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review 2018-06-12 04:31
Eleven Hours by Paullina Simons
Eleven Hours - Paullina Simons

Didi Wood, eight and a half months pregnant with her third child, heads to a mall to get out of the oppressive Dallas heat and get some shopping done. She is supposed to meet her husband for lunch at one o'clock. By 1:45, she still isn't there-she's riding down the highway at breakneck speed with a madman at the wheel. His name is Lyle, and he has abducted her from a department store parking lot. But why he's done this, and what he wants, are anyone's guess. Now the police and the FBI have to somehow track him down. And a very pregnant Didi must keep herself and her unborn child alive at any price-even as they ride closer and closer into the darkest chamber of a psychopath's mind...





POTENTIAL TRIGGER WARNING: This novel describes scenes of GRAPHIC sexual assault.


Desdemonda "Didi" Woods, nine months pregnant, is abducted while shopping at a Dallas mall. While the abductor takes her across the flatlands of Texas, Didi's husband, Rich, works with the FBI to try to reach her in time. There are time stamps at the beginning of each chapter, so the reader can keep track of how much time is passing.. but spoiler! the whole thing takes 11 hours. ;-)


So now that you know the general premise, let's dive into all the cringey, facepalm potholes in the sloppy writing here!


First off, this novel was originally published in 1998, so it understandably, laughably reads VERY 90s now. There's a lot of time (pages) spent on Didi's shopping spree prior to her abduction -- wracking up $200 at Estee Lauder, moving on to FAO Schwarz, Coach, I even had a big hit of nostalgia when she has a walk through a Warner Bros. store... 'memba them! But something about this shopping also put me off about Didi as a character in general when she mentions that her child had requested a set of wooden blocks... that's it, just some blocks... but Didi wore herself out so much buying bags of stuff for HERSELF that she couldn't be bothered to try to find the blocks at the end of the day.


Though it's not really noted anywhere in the synopsis, once you get into the meat of this story, there is a noticeable Christian Fiction lean to the tone, which only gets progressively stronger as the plot moves along. Even Rich's job in the story is "national sales manager for a religious publisher based in Dallas." To be honest, the heavy-handed preachy tone laid over the suspense just got tiresome. But weirdly, on the flip side, there's also a strong dose of profanity and crudeness to the material here.


The kidnapper character is mildly disturbing but only shows minimal physical violence for most of the story. It's mostly just bursts of verbal abuse. It's likely that you've read much worse characters in more recent crime novels. One scene that was really bothersome though was when Didi is searching for something in her purse or on her person that she could possibly make into a weapon later, "anything that might help" as she says... but chucks a paperclip at the bottom of her bag. Pages later, her tormentor makes a lewd comment toward her and it's written, "she wished she had something sharp and ragged in her hands at that moment"... oh, what? like a paperclip maybe??!


Then there's the super team of Rich and the FBI. If you watch the time stamps on the chapter headers, Didi is abducted at 1:30pm. By 4:15 SAME DAY, the police are already saying "it doesn't look good." Wow. Just throwing in the towel then, boys? Later, when Rich is conversing with Scott, one of the FBI agents, Rich pleads, "Tell me it's going to all be okay." When Scott does, Rich snaps back, "You're lying." Here, with this crew, lies Didi's hope at being saved. Precious time being wasted with this BS back and forth.


Just in general, the writing is not stellar. One line that actually had me laugh out loud at how terribly lazy it was: Didi purchasing Sun Ripened Raspberry lotion from Bath & Body Works, which... keep up now... "smelled berryish". This is the same author who went on to write the pretty successful Bronze Horseman trilogy. We all gotta start somewhere, I guess.


I'll end on a positive though. There was a conversation near the end between Didi and her abductor where he reveals why he did what he did. Not saying it made the guy innocent, but it did have me feeling a moment of honest pity for him. Around these chapters were also some moments of honest suspense that I wished would've been consistently present throughout the rest of the novel.


Note to readers: This novel contains spoilers for William Shakespeare's Othello and Charles Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities.





* In her dedication, Simons notes that this, her 3rd published novel, was dedicated to her 3rd child. She also mentions that the book was made possible (possibly inspired?) by her husband taking a job as editorial director for Wishbone Books, which required the entire family to relocate to Texas.


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text 2018-05-30 03:26
Best Eleven: World Cup 2018 PC, How to Manage Football Team?

If there is a market for experience they should sell it because then they would be even richer. The City of Best Eleven: World Cup 2018 and Facilities manager Stuart Diamond, who lobbied for the final to be held in the city, shared his impressions. We have been playing together since we were young, so we understand each other and this was an opportunity to show what we can do, Kelechi Nwakali told Pulse Sports after the game.
On an emotional night in Delray Beach, the Atlantic football team honored the life of teammate Marc'Allan Derac, a rising senior who was killed in a dirt-bike accident earlier this month. of 2015 and stuck out his commitment all the way through before enrolling early. We will continue to focus on fundamentals and a few other key areas we feel we need to address.

