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text 2017-04-21 19:57
Half Price Sale for Audible US Members
The Iliad of Homer - The Great Courses,Professor Elizabeth Vandiver,The Great Courses
The Crime at Black Dudley: An Albert Campion Mystery - Margery Allingham,David Thorpe,Audible Studios
The Great Decision: Jefferson, Adams, Marshall, and the Battle for the Supreme Court - Cliff Sloan
American Ideals: Founding a 'Republic of... American Ideals: Founding a 'Republic of Virtue' - The Great Courses,Professor Daniel N. Robinson,The Great Courses

I love these half price sales. It works really great for grabbing up titles that will cost less than the cost of a credit--why waste a credit if I can get it for less. So these titles have been sitting in my wish list, some of them for a few years now, waiting for the celestial confluence of half price sale and my decision that I'm ready to add that particular title to my library. Sale ends April 24, so there may be even more edition additions.


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text 2017-04-14 17:55
Reading progress update: I've read 32%.
Illuminae: The Illuminae Files, Book 1 - Olivia Taylor Dudley,Audible Studios,Jay Kristoff,Amie Kaufman,Jonathan McClain,Lincoln Hoppe

ahh..I don't like it...

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review 2017-04-09 13:40
The Power. Pure brilliance.
The Power - Phil Nightingale,Emma Fenney,Audible Studios,Thomas Judd,Naomi Alderman,Naomi Alderman,Adjoa Andoh

I’m actually not sure what to say about The Power. It did knock my socks off (so to speak) and it is in the category of “Godarn hot page turner” in my head. It explores many, I suppose Feminist if you want to put a label on things, themes but you know in the end there are far more intelligent reviewers out there who can (and indeed do) dissect that for you and break it down but in the end I just enjoyed the hell out of it. On her website  the author describes it so : “It’s a piece of feminist science fiction – or speculative fiction, or fiction about a fictional thing rather than a real thing (curious concept)”  I think she’s as close as I’m going to get anyway, seeing as how it is her story.


Anyway, the point being it is blinking good. And very very clever both in concept and execution. A novel read if you like. A supposedly fictional twist on historical fact being read in order to offer feedback, ” The Power” charts the time of the Cataclysm, when suddenly women everywhere develop vast physical power which renders them almost unstoppable. Naomi Alderman then proceeds, through the stories of several characters, to turn the world we know upside down into pretty much the opposite of what we have now. She does so in a way that is not a rush to judgement but a subtle changing of the guard – and anyone that thinks a world run by the supposedly maternal side of society is likely to be all puppies and kittens should think again.


With a brilliant eye towards intelligent characterisation and a storytelling touch of genius, The Power envelops you into a world which feels entirely believable, if off kilter.  The things that our characters experience are emotionally resonant and often stop you in your tracks – some of the descriptive scenes are positively heart stopping, all this whilst at every turn the author is making you stop and think.  Also to be honest  she made me wonder if there is any actual hope for humanity. Maybe…


It is intensely absorbing and utterly utterly gripping from the opening salvo to the very last line, which let me tell you is one of the best last lines I’ve read in any novel ever – that moment where you go Oh HA very good and you just have to sit there in awe for a moment.


This one will stay with me, Allie I think especially will keep me up at night – but overall The Power is beautiful. Or I think so anyway. It had everything I want from a novel, the ability to give my brain a work out, challenging my preconceptions on things, whilst telling a very human set of stories and keeping it as real as you can within the speculative fiction genre.


Loved loved loved.


Highly Recommended to everyone.

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review 2017-03-07 04:22
Rezension | Robin - Die Flucht von Rebecca Gablé
Robin - Die Flucht (Waringham Saga: Das ... Robin - Die Flucht (Waringham Saga: Das Lächeln der Fortuna 1) - Rebecca Gablé,Detlef Bierstedt,Roman Roth,Wolfgang Wagner,Ulrike Kapfer,Julia Lowack,Moritz Grove,Audible GmbH



England, 14. Jahrhundert.

Der junge Robin lebt seit seiner Kindheit in einem Internat bei Mönchen. Als er eines Tages vom Tod seines Vaters, dem Earl of Waringham, unterrichtet wird, beschließt Robin gegen den Wunsch der Mönche nicht länger dort zu bleiben. Obwohl er nachdem sein Vater des Hochverrats beschuldigt wurde, nicht länger Anspruch auf sein Erbe hat, kehrt Robin in seine Heimat Waringham zurück.


