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text 2017-09-10 08:10
Release Day Blitz - Down & Dirty: Zak




Down & Dirty: Zak (Dirty Angels MC, Book 1)

By Jeanne St. James


Genre: Steamy Contemporary Romance


On sale for $2.99 for a limited time or FREE on Kindle Unlimited!


Kindle: http://amzn.to/2uIGwVy

Paperback: http://amzn.to/2fTe7IZ

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/35845896-down-dirty





Welcome to Shadow Valley where the Dirty Angels MC rule. Get ready to get Down & Dirty because this is Zak’s story…


After spending the last ten years in prison, Zak, former DAMC president, has a few priorities: to reconnect with his “brothers,” to get drunk, and to get laid. Not necessarily in that order. When he spots a stunning woman in the clubhouse and mistakes her for one of the club’s strippers, those priorities get a bit skewed.

Sophie has no idea what happened to her life. One minute she’s totally focused on building her bakery business, and the next? She’s delivering a cake to the Dirty Angels motorcycle club’s “homecoming” celebration for a member who just got out of prison. Little does she know baking that cake will change the rest of her life, not to mention, make her a target for a rival MC. Normally, Sophie wouldn’t be caught dead with a man like Zak, a tattooed, ex-con, badass biker.

When a decades old territory war threatens to rip them apart, Zak will do anything to keep Sophie, his club, and the town safe. But being from two different worlds, the threat they’re under may not be worth the risk.






Sophie had no idea what happened to her life. One minute she’s totally focused on building her bakery business, and the next?


She closed her eyes and groaned. Somehow the next, she’s being pulled through a crowd of rowdy bikers and their “bitches” in the cold night air, heading toward a roaring bonfire that appeared to be made up of a mountain of wood pallets. The flames licked halfway to heaven.


As Zak strode forward, Sophie leaned back trying to slow him down a bit. She was wearing her very favorite suede knee-high boots. The brown ones that had a really nice heel on them that made her legs look longer. And slimmer. Because that was important, too. However, the heel didn’t make it easy to walk in the dark over stones, dead grass and rough patches of dirt.


She had a feeling she would end up on her ass. She should have worn sneakers instead.


Especially since she wasn’t trying to impress anyone here.


She didn’t even want to be here in the first place.


How the hell did she even end up here tonight?


The man currently hauling her around left pissed off last night and she had no clue why he even insisted on pursuing her... pursuing this. Whatever the hell this was.


The worst part was she had shut down the bakery early, locked the door, turned off all the lights, and went upstairs to hide just in case he did show up at eight. Like he had threatened.


And when eight-oh-five came around and he hadn’t shown up, she had breathed a sigh of relief. But then, she should have realized that bikers probably weren’t prompt or watched the time. Life apparently revolved around them, not the clock.


Nope, fuck everyone else.


So, she left the lights off in her apartment, too, and wearing a pair of yoga pants and an old, soft sweatshirt, she sank onto her couch to catch up on some TV.


Well, that was until there was a man in black standing before her, hands on his hips.


And if that didn’t make her scream and her heart beat a million miles a minute, nothing would.


She had no idea how he got in or why she didn’t hear him. Maybe he was right about the shop needing better security.


She needed it just to keep him out.


But as he stood over her, her stomach dropped—once it stopped spinning. Holy Hannah, even in the glow of the TV he looked good with his badass clothes, his badass tats, and his badass bod.


He jerked his stubbled chin in her direction. “That what you’re wearing?”


“How did you get in here?”


“Told you I’d be here at eight.”


She raised her eyebrows in disbelief. “I locked the door.”


“I know. Diesel will be makin’ your place more secure.”


He knew someone named after fuel. Okay, then.


“Question was: That what you’re wearin’?”


She looked down at her clothes, then back up at him. He was judging her clothing choices? “Uh, no. I’m not going.”


He blinked slowly as if trying to keep his patience. “Babe.”


Maybe he should be more worried about her patience. “My name is Sophie.”


“Know what your name is.”


“Babe is a pig in a movie.”


She swore she heard him snort. Though, it sounded much sexier than a pig.


“Got wraps. We can stay here and fuck, or we can go to church.”


