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review 2018-05-12 01:11
Starling (Love in Los Angeles #1) by Erin McRae and Racheline Maltese 3.5 Star Review!
Starling - Racheline Maltese,Erin McRae

Hollywood's newest star, 21-year-old J. Alex Cook never wanted to be famous, he just wanted to get out of Indiana. When he hooks up with Paul, a writer on a hit TV show, Alex is thrown into a web of relationships involving friends, lovers, and everything in between. 

Forced to figure out what it means to live -- and love -- in the public eye, Alex's quest to find his own happily ever after will make you believe love is possible... even in Los Angeles.

Please be aware, this is a high-heat, high-angst romance and includes characters with a past history of self-harm.




We get a hard earned Happily for Now in this romance about two heroes who have a great deal of emotionial unrepressing to do. 

It is a compelling read as the heroes struggle with fame and ambitions and creativity and inexperience in many aspects of their lives.

The age gap is handled with depth. There is a separation which off putting while reading a romance as the heroes get together with other people, it reads true to character and the story.

The writing... in some ways it is great but in others the tone is too removed for me. I feel like I am looking through a peephole at times because of the shut down emotions or swallowed ones anyway and lack of self awareness or rich conversations of the heroes. Not my favorite.

I will check out other books in the series as these writers explore some complex ideas about friendship and love.


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review 2018-01-31 05:12
Runaway Groom (I Do, I Don't) - Lauren Layne

This is book #2, in the I Do, I Don't series.  This book can be read as a standalone novel.  For reader understanding and to avoid spoilers, I recommend reading this fab series in order.


Ellie goes against everything she wants, when she auditions for a reality show to help promote her business.  Gage is conned into being the star of the reality show.  Neither want to be there.  Now they both are glad they came.


This series just keeps getting better!  This book has a little something for everyone.  Want heat?  Got it.  Competition, and to learn what petty business woman can get up to with one another?  Got it.  Passion?  Got it.  Laugh out loud humor?  Got it.  Sparks that fly off the page?  Got it.  This series should be called Romance 101.  I just very literally loved it and eagerly turned each page.  I give this story a 5/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This ARC copy was given in exchange for an honest review, by Netgalley and its publishers.

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text 2017-12-21 07:10
Author Spotlight - Birks Kalulu



Kitty's Book Spot! got together with the author of the amazing thriller, "The Dream Actor."  We wanted to get to know Birks Kalulu, as well as his story.  If you are a fan of fast paced, family feuds & unpredictable action - this book is for you!






 Amazon (kindle) http://amzn.to/2kwipWt

Paperback http://amzn.to/2CPes5E




1.     Do you listen to music as you write?


Do I listen to music as I write? Well yes and no. So many things move me while writing, things like another book, a film or a life situation. Back to your question though, not all music inspires me to write. There are chapters in my book ‘The Dream Actor’, which I wrote under the influence of mid tempo music. I didn’t need music to write the death scenes though, I just tapped into my memories and broke back the pain and anguish I felt when my father passed away this year in October, that wasn’t hard. Away from writing, I love to listen to music while I read.


2.     Are you a reader?  What is your favorite work of fiction?


I am a bookworm! And that is just an understatement. I have read many books since my childhood and I have lost count of the number. Books contain life treasures. I have read books that are grossly horrific, to true life stories that just blow away the mind. I am the type of person that would rather read a book than watch the movie version. My favorite work of fiction is the classical book by English novelist George Orwell called “animal farm”.


3.     Your new book is so different and exciting.  What inspired this kind of story?


Different it is indeed. The main inspiration about this book came from reading and watching documentaries on dreams (lucid dreams for example). Also in my family, in every generation we have had twins. These highly complex phenomenon spurred by my unending wild imagination conjured up this kind of a story. It was wonderful writing every letter and seeing the characters working to gather and later clashing with each other. The book is writing is more from narrations than your typical novel dialogues. And the setup is serene but with a dash of chaos, typical human life right? I believe there is nothing on the bookshelves close to the story line in this book. It will make the reader flip pages till saliva dries up! What can I say, in a way, this book tries to demonstrate that dream do come true…in strange ways.  


4.     If your characters were in your neighborhood, would you want to be friends with them?


Well, I cannot say, because from the outlook, it seems like a pretty normal family. The boys are obedient and loving. Their father has a normal job and nothing out of the usual. So I might be their friend. On the flip side, I might be a victim of their nightmares. So it is a 50/50 situation. Let us wait for the sequel, maybe it gets better.


5.     Have you ever made/would you make a (music) playlist for your story?


I have not thought of that to be honest. But that would not be a hard thing because I am a music producer for Kalulu sound factory. I guarantee that would be fun to do! Thank you for the idea.


6.     Will you share with our readers something about yourself no one else knows?


Sure but I hope I do not get in trouble for it. I used to steal books from the school library so that I could selfishly read them alone. I had depleted the school library; well mostly it was a stash of novels…so I guess I can be forgiven for that.


7.     What other genres would you want to write?


I write nonfiction too. For example next year I will be publishing a memoir about my late father.


8.     Do you have siblings?  We will see them in this book?


I have 5 siblings, and one of them, my brother, contributed immensely during the course of writing this book. Two of my younger siblings are actually fraternal twins, of the opposite sex. So maybe in a subtle way I have incorporated bits of my personally life. Either way, it is pure fiction.  


9.     If you could pick anyone to be your hero, fiction or real, who would you pick?


This is a hard question. I want to pick myself, but that would be illegal considering the nature of your question. So now, who to choose, real or fiction? I go with MacGyver.  And I digress.


10.  What is your favorite snack?


Those tantalizing, mouthwatering, pop play eat – pringles.