Tatsächlich bekommt Robin eine Stellung als Pferdeknecht und ist mit seinem Leben recht zufrieden. Wäre da nicht der Sohn des neuen Earls, der ihn zu jeglicher Gelegenheit schikaniert…


Meine Meinung

Bei dem Hörspiel „Robin – Die Flucht“ handelt es sich um den ersten von drei Teilen des Romans „Das Lächeln der Fortuna“ von Rebecca Gablé, bei dem es sich wiederum um den ersten Teil der Warringham-Saga handelt. Der zweite Teil „Robin – Die Wende“ erschien bereits Ende Februar, der dritte Teil „Robin – Die Rückkehr“ erscheint am 28. März 2017. Da es sich bei dem historischen Roman „Das Lächeln der Fortuna“ um ein 1.200 Seiten starkes Buch handelt, finde ich es vollkommen in Ordnung, dass der Roman in 3 Hörspiele aufgeteilt wurde. Außerdem gefällt es mir außerordentlich gut, dass man die Geschichte ungekürzt erleben kann.


Ich habe schon länger kein Hörspiel mehr gehört und bin vollkommen begeistert von dieser aufwendigen Buchinszenierung! Geschichte, Sprecher und musikalische Begleitung entführen den Hörer schon nach wenigen Kapiteln auf direktem Weg ins Mittelalter.


Im Mittelpunkt der Handlung steht der von Schicksalsschlägen gebeutelte Robin, der langsam von einem Jungen zum Mann heranwächst. Nachdem sein Vater unter mysteriösen Umständen verstorben und des Hochverrats schuldig befunden wurde, hat es Robin alles andere als leicht. Trotz aller Widrigkeiten schlägt sich Robin tapfer durch sein neues Leben als „Niemand“.


Obwohl die Geschichte mit Dramatik, schön gezeichneten Charakteren und spannenden Wendungen zu fesseln vermag, zog es sich hin und wieder etwas in die Länge. Diesen kleinen Kritikpunkt macht die herausragende Leistung der unterschiedlichen Sprecher jedoch gleich wieder wett. Vor allem Roman Roth als Robin hat mir sehr gut gefallen (auch wenn die Stimme zu Beginn der Geschichte etwas zu alt für den jungen Robin klingt).




„Robin – Die Flucht“ ist eine wirklich überzeugende Komposition aus Hörspiel und Hörbuch, die vor allem durch die unterschiedlichen Sprecher sehr lebhaft und mitreißend daher kommt.

Source: www.bellaswonderworld.de/rezensionen/hoerbuch-rezension-robin-die-flucht-von-rebecca-gable
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review 2017-03-06 02:22
A Breath of Snow and Ashes by Diana Gabaldon
A Breath of Snow and Ashes (Audiobook - Audible Download) - Davina Porter,Diana Gabaldon

I almost feel like Claire and Jamie are family.  We have been through a lot together over the years and it seems like things never really get any easier do they?  This was my first time through this book and I went ahead and did the audio instead of reading the paper version.   This was a really long audio.  Too long if I am being honest.  I love Jamie, Claire, Brianna, Roger, and the whole gang but I was really ready to move on to something else by the time I finished this audio.  Don't get me wrong this story is really good and I am glad that I listened to it but it almost exhausted me at a point.

These books are a little different than what you would normally read.  I always tell people that most books deal with a certain problem and have a definite story arc.  Books in the Outlander series are very character driven and they don't focus on any particular plot point.  It is really just all of the things that happen during this period in Jamie, Claire, Brianna, and Roger's lives.  You do need to read this series in order because things from previous books do tend to pop up from time to time.

So much happens in this book.  Like I said, Jamie and Claire feel almost like family so when bad things happen to them, I really tend to feel it.  Bad things do happen in this book.  Things that made me want to cry, things that made me laugh, and things that made me mad.  I do really like how Jamie and Claire's love for each other never wavers and even now that they are older, they still have a very healthy sex life.

Davina Porter does a fabulous job in narrating this book.  The voices and accents that she uses for all of the main characters have remained very consistent over the course of the series.  I find it amazing how well she handles the male voices.  Her Jamie is just perfection.  I like how much emotion really shows in her voice as she reads this story.  I am able to listen to her voice for hours at a time without ever tiring of it.

I would highly recommend this series to others.  This is a series that I plan to revisit from time to time because the characters are so wonderful and the writing is so well done.  I will be continuing with this series in the near future.

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