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text 2017-11-12 21:08

My drop-down menus returned.


I did absolutely nothing, mainly because I don't know how to do anything.


Yesterday, before I shut everything down for the night, I shut everything down and then rebooted, just to see if a complete restart would do anything.  It didn't.  I still had no bookmarked sites, no drop-down menus.  So I logged off, turned the computer off, and went to bed.


I was also angry because I had had to deal with yet another Stupid Person, so I wasn't in the mood to mess around with computer crap any more.  I read on my Kindle until about 11:30, then went to sleep.


This morning, I headed directly for the studio.  I did a little more sewing -- there's all that free fabric, you know -- and started another Angel Feather pendant.  It's one of those really weird shaped ones, so it wasn't fun, but I was forcing myself to be disciplined.


When I finally came back in the house and turned on the computer. . . . my drop-downs were back.


I give up.  I will never understand it and I'm no longer going to try.  At least I don't have to deal with the McAfee tech people.

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text 2017-08-18 10:43
More Bingo Choices
The Day of the Triffids - John Wyndham
The Abyss Above Us - Ryan Notch
Stalking Jack - Madison Kent
Faust - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe,Walter Kaufmann
The Elementals - Michael Rowe,Michael McDowell
Vampire - In the Beginning - Charmain Marie Mitchell
Demon Lord - T.C. Southwell
Goblins - David Bernstein
Circus of Horrors - Carole Gill
The Thin Man - Dashiell Hammett

Well, I went through my A-list and B-list and snagged one free book off Amazon, so now my list if full! I also made another change for Classic Noir so I could participate in the group read.


So, here is my list now! Still subject to changes if I start to read something and decide it's a waste of my time. Only one re-read this year! I think I kept it down to two last year.


Classic noir: The Thin Man by Dashiel Hammett


Amateur sleuth: this mystery will have a main character who is not a member of law enforcement. A Spark of Justice by J.D. Hawkins re-read


Serial/spree killer: Normally this would have been first on my exclusions, but I've been wanting to read Cabal by Clive Barker


American horror story: Children of Chaos by Greg Gifune


Genre: horror: The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham


Gothic: Unnatural Creatures by Neil Gaiman


Darkest London: Stalking Jack by Madison Kent


Modern Masters of Horror: Helltown by Jeremy Bates


Supernatural: Faust by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe


Ghost: The Ghost of Guir House by Charles Willing Beale


Haunted houses: The Elementals by Michael McDowell


Vampires: Vampire - In the Beginning by Charmain Marie Mitchell


Werewolves: The Werewolf Whisperer by Camilla Ochlan and Bonita Gutierez


Witches: The Witching Hour by Anne Rice


Demons: Demon Lord by T.C. Southwell


Classic horror: I've read rather a lot of these since last year! But I found one I haven't yet read, The Monk by Matthew Lewis


Chilling children: The Doll by J.C. Martin


Monsters: Dead Sea by Tim Curran


80's horror: Faerie Tale by Raymond Feist


In the dark, dark woods: Into the Woods by Thomas Washburn Jr


Terror in a small town: Goblins by David Bernstein


Magical realism: Foxglove Summer by Ben Aaronovitch


Terrifying women: Circus of Horrors by Carol Gill


Diverse voices: One Blood by Qwantu Amaru


Free square: The Abyss Above Us by Ryan Notch

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review 2017-07-22 08:16
Finderlohn: Roman - Stephen King,Bernhard Kleinschmidt

Zwar nicht unbedingt notwendig, aber ich, bevor man dieses Buch lesen will, würde empfehlen, Mr Mercedes von Stephen King zu lesen. Die zwei Bücher sind miteinander eng verbunden.

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review 2017-07-08 11:25
Das Lied von Eis und Feuer 10: Ein Tanz mit Drachen von Martin. George R.R. (2012) Broschiert - Martin. George R.R.

So froh, dass ich diese Serie endlich gerade beendet haben konnte! Ich dachte schon sie wird nie enden... 10 Bücher darin!!! So viele Male wollte ich nämlich sagen, genug von Drachen, Daenerys, Cersei, Tyrion, Lennisters, von Eunuchen ganz zu schweigen. Aber Diese ganze Geschichte würde nicht vollständig, wenn man das Lesen halbwegs eingestellt hätte. Im ganzen lesenswert.

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review 2017-03-28 23:24
Review of Some Will Not Sleep by Adam Nevill
Some Will Not Sleep: Selected Horrors - Adam Nevill

I finally got around to reading Adam Nevill and only wish that I had done so sooner, this man is amazing. I had originally bought a limited copy of Some Will Not Sleep as a bundle with a T-shirt and bookmark from Adam's online store, Ritual Limited, but also ended up buying the e-book so that I didn't have to smudge my gorgeous copy. That book cover was all the convincing I needed to know that I needed it in my collection.


I have a love/hate relationship with most short story collections, as it sometimes feels like authors like to squeeze in their garbage stories just to get them published, sandwiched between reprints and the few good stories that hooked you into buying it in the first place. There was not a single story in Some Will Not Sleep that I didn't love or that I think was less than stellar. The stories are creepy in a way that most authors can't pull off. With a blend of folklore mixed with the utterly irrational and bizarre, it's unsettling in a way that makes you want to crawl under the covers of your bed like a child, from the things lurking outside that shouldn't exist. I'm pretty sure that more than 'some' will not be sleeping after reading this.


I had previously read Adam's free 3-story collection called Before You Sleep which has one story that isn't in this collection and it's also very good. The plan at this point is to pretty much just read everything this man writes from here on out, he's -that- good.

I did not receive a free copy.


I bought both the limited edition version and the e-book and they were both worth it. :)


© 2017 by Andi Rawson of Andreya's Asylum

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