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text 2020-02-03 15:47
Faithful Traitor Group Read

The Tudor History Lovers group on Goodreads is reading and discussing my novel, Faithful Traitor: The Story of Margaret Pole this month! Join them for fun Tudor history chats.


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review 2019-10-07 09:39
It takes a village
Beloved - Toni Morrison

to raise a child or banish a ghost.


The end of the novel, the sense of strength, hope, community and forgiveness, repays the reader for the trauma endured and a story powerful enough to make tears flow like rivers.


There are some truly incredible lines. The language Morrison uses is evocative and uncovers the buried knowledge beneath this story of one woman and her family. Morrison says in the introduction that the story of a woman killing her child to avoid slavery is a true one while the motivations and terrible guilt at the author's projections. 


I was delighted to read this as a group read and while there were many squares it might have fit into I took a liberty because this is a wild card and used it for classic horror. It was written too recently to truly fit into the category, but it has all other requisites for a true classic. 


Who else has read this? We can chat about it in the comments. I will also write a post on my blog at www.carmillavoiez.com about my thoughts on this text and why women and in particular women of colour write such soul-wrenching horror.

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text 2019-10-04 20:37
Reading progress update: I've read 76 out of 324 pages.
Beloved - Toni Morrison


I cannot overstate how much I am enjoying reading this book for a second time. The language and imagery is lush and full of so many layers it's almost like poetry. Who else is doing the group read. I want to talk about it.

Favourite lines so far -

"knees wide open as any grave."

"Boys hanging from the most beautiful sycamores in the world. It shamed her - remembering the wonderful soughing trees rather than the boys."

"their two shadows clashed and crossed on the ceiling like black swords."


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photo 2019-02-12 10:43
Guy moves in, everyone wants to date him. Murders start happening. Who dun it?

My current read for The R L Stine Challenge Group I'm in on Goodreads. It started as a year long Fear Street group buddy read, but we're on our second year and opened up to any book by R L Stine! We've got our books picked for the rest of the year; mostly still Fear Street (there is a lot to go through!) The group is in the Horror Aficionados group in the buddy reads section if you're interested in joining!
The New Boy - [1994]
He stole their hearts…Does he want their lives, too?

What a hunk! When handsome, mysterious Ross Gabriel comes to Shadyside High, all the girls want to date him…even the ones who already have boyfriends! Janie, Eve and Faith go so far as to make a bet…which one of them will he go out with first?

But then the murders begin, and it starts to look like dating Ross means flirting with a gruesome and untimely death. Will Janie’s dream date with Ross turn out to be the night of her life? Or the night of her death?

Source: www.goodreads.com/topic/show/19132611-r-l-stine-challenge?page=1
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text 2018-10-03 04:26
Reading progress update: I've read 171 out of 368 pages.
Wyrd Sisters: A Novel of Discworld - Terry Pratchett

Ninety percent of true love is acute, ear-burning embarrassment. 

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