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text 2017-08-19 23:52
Ripley Read 40% in!

The Talented Mr. Ripley - Patricia Highsmith    

So far,,,there's a lot of this:




And I mean really-a LOT. I like myself a good cocktail now and again, but these guys start drinking when they brush their teeth in the morning. 


So, everyone's drunk half the time, having a good beach romp in Italy and then all of the sudden, someone's feelings get hurt and




someone gets pissed and starts losing their shit. 



And, before you know it ...IT'S On!


I especially liked this passage from the 30% mark when


Dickie tells Tom he's not gay and turns cold towards him. Tom thinks:




"It was as if Dickie had been suddenly snatched away from him. They were not friends. They didn't know each other. It struck Tom like a horrible truth, true for all time, true for the people he had known in the past and for those he would know in the future: each had stood and would stand before him, and he would know time and time again that he would never know them, and the worst was there would be the illusion, for a time, that he did know them, and that he and they were completely in harmony and alike."


This is why I'm not an author-because I'd just say: "He's effed up in the head."


(spoiler show)



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text 2017-08-19 17:00
Halloween Bingo 2017!

I've been looking forward to this all year!

(Sorry to be clogging up your feeds this morning! This will be my last post for a while.) 


Here is my beautiful HB card, custom made just for me! Notice that the pesky romance square is NOT here. That's because Moonlight Reader GETS ME!


I see everyone making their choices and I've enjoyed looking at them all-but I'm going to roll just a little differently-I'm going to fly by the seat of my pants! I have a ton of ARCS coming up, (because I AM Char's Horror Corner, and because Halloween!), so I'm pretty sure I'll have something in my ARCS or on my shelves to fit anything here.



Till later then, fellow Halloween Bingo-ers!




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text 2017-08-19 16:51
The Talented Mr. Ripley
The Talented Mr. Ripley - Patricia Highsmith

This is my first Saturday off all year! I plan to sit outside and read about the diabolical Mr. Ripley. I cannot seem to help myself from picturing him as the actor Matt Damon. I guess things could be worse. 


I'm only about 10% in so far, but he's already been scheming and it seems like victims nearly drop right into his lap!


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review 2017-08-19 16:32
Through A Glass Darkly by Donald Kirch
Through A Glass Darkly - Donald Allen Kirch


The site of the all the action in this book is Manchester House. Built in the small town of Atchison, it's known by the town-folk as a place to be avoided and it's even known by the local police force as the place they often have to go to recover dead bodies. In other words, everyone knows not to go in there.


So of course, here comes Dr. Holzer and his team. I'm tempted to call them paranormal investigators, but they're really not. We have one skeptic, one archaeologist, one psychic, and Professor Holzer. Later in their investigation, Indrid Night appears with his deaf and mute assistant, Lars. Night was easily the most interesting character in the entire story-even more so than the ghosts and spirits that were present in the house. A professional expert in dealing with hauntings of all kinds, I would have happily read an entire book about him alone.


Where the story lost its grip on me was when the explanation for the haunting was revealed. (This is almost always where haunted house stories fall apart for me.) Also, the dialogue between the characters never quite came together in the right way for me to believe it. It was kind of stilted and unnatural. Lastly, perhaps it's too many of these types of shows on TV now, but I kept picturing this as an episode of ghost hunters. This book deserved better than that, but I couldn't help my mind from seeing it in that manner. I hope this makes sense.


Overall, the imagination and creativity here were top notch, even if the execution was slightly clunky. I would still recommend this to fans of shows like the Ghost Hunters, and also to fans of haunted house stories!


*I was provided a free PDF of this story in exchange for my honest review. This is it.*

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review 2017-08-19 15:57
Dark Tower: The Drawing of the Three: The Lady of Shadows
Dark Tower: The Drawing of the Three: Lady of Shadows - Peter David,Jonathan Marks,Robin Furth

All I can seem to muster up about this entry is "meh." I'm not crazy about the artwork or the story. 


Maybe it's is because I'm also re-reading the books via audio and recently finished The Song of Susanna and I'm just  plain Odetta'd out? I'll admit this is very possible. 


I have the next entry in the series on hand and I'll see how it goes with that. 

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