11.  What do you hope the readers take away from your story?


This is a good question, considering my book is an action thriller filled with short fused detectives and family feuds. Well the readers can take away this, that dreams do come true – so pay attention to them.  




Author Information:


Birks Kalulu is a university graduate with a degree in public administration from the University of Zambia. He is currently working at Huawei Technologies Co Ltd. He is also an online entrepreneur, loves traveling and networking with like-minded people. Birks is a loving husband and father to two beautiful children. Writing is his passion. He believes the brain is limitless and every problem has a solution.


MY FACEBOOK PROFILE: https://www.facebook.com/jac.lupe 
AMAZON BOOK LINK: http://bit.ly/TheDreamActor


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review 2017-09-14 07:27
The Cinderella Fantasy - Sara Jane Stone

Lucy plays a princess by day and is looking for her prince charming by night.  While having her brother and his best friend and business partner watch over her.  Too bad his partner pushes all her buttons, since he is not even in her league.


Jared stopped thinking of Lucy as a little sister when he got a good look at her legs.  She attracts him on several levels, but he does not want to mess up a good friendship with her brother by acting on that attraction.  Still, he cannot help the way he feels.


This is an amazingly sexy and fun story.  It puts so many elements together in a terrifically sweet package.  The characters banter, the ocean views, well... let's just say if it were a movie opening weekend would blow the critics away.  I loved the simple and strong characters and all that they are to one another.  I cannot wait to see more with this theme.  In my opinion, this is the author's best work to date.  I give this book a 5/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This ARC copy was given in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2017-05-23 00:00
The Actor and the Earl
The Actor and the Earl - Rebecca Cohen ** This review is copied word-for-word from my review of The Crofton Chronicles bundle. **

Book 1: The Actor and the Earl
Length: 0-23%
POV: 3rd person, one character (Sebastian)
Star rating: ★★★★★


This was a fantastic, charming story that really lifted me reading-mood, after a few bad reads. I'd lost interest in reading for the 2-3 weeks prior to picking this up and this has completely reignited my need for historical romances.

After having read the blurb, I was a little surprised that the story kicked right off with Bronwyn having already run off and Sebastian being recruited by his own family members to take her place. I'd expected Sebastian to step up of his own choice, to save the family honour, but the conspiracy of Claire and Anthony stepping in to make everything crystal clear from the start was brilliantly done. It made it even more exciting to know that there was a circle of people who knew the secret and could be trusted with it, like Matthew, Edward and Miriam.

I found Anthony highly intriguing, because he was mysterious, secretive and had enough mood swings throughout that I could never quite pin down how he was feeling or what was going through his head, which made the ending really exciting. I never knew what was on the horizon with Anthony, but I did with Sebastian because, strangely enough, I thought exactly the same things at the same times that he did. When he doubted, so did I; when he had faith and trust, so did I. It was reassuring to have a main character, especially the primary POV, be someone that I could so easily relate to. His love of the arts and acting really helped, while also giving the perfect background to his charade.

I loved the progression of the story, how naturally Anthony and Sebastian fit together, even before they knew each other. But I also loved that it wasn't all smooth sailing, either. That Anthony had a son, a dead wife, a reputation and a whole lot of baggage as well as a real, valid need for a new wife, that the Queen had encouraged. On the flip side, Sebastian has nothing – no baggage, no scandals, no rumours haunting him, except those about his dead father.

I loved Miriam for her teasing and the constant support she offered Sebastian, especially when she warned him from getting to close at the beginning, for his own good. In fact, all the women were so brilliantly written that it was refreshing. Bronwyn was feisty and brutal with her handling of Sebastian and Anthony's relationship, while Claire was strangely business-minded one minute and then emotionally supportive and caring the next. I loved all three equally. Then add in Matthew's care, attention and his friendship with Sebastian, and Edward's friendship with Anthony and the supporting cast were just as important and significant as the main characters.

Throughout the story, I loved that Sebastian's first thoughts were about how to save Anthony from scandal, if they were ever found out. But I also loved that he had his head screwed on straight and he was always aware of the risk, even when Anthony forgot or didn't care. I did worry that Lady Eleanor might be vindictive enough to discover their secret and let it slip (and still might), but I also loved their very smart decision to get Bronwyn involved and legitimise the act.

The only issue was the small editing problem of missing or extra words and a single instance of Anthony being called by a surname other than Crofton, which was a little confusing.

Overall, it was an incredibly fun, exciting read with some real moments that had me in tears and some moments that made me worry for Sebastian's head. I was constantly intrigued to see how each twist would play out and am still intrigued as to how it will continue. I loved the jealousy, the realism of the emotions, the chemistry between the characters and how much it hurt me when Sebastian hurt. The inclusion of historically accurate material – the nice slip of The Globe and Shakespeare helping Sebastian learn his lines – all served to make the story more real and relatable. The brief slips Sebastian made from familiarity were brilliantly handled, as were his reactions to Anthony's first apology reunion, which was gut-wrenching. There was so much to love about it that it just had me on a constant emotional rollercoaster.


Favourite Quote

I marked so many that I could only whittle it down to four.

““Gift? Who would give us money to marry Bronwyn? I was convinced we'd be stuck with her, since there's no money left from my father's estate for her dowry.”
“Lord Crofton has been most generous.”
“That is because he has not met Bronwyn, or he would've sewn shut his purse.””

““I should not press you.”
Sebastian couldn't remember the last time his heart had beaten so fast, but with Anthony's hand on his face and the warm, spicy scent that came from the other man, his heart pounded.
“Maybe I want to be pressed.””

“Anthony had no made a declaration of Love. But Sebastian thought rather sadly that it would be the closet to it that he would ever get from Anthony Crofton.”

““There is only so much a man can overlook before he either turns blind or goes mad.””

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