trying too hard to impress the wrong people, though that is, I think, how Jane Casey intended her to be portrayed.


The story revolves around few characters, making it easy to follow. As a result there is a closed room mystery feel to the novel. It is obvious that there was more to Kate Emery that met the eye and that the houses on Valerian Road were keeping many secrets. The story examines the fact that we never truly know someone and that the motives behind their actions aren’t always as they appear.


This is book seven in the Maeve Kerrigan series but it can easily be read without having read the rest in the series.


Cleverly constructed, engaging and gripping, the perfect combination for a crime thriller. I look forward to reading more from Jane Casey soon.

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review 2017-05-31 10:27
Violent comic collection about a policeman without scrupules
Officer Downe: Bigger Better Bastard Edition - Chris Burnham,Joe Casey



A policeman fights crime without restraint and occasionally dies in the process. Frequently resurrected, he fights on as various influential people conspire to get rid of him.


With a lot of bloodshed and a high death toll, this short comic is joined by the script for the film consequently made and some photos of the film-making.


I only read the comic, the rest not really of any interest to me, especially as I've never heard of the film. Quite good but nothing special.


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review SPOILER ALERT! 2017-05-16 13:42
Secrets of a Reluctant Princess!!!
Secrets of a Reluctant Princess - Casey Griffin

First things first: I received this book through NetGalley.


Summary: At Beverly Hills High, you have to be ruthless to survive…

Adrianna Bottom always wanted to be liked. But this wasn’t exactly what she had in mind. Now, she’s in the spotlight…and out of her geeky comfort zone. She’ll do whatever it takes to turn the rumor mill in her favor—even if it means keeping secrets. So far, it’s working.

Wear the right clothes. Say the right things. Be seen with the right people.

Kevin, the adorable sketch artist who shares her love of all things nerd, isn’t exactly the right people. But that doesn’t stop Adrianna from crushing on him. The only way she can spend time with him is in disguise, as Princess Andy, the masked girl he’s been LARPing with. If he found out who she really was, though, he’d hate her.

The rules have been set. The teams have their players. Game on




Oh boy, I actually had a hard time rating this. But I think a 2 is the best way to rate this. I LOVED the beginning of the story, the middle part lost me a bit, there were only a few moments that I really enjoyed, the end of the story brought me back a bit.


Let's talk about the things that I loved.

I loved Andy as a main character. Boy, she was frustrating at time and she made terrible decisions. But she learned, she grew. And I was really rooting for her to get back on track, remember what's important and stop hiding behind all the characters that she was playing in her daily life.


I loved the other characters, like Harper, I was unsure of her in the beginning, or rather about her role in the book. But she was amazing and I really loved her friendship with Andy, even though it got rocky but they made it. I loved Kevin. And his sister. And his uncle. They just did their thing. They were themselved no matter what other people thought.


I also loved the larping (live action role playing) parts. I have never heard of that before in my life. But that was such an amazing part to the story, that I just really thought was interesting and so greatly done.


Things that I didn't like.

Things were getting overdramatic at times. I get it. Not only was this a story mainly set in a highschool but there was also the element of a reality tv show. The combination of the two calls for lots of drama. But it was just too much for me at times.


Corbin. The director of the show. I just. I can't put into words how I hate people like him. Bringing me straight to the next person that I hate with a burning passion. Lennox. The brainless jock. Harper's ex boyfriend. The guy that does everything to get screentime on the reality show, forcing a relationship on Andy, that she doesn't want. But all is forgiven at the end, because Corbin told him, that it was part of the show and Andy just acted like she didn't want it. WHAT?! This is making me mad for so many reasons that this whole thing just made me rate the book so low. Cause that was wrong. That was wrong on so many levels. And it's especially wrong to have Harper end up with him again. IT'S WRONG.


I thought this would be a fun and cute read, but except for a few moments, I just really struggled and parts of it, mainly the parts with Lennox, made me really REALLY uncomfortable.

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