Best Eleven: World Cup 2018
Schager started the event two years ago with an outpouring of support from the Highland Park community. So go tell him 'I'll squash the quarterback, so use me,'  Miyagawa recalled. Let's go there and try to perform on a level which maybe people would say is not possible for us but it is possible. Meanwhile, the Nichidai faculty members association sent a joint statement to the school management on Monday, asking it to reveal the truth, as the incident is continuing to damage the reputation of the school.
Regardless of where we are today, we've got a long way to go before we play in September, and no matter what happens in September, I don't think the competition's just going to end, Swinney said earlier this spring. USF now has 15 scheduled non-conference games vs. The Tigers' quarterback room was crowded this offseason.
Only the elites win national titles and Fisher is one of only four best eleven world cup 2018 coaches who has done it. Stanhope then went three-and-out again on offense but Enterprise senior Owen Bennett's pass was intercepted on the next Wildcat drive and returned down to the 5-yard line. Kendricks was due to earn $5. Michigan football headed to South Africa for its spring 2019 trip
Dwayne is a young guy that came in against our rivals and did a heck of a job. The coach added his team has been able to stay healthy so far this spring.
In addition to opening the season at Florida State, the Hokies will host Notre Dame at Lane Stadium for the inaugural time as the Fighting Irish make their initial appearance in Blacksburg on Oct. More details please visit wc2018.instantfuns.com


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text 2018-05-14 09:43
best eleven world cup 2018, football online game - InstantFuns platform

His name has become synonymous with flying headers in best eleven world cup 2018. He'll need cash. If he scores another few, then I'll be Muslim too. That moment against Cruyff was the proudest moment of my career, Olsson told David Winner in Brilliant Orange: The Neurotic Genius of Dutch Football.
If I was in Midfield there wouldn't be alot of other players I'd want to see when I looked to my right, he's ever reliable and has immense experience. The only setback was an injury to Kieran Trippier, the Tottenham and England full-back, who will be waiting anxiously to see the extent of a knee injury he suffered in the second half. It was very difficult for me.In my opinion, Red Bull are the F1 equivalent of falling foul of this.

best eleven world cup 2018

Source: https://wc2018.instantfuns.com/
It's clear that Sky do not check post content. He had hoped to return for Wisconsin's regular-season home finale against Michigan on Nov. What I commend him on is figuring out early enough that Wisconsin has a chance to go on and find somebody who's right for them. We need time to make that happen.
Finding his route blocked by the Swedish right-back Jan Olsson, Cruyff made as if to play the ball infield, only to drag the ball behind his standing leg with his right foot and race off towards the byline. By the time the squad left for home, Robinson had become a regional celebrity. Give jurgen Klopp a player like Martial and he will make a monster out of him.
Arsenal and Burnley are already guaranteed the Europa League spots but there is one remaining place in the top-10 still to play for. McGeady performed the trick so readily that it was soon included as a skill move in the Fifa game series, where it's known as the McGeady spin. Performance of a team is measured on the car and driver combination, you must have both.
The 6-foot, 185-pound Groulx earned wide receiver MVP honors last month at the best eleven regional in Charlotte. He prefers to highlight his identity as a footballer and keep his attention focused on reclaiming the Liverpool glory days of my youth. Salah doesn't like to speak about his religion.
Peixinho was in the starting line-up when São Paulo played Sporting Lisbon in a friendly to inaugurate the Morumbi on 2 October 1960. With a steeper gradient everybody knows their role and operate as an efficient team. People did not realise it was so tough for the players, and for the fans it was so difficult, said Pochettino of this season's relocation.


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review 2018-05-08 02:00
Fun Sports Romance
Lucky Number Eleven - Adriana Locke Lucky Number Eleven - Adriana Locke

Lucky Number Eleven by Adriana Locke is a captivating football romance.  Ms. Locke has given us a well-written book populated with outstanding characters.  After being dumped by her boyfriend, Layla and her friend Poppy drive to the family cabin for a long weekend.  They weren't aware Layla's brother and his friend Branch had the same idea.  Branch and Layla's story is a fast-paced romp, full of drama, lots of humor and sizzlin' hot sex.  I enjoyed reading Lucky Number Eleven, even though it's in first person, alternating point of view format...which I hate.  Kudos to Ms. Locke for making this story so enjoyable I didn't mind the first person...much.  This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger.

I voluntarily read a complimentary copy of this book that I received from Bookfunnel.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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