Sophie heard the silent, “And then fuck,” he was tacking onto the end of that in his mind.


Wasn’t much of a choice. “How about neither. I hate church.”


This time he definitely snorted. He leaned over and switched on the lamp next to the couch. Sophie squinted as her eyes adjusted to the light.


Hot damn, he looked even better in the light.


Fuck her life.


His beard was freshly trimmed tight to his jaw, his hair actually looked like he ran a comb through it even though it had a shaggy, sexy tousled look to it. His eyes were lit up with amusement.


Then there was the rest of him. He had a well-fitting pair of Levi’s encasing his long legs which ended at his black biker boots, of course. And on her way back up, she noticed the same belt as yesterday, and couldn’t forget that grimy black leather vest. Under it was a black thermal Henley that snugged his torso. And his muscular arms. And that muscular chest of his. She finally let her eyes rise to his and he wore a wide smile.




“Babe. Yeah, thinking stayin’ here and fuckin’ may be the choice you’ll be makin’. I brought a few.”


Sophie shook herself out of her daze. “A few what?”


“Wraps. Nothin’s gonna hold us back tonight.”


Well, that was a relief.






About the Author:


JEANNE ST. JAMES is a bestselling erotic romance author who loves an Alpha male (or two). She was only thirteen when she started writing since it gave her an escape from teenage angst! Her first paid published piece was an erotic story in Playgirl magazine.

Her first erotic romance novel, Banged Up, was published in 2009. She is happily owned by farting French bulldogs. She writes M/F, M/M, and M/M/F ménages. Want to read a sample of her work? Download a sampler book here: BookHip.com/MTQQKK


To keep up with her busy release schedule check her website at www.jeannestjames.com or sign up for her newsletter: http://www.jeannestjames.com/newslettersignup


Author Links:


Website: http://www.jeannestjames.com

Blog: http://jeannestjames.blogspot.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JeanneStJamesAuthor/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jeannestjames/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JeanneStJames

Amazon Author Page: http://tinyurl.com/JeanneStJames

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/JeanneStJames

Newsletter: http://www.jeannestjames.com/newslettersignup

Review & Book Crew: https://www.facebook.com/groups/JeannesReviewCrew/







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review 2016-02-06 03:11
Dirty Promises - Karina Halle

**Definitely take heed of the warnings on the graphic content of this book. When Karina says dark, she means it with a fiery passion. Triggers abound in almost every chapter, if you generally avoid them this series is not for you.**

This hasn't been my favorite series of Karina's. I know, I know that isn't the best thing to say, but it's the truth. However, this book really brought everything to an amazing (and disturbing) crescendo. My biggest issue with this series as a whole was the speed at which is progressed and because of that the character development never..developed. This book though, it was just SO dark and twisty and every single character was beyond fleshed out. You thought you knew the inner workings of a character before this book? You don't. I promise. I thought I could see things coming, but then it would just be so much more graphic, so much more violent and somehow so much more loving? That's not the right word, but Javier just does something to me. Even when you are like, whoa, what just happened there..the way that Javier and Luisa work with each other (and against each other) is just magnetic. It makes you feel dirty for loving them, especially Javi. But you still do even when you think he is a flipping scary as crap sociopath and Luisa is a crazy woman who needs to be committed, preferably to a convent where she can be completely safe from herself. But hey, if Karina can do that and STILL make you feel for both Javier and Luisa, she is doing something right. Now I'm going to take a shower and cuddle some puppies or something.

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review 2015-02-26 00:00
Dirty Angels
Dirty Angels - Karina Halle description

Warning : this book contains extreme hardcore sexual and graphic content. This book is not for the faint hearted. There are some elements like abuse, sexual harrasment, violence and torture that might cause some distress.

Before reading this you should first read the Sins & Needles trilogy. That's something that I DIDN'T do!!! And I don't know how I'm ever going to make up for it since I already know how the love triangle is going to end up.

Well only after reading this plot did I recall the author's name, and I guess it was already too late. I liked this plot and decided to read this book... :( well I don't regret it but I'm kind of sad, cus I don't know if I'll ever pick up the trilogy now.

