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review 2018-04-18 06:04
Review: The Duke Who Ravished Me (Rebellious Brides #4) by Diana Quincy
The Duke Who Ravished Me - Diana Quincy

This was an wonderful, well-written, heart-melting story from start to finish. With one of the best introductory scenes I might have ever read, this is one book I definitely recommend to anyone that loves fresh stories, unique twists, the right amount of drama, and characters full of emotions and wit. 

So, that scene; we are introduced to the Duke of Sunderford, or Sinful Sunny, in the most decadent and naughty way, giving us glimpse of what was yet to come * yum *
I love dukes. I don’t care how many fictitious dukes there are, I’ve read lots of them and I’ll probably continue reading them for the rest of my life. However, Sunny is by far the most deliciously wicked, cynical, charming duke I have ever read. He was the epitome of the perfect all-rounded scoundrel there could possibly exist, and yet in spite of all the flaws the haughty man might have had, he never lied! 

The plot itself was so much fun to read. One of the reasons my favorite trope is enemies to lovers is because of the verbal sparring, and this story satisfied my needs for it Every.Single.Time. The chemistry between Sunny and Isabel, the governess, simmered slowly until it burned a raging blaze at a perfect pace. Their love was believable and honest, just as the emotional attachment Sunny developed for his wards. Throughout the book we learn of Sunny and Isabel’s painful past, yet the story doesn’t dwell on it and instead it moves forward because of it. In truth, I think my only cavil is that as we neared the end I felt the scenes were being rushed. I’m not talking about the ending itself but the scenes that preluded the climax. Even so, the story delivered in every other way so I'm willing to overlook whatever faults I thought there were. 

** I received this book at no cost to me and I volunteered to read it; this is my honest opinion and given without any influence by the author or publisher.**

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review 2018-03-24 15:57
The Duke Who Ravished Me - Diana Quincy

Adam, the Duke of Sunderford, also known as Sinful Sunny, enjoys his life of debauchery and has embraced it fully. When he is told that he is now ward to two twin 7 year old girls and a governess who is prudish and dull, he refuses to give up his vices. Isabel is living with a lot of secrets and has gone through a lot of heartache, so when the two girls end up in Adam’s care she doesn’t hide her displeasure or judgment of Adam’s chosen life style. Isabel and Adam butt heads from the very beginning and Adam thinks she is the least attractive and most dull woman he has ever met but he starts to see glimpses of a different side to her when she doesn’t think he is looking that starts to make Adam question who is the real Isabel. The twins also start to burrow under Adam’s skin and before he realizes it his old lifestyle no longer appeals. When Isabel and the girls rush back to Cornwall after his annual ball where things heated up, he comes to realize how much the girls and Isabel have come to mean to him. When they return, he promises Isabel to never again disrespect her, but when she finds out all of the changes he has made in his life to make the girls feel at home she can’t keep her distance any longer. But when Adam thinks that she betrayed him and means to steal the girls away from him he over reacts and fears that he might just have lost her for good. Lots of secrets have to be revealed for the two main characters to have their happily ever after and the way everything comes together in the end was great. It did have some slow parts and I would have liked a bit more added to the conclusion, but overall I enjoyed the story and the character interactions.

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review 2017-06-12 06:20
good story and characters
From London with Love: Rebellious Brides - Diana Quincy

