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review 2019-02-13 15:26
100 Favorite Kids Meals
100 Favorite Kids Meals- Kid Friendly Dinner Recipes (Family Menu Planning Series Book 2) - Debbie Madson

I got this as a free book and finally got the chance to go through the book and marked so many meals that I think would be good for my kids to make as I continue to teach them cooking so that they are able to make meals when they are on their own. I know that my girls are going to love some of these meals, too. 



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review 2019-02-12 19:43
Review: "Blaze" (Unbreakable Bonds, #5) by Jocelynn Drake & Rinda Elliott
Blaze - Rinda Elliott,Jocelynn Drake

For the first time in this series I had some minor issues regarding the story.


For example, I HATE it when a character doesn’t want any children and explicitly says so, and yet his partner tries to convince him otherwise. Some people/couples just really, truly don’t want any children and like it that way, authors.



I also wasn’t very enthusiastic about that storyline with Lucas’ sister Nicole. I found his strong reaction towards her a little weird and also out of character. I didn’t get why he still held such a huge grudge against her after all these years for something she said to him when she was 14 (!) years old and basically still a child.


But this is just small stuff. Because when this series shines, it shines. And it never shines brighter than when (any) two characters have a heart to heart (Lucas and Snow!). Those are the moments that make this series.


Oh, and that wedding of course. That was everything one could wish for.



~ 4 stars ~


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review 2019-02-10 19:46
Still a favorite series
West Coast Avengers (2018-) #7 - Kelly Thompson,Daniele Di Nicuolo,Eduard Petrovich

I think the Gwenpool/Kid Omega hookup has to be my favorite part of this.   Quire has a heart?   And it's fun to read about it!

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review 2019-02-10 19:39
Still loving this series
The Punisher (2018-) #7 - Matt Rosenberg,Szymon Kudranski,Greg Smallwood

It's pretty much Castle in prison, getting beat up and tortured, and meeting up with badass nuns who are also in prison. 


Yeah, a nun.   And for those who don't know, Castle almost became a priest at one point.   That's right.   Before he enlisted, way before he went to war, had a family, lost a family and the Punisher. 


That being said, this is a lot of fun, the art is great, and I'm loving this series. 


Look, I know my reviews are short lately, but there are days where it's a miracle I get out of bed.   It's pretty much a miracle I got anything read and am posting, so there's that. 


Also, why my package to Mallory hasn't been sent.  (It's all packed up and I just didn't manage to make it on my busy Saturday; the plan is for it to go out tomorrow after work!)

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review 2019-02-10 19:15
Review: "Unbreakable Stories: Ian" (Unbreakable Bonds, #4.5) by Jocelynn Drake & Rinda Elliott
Unbreakable Stories: Ian - Rinda Elliott,Jocelynn Drake

Normally, reading several chapters about 8 guys who do nothing but simply fix up a house would bore me to death.


But leave it to this crazy cast of adorable weirdos that I had a blast from start to finish. They made me laugh and blush and giggle so hard; man, I love each and every single one of these characters.


The cherry on the cake were those little Valentine’s Day short stories at the end, which just put the biggest smile on my face.






~ 5 STARS ~


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