"Because I want to destroy beautiful
things before they can destroy me"

This books made my guts swirl of exquisite agony that I almost couldn't recognize myself while reading. I was telling myself "You're a good person you can't stand this s***". You can't fall for Javier... you just can't". Sorry. I have. That's what this author has done to me... page after page she shattered my morals and made ME throw them out.

Let's not confuse fiction with reality! Mine is a review about a crude book, yes, but capable of giving me so many emotions that had me hooked from the first chapter and I just couldn't put it down!

I hated every male character in this book... even Javier. I don't know how many times I just wanted to rip his balls out! What he was doing was so wrong I just couldn't stand it, but my love for him was so close to Catullo's Odi et Amo that I just coudn't help myself from falling for him and his complex personality!

This book is a young woman, Luisa, who lives a reality very common to mexicans: poverty. She is forced to lock up her desires and dreams for the love of her ill parents. The love that they have taught her is the only thing that gives her the strenght to keep going. Day after day she sacrifices a piece of her soul til the day comes when she is forced to give it away, not to the devil, but to a demon. Salvador Reyes. When she accepts (well since she is forced we can't really talk about free will) Salvador's marriage proposal she gives up everything, even that little string of hope left in her heart.

But not all hope is lost when you enter Hell. Javier, our fallen angel, whose soul is shattered and covered in mud, has only one thing on his mind: rule Hell. He kidnaps Luisa and want's to use her to get to Salvador. What he wants is a drug trade. But what he doesn't expect is that there is so much more to trade. During the time they spent together he starts to really see her. This woman has a face, a voice, a story, a soul... she's not just some hostage, and he isn't just a captor.

"And that's when I knew, with
nothing but a smile, my Luisa,
my queen, had broken me"

Crude and dirty their love blows your mind aways. Even though we have a clear stockholm syndrome we stil can't help getting captured and fascinated by Luisa's twisted mind.She falls for him and doesn't want to change who he is but rule by his side. She's his queen.

I think that's the part that I personally loved the most. When he asks her to run away and forget about the cartels and Mexico she raises her head and firmly tells hims that that's not the man she has fallen for.

Crude and at times mind blowind this book is a great new adult. The graphic content is so precise that at times it makes you want to close the book and never open it again and at times it just has you hooked! The author did a great job giving this book a scary, crude and dark imprint.
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review 2014-09-14 16:28
Dirty Angels by Karina Halle
Dirty Angels - Karina Halle

Luisa is a waitress at a tourist bar in Mexico.  Barely making ends meet, she has to work in order to support her ill parents.  When the most known drug cartel leader, makes her an offer she can’t refuse (quite literally), she finally has the financial means to quit working and still provide for the parents that mean the world to her. 

Javier is becoming a big player in the drug world.  He has been taking over key areas of Mexico, but there is one that will make him the biggest in the game.  He sets up the perfect plan; hit is rival where it hurts worse by kidnapping his bride.  He’d be willing to give up everything, including his empire, to gain her back, right?  Javier gets more than he expected when his men haul in Luisa.   Will his priorities change because of his instant attraction to his rival’s queen? 



I have no idea why Javier is so hot.  He takes the term ‘bad boy’ up about a million notches.  He tortures and kills people, not feeling an ounce of guilt or revulsion.  We learn in detail what he is capable of.  Yet there is just something about him that is so appealing.  Although I wasn’t rooting for him to win Ellie in The Artist’s Trilogy, I was still smitten.   I loved this book; Karina Halle pretty much owns me.  I’m ready for Dirty Deeds!

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review 2014-07-05 00:00
Dirty Angels
Dirty Angels - Karina Halle Holy Halle... Effen Intense and Raw!!!! This story is insane, gripping and hold your breath awesome! All hail Karina Halle!!

My lovelies... What a story... Cartels, violence, vengeance, and one woman caught in the middle of it....

Having grown up in a border town, I am impressed at the detail and reality that came through this story... Well done Karina Halle! (Applause)

I don't want to tell many details of this book... You just have to read it... If you luv raw, intense, gritty, and stories that don't have boundaries... This is for you!!

5 crowns!
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