Emilie’s wedding day was ruined for the second time in five years by Hamilton Sparrow. The wedding this time was to be the grand society wedding of an untitled heiress to a much admired grandson of a Duke, a promising diplomat who charmed everyone he met- the Honorable Edmund Worsley. But it was the image of another man that flashed before Emilie, another groom who had said the morning they were to have wed that he was sorry but he couldn’t marry her. Even though Sparrow was not there or so Emilie thought he was managing to ruin her wedding again. Emilie was determined to shove Hamilton’s memory out of her mind and into the past. Emilia told told herself she was just having wedding day nerves. Even if Edmund sometimes seemed to forget she existed not in a mean way but just like she was an afterthought.But at other times he gave her his full focus and mesmerized her with the promise of the adventures they would soon share. Emilie didn’t love Edmund but she was enchanted by the life he could offer her. Emilie loved to draw and paint. Emilie was her father’s only heir and to inherit a large fortune.  The marriage would give Emilie everything she wanted, escape from her boring country life , to keep her promise to her grandfather , and to avoid a long and lonely spinsterhood. She did respect and admire Edmund. Then Emilie heard a voice she recognized fro a long time ago- Hamilton or Sparrow as he was called, he stepped out and told Emilie she mustn’t go through with the wedding. Then Sparrow added he could not allow it . the Emilie told Sparrow she would not let him ruin another wedding for her. Then Sparrow just tossed Emilie over his shoulder . Hamilton Sparrow had been invited to the wedding but then he had seen Pierce Graves who was a hired killer at the wedding . Sparrow saw Graves track Emilia until she entered St. George’s. Sparrow had worked with Graves before in another life and recognized all the signs of a professional planning for his next kill. Sparrow wondered why Emilie but that would be after he got her to safety. Then Sparrow told Emilie there was a hired killer at her wedding. Sparrow was now Lord Vales. Sparrow takes Emilie to a cottage in a seaside village that he had inherited, Sparrow had been hurt by a woman and swore never to open his heart again and just to have casual sex. No relationships. The woman who broke Sparrow’s heart had been a spy who leaked valuable information to the French which ended with the capture, torture and deaths of a number of Sparrow’s men. Then Sparrow starts to get to really know Emilie and develops feelings for her but could Emilie forgive him for jilting her ?

I liked this story but found it to have something lacking for me. Maybe realizing who the villain is without any doubt. But I did really enjoy the story otherwise. I enjoyed the action and this had a good plot. I loved the ending. I didn’t want to put the book down until I found out why Emilie was wanted dead. This is fast moving. I liked the slow build up to the romance in this story. I did chuckle at times while reading this story. I liked the characters and the ins and outs of the story and I recommend.

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review 2016-11-13 06:51
Great Story and Characters
Spy Fall - Diana Quincy

Lord Cosmo Dunsmore never expected to die in a cornfield at dawn. But then he saw a spirit -  how much had he drank last night-  he thought Hades would wear black or even red the color of vice. Then Cosmo thought maybe Hades wasn't’ the spirit he was seeing after all. After all the spirit was coming down from the sky. Cosmo got up and walked toward what he thought was a spirit who seemed to run into Cosmo and they both went down. Then there followed a lot of unladylike curses in French,Then the spirit told Cosmo to get up. But Mari was no spirit she was Mari Laemarre and her and her brothers Marcel and Max were spies for the crown. Cosmo got on his feet Mari was not happy as she said her parachute was ruined. Likely because of this man her assignment got botched and she was running out of time. Mari asked where they were and Cosmo’s reply was at Dorset home of Marquess of Aldridge. Cosmo was the Marquess heir. Mari felt lucky after all that she landed on Cosmo. Marie pretends to have hurt her knee and Cosmo carried her back to Langley house. Mari told Mrs Godfrey she was an aeronaut and jumped from a balloon. This was the house of a suspected traitor but Mari had to get evidence against Cosmo’s father that he was giving information to France .  Also there was a secret list that could destroy Mari’s family and she had to find that. Cosmo’s sister had died in childbirth and Cosmo had been feeling sorry for himself since as he feels guilty. Cosmo becomes attracted to Mari but feels she is not who she says she is, Cosmo and his father’s relationship is strained with the Marquess having health problems and grieving for the loss of his daughter. Mari finds she has grown attracted to Cosmo and finding Cosmo hard to resist. Mari actually likes the Marquess. Mari is not a lady and loves wearing pants, help support her family, and jump out of balloons. Her fiance had died and Mari feels she will not fall for another man. The bridge washed out and the Marquess offers a place for Mari and her brothers Marcel and Max a place to stay.

I felt this was a great book and thoroughly enjoyed it. The plot was great and the story was well written. This story had a lot to it: unknown enemy, drama , a secret list. kidnapping, romance, mystery, suspense, suspected traitor, intrigue, guilt, spies, blackmail. A jealous female neighbor, attempted murder, a house party. Mysterious accidents, action. Passion, twists, and a lot more. The characters were great. I loved the twists and turns and I highly recommend.

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review 2016-08-01 03:21
Really Great Story
A License to Wed: Rebellious Brides - Diana Quincy

When Lady Elinor Dunsmore was a little girl, she swore she was going to marry Will Naismith, her brother’s best friend. Just before she’s to come out to society, they share a night of passion that will lead to a number of events that change their lives forever.

This was a really good story. My heart cried at everything that happened because of assumptions and lack of communications. I really felt for everything Elinor, Will and her entire family had been through. I highly recommend.

**I received an ARC of this story in exchange for an honest review

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