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text 2018-12-08 23:41
Just starting for booklikes YA Book Club
A Beautiful Friendship - David Weber

Just starting.  A favorite author -- but not one I would associate with YA.


For booklikes book club at http://booklikes.com/book-clubs/12/ya-book-club 

Source: booklikes.com/book-clubs/12/ya-book-club
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text 2018-12-08 23:36
Just starting for booklikes book club "Virtual Speculation"
The Gate to Women's Country - Sheri S. Tepper

One of the classic SF/F always been meaning to read.


For booklikes book club at http://booklikes.com/book-clubs/50/virtual-speculation 

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text 2018-12-03 04:58
Keep These Essential Questions In Mind When Speaking With A Club Membership Provider

At present, lots of companies and businesses are delivering club membership or rewards plans to their customers. This lets them to build a good rapport with the clients plus boost their profits in the long run. However, while these plans can be very helpful for companies, what’s in it for clients such as yourself?

One reason why getting a club membership is a fantastic plan is that you can receive easy access to fantastic offers or packages. On top of that, it also ensures you of obtaining remarkable customer service when making purchases or deals. So for that to happen, it is necessary that the programme you’ll be applying for is dependable, whether it is a country or lifestyle club membership Dublin. To help you in such case, listed here are several questions that you should ask the membership provider.

1. What's the registration procedure?

The primary thing that you must understand when registering for a club membership Ireland is the procedure that you need to go through. Ensure to ask about the required qualifications to be able to get authorised as a member. For certain, you don’t want to waste your time registering for a programme that you are not eligible from the beginning, right?

Usually, companies also offer an organised programme registration for their customers through their websites. From there, you can readily finish an online registration form and only wait for a personnel to connect with you. What's more, ask additional essential questions such as club membership commitments that you have to be aware of or credentials that you will have to give after the application. This then enables you to be knowledgeable regarding what you must do as a new member.

2. What are the perks I can acquire?

Clearly, the most apparent reason why a number of individuals are registering for a club membership Dublin is for the benefits they can obtain from it. For such reason, it just seems sensible to ask this before even undergoing with the programme registration.

Confirm if you can acquire access to exclusive offers or markdowns and VIP admission to their affiliate businesses or locations. For instance, if you’re registering for a programme that focuses on lodging, then you need to anticipate to get markdowns from affiliate resorts or inns. Understanding the perks you will get can then help you decide if registering for that club membership Ireland based is truly worth it.

3. How much does it cost?

Club memberships aren't specifically about outstanding perks. Hence, before making any decisions, it is likewise imperative to know the rate that you will be paying for. Don't forget that not many organisations that offer a higher fee can guarantee an incredible membership experience. Therefore, the right thing that you can carry out is only find the one who can provide a reasonable price for their membership plan. To do this, spend time to verify the rewards or inclusions that you will obtain from it, and take into account if the fee is affordable enough.

Undoubtedly, applying for a club membership can be very persuasive and remarkable for anybody. Even so, it’s always essential to know what you’re setting yourself up for prior to making a decision. Having said that, think about the things discussed above to assure you will be acquiring the right membership that suits your requirements.

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review 2018-12-03 01:57
24 Festive Tasks: Door 10 - Bon Om Touk, Book
The Sinking Admiral - The Detection Club,Simon Brett
The Sinking Admiral - The Detection Club,Simon Brett

In 1931, "certain members" of the Detection Club -- in fact, none other than its leading lights Dorothy L. Sayers, G.K. Chesterton, Agatha Christie, Anthony Berkeley, G.D.H. and Margaret Cole, Victor L. Whitechurch, Freeman Wills Crofts, Henry Wade, John Rhode, Milward Kennedy, Edgar Jepson, Ronald A. Knox and Clemence Dane -- published the club's first round robin crime novel, The Floating Admiral.


To mark the 85th anniversary of The Floating Admiral's publication, "certain members" of the Detection Club in its current incarnation, instigated by its president (until 2015), Simon Brett, published a round robin of their own, paying tribute to the original novel not only in its title, The Sinking Admiral, but also by the fact that all the suspects and the two policemen in their collaborative concoction are named for one of the authors of the original book -- and The Sinking Admiral's other characters (most prominently the two amateur sleuths) are named for first generation Detection Club members as well.


However, whereas the original book was named for a person (the eponymous admiral, or rather, his corpse, floating downriver in a small boat), the tribute is named both for a person and the pub run by him, both of whom are "sinking" metaphorically as a result of the fact that the pub is in dire financial straits.  (Though, yes, the Admiral is still the person whose murder sets the book's investigation in motion.)  Moreover, whereas the original group of authors all wrote their respective chapters without revealing their own solutions to the group beforehand -- even such a solution was required to have been worked out by each contributor by the time their chapter was written -- the writers of the tribute book hashed out a plan for the entire book beforehand, and then distributed the chapters among themselves according to their respective specialization.  I confess I liked the second approach better: it simply made for a more coherent book.  The 1931 group probably had tons of fun keeping each other guessing as much as the reader, but the result is a bit of a hodge-podge, which at some point simply gets in the way of enjoyment.  Then again, in order to add another level of mystery, the new group did not unveil the identity of the respective authors of their book's individual chapters -- but I frankly couldn't be bothered to try and work this one out, though based on subject matter familiarity alone there can hardly be any doubt as to the author of at least one of them, and anyone inclined to dig deeper would probably be able to attribute the authorship of most or even all of the chapters to one particular contributor.


For a round robin -- especially one written by a group of authors all specializing in different types of mysteries -- The Sinking Admiral is remarkably coherent in style and tone, and most of the Detection Club in jokes it contains come off fairly well.  In that respect, it works very well as a tribute.  However, it occasionally tries to be too many things at the same time: maybe one topical specialization or two should have been sacrificed; even if this would almost certainly have meant jettisoning the contribution of one of my favorite writers; but there's a historical deviation in the whole thing that simply feels forced, out of place and just general "de trop" (and the odd other arabesque or two could probably have been cut out as well).  Similarly, the extent to which the two cops -- or, well, the senior cop at least -- are your proverbial country bumpkins who are just screaming to be bested by the two intrepid amateur sleuths just beggars belief.  In that respect, the book feels more like a parody of a well-known Golden Age mystery trope than a tribute.  But by and large, this is quite an enjoyable exponent of crime fiction tribute writing, and it certainly reads like its creators had a ball concocting it.


Since upon closer inspection the blue stuff on the book cover is supposed to be water, I'll be using this book as my read for the Bon Om Touk square (a book with water on the cover).


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text 2018-12-02 18:45
Reading progress update: I've read 44 out of 269 pages.
The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club - Dorothy L. Sayers

December and especially the beginning of December is always the most busy month at my work, so the last couple of days have been exhausting. It doesn´t help that we have been seriously understaffed on Friday and I´m looking forward to an understaffed Thursday. And we are not understaffed because of a lack of employees, but because the person who makes the working schedules doesn´t know how to plan properly. So yes, I´m a bit annoyed and I didn´t feel a lot like reading. I have watched movies the last three nights in a row, something which I haven´t done in ages.


Anyhow, I´m reading the fourth Peter Wimsey novel. I haven´t made a lot of progress just yet, but so far I´m liking it. I like how Sayer´s takes a look at WWI war veterans and the trauma they have to deal with.


I planned a Bosch novel for this book task, but this book has to be my call for the Veteran´s / Armistice Day.





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