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text 2017-08-21 18:02

Been an interesting and eventful few months since my last post.  I've been reading but not doing much in the way of reviewing.  Hope to get back into the swing of it.  Hope everyone has been doing well!

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text 2017-01-25 14:43
I'm still around...I think...

*pokes head in*  Hi.  I'm here.  Lots going on IRL...had to move AGAIN.  Asshole landlord's son nearly ran over my dog (I did not realize it was him as I could not identify the snowmobile's driver because of the time of day and clothes he was wearing until we got the eviction notice), I bitched, he denied it, we got evicted because I was 'vulgar' in my bitching.  They also claimed I posted vulgarity to their Facebook page, which I did not.  Unfortunately, my iPhone geo-located me when I posted my brief rant (it is still visible if you do a Facebook search for posts about Malenfant Fuel Co. We left, but things are still up in the legal air about the actual eviction, I am told I have a civil case of some sort against them, which I might pursue, if the assholes do not keep their promise about letting my mother return in the spring to take up her plants and get her statues that are still on the property we rented.


My grandmother died.  This wasn't unexpected- she was 95 and ailing.  I am happy for her...my beliefs are that she is with our ancestors and that is a good place, but still...her presence has been a solid constant in my life for 40+ years, having that physical presence gone is going to take some getting used to.


Anyway...hi folks, hope things are going great for you, and I will be back soon-ish.  This is a picture of my grandmother (on your left), her father, and her younger sister.



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review 2015-06-23 00:00
I Regret Nothing: A Memoir
I Regret Nothing: A Memoir - Jen Lancaster I have either really loved Lancaster's memoirs (Bitter is the New Black) felt meh about them (Pretty in Plaid) or just downright did not like them ( Jeneration X).

This was I felt just meh about in the end. This memoir follows Lancaster trying to cross things off her bucket list. Now age 46, Lancaster finds herself throwing herself into more things since her beloved dog Maisy passes.

Some of the things on Lancaster's list like learn a language and travel to Italy are really engrossing to read about. However some of the other bucket list items just didn't grab me (find a new hobby and discover an entirely new playlist) and maybe this is me being a jerk, but finding a new hobby and creating a playlist just didn't seem bucket list worthy.

Also this memoir really was not that funny. I don't need it to be non-stop laughter, but unlike with previous books I did not smile or laugh out loud once.

It also reads as if some other huge issues were happening with Lancaster and she alludes to it a bit, however, she says that this is not that kind of memoir so she doesn't go into it in depth at all. I don't need to read the nitty gritty of the self discovery that Lancaster went through, however, this book felt as if several chapters were left on the cutting room floor. There seems to be a sense that Lancaster is not happy with several things going on. I guessed that via some things said and unsaid in her last two books that Lancaster had a falling out with her family though they now may be reconciled. Readers are also given a hint that Lancaster has entered into therapy. I don't need to read about it. I just always find it weird in memoirs when the author leaves out key things.

Lancaster's writing felt a bit choppy too. Instead of doing the footnotes in this book she decided to keep interjecting with sidebars. Doing this broke up the flow of her writing and it distracted me while reading. I think it would have been better to just stick with the footnotes.

There were some things that Lancaster discussed that did speak to me. Such as how social media has made people more distant from each other. And I agree with her about how sometimes the internet outrage machine needs to take a day off when recounting an incident that got blown up via a post she made on Facebook. Also when she describes going to Italy I found myself reminiscing.

I have no idea what other memoir Lancaster has in her back pocket. I just hope the next one brings back some of the older magic that made her memoirs must reads for me.
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text 2014-10-18 17:34
Olga Filina of The Rights Factory Threatens Legal Action to Silence Me

Yesterday, I made a post about my rather unfortunate experiences as the client of one Olga Filina of the Rights Factory. Today, I received a rather unsettling email. Behold:



That's right, "legal options." I'm not entirely sure what she could justifiably sue me for, but that's not the point.


The point is that my immediate reaction was fear, and that's what this email is about. Look how she brings up my career and how I could "sabotage" it. (Note: Shotgun submissions can sabotage a person's career. Having your damn manuscript in the hands of fifty people at once can sabotage a person's career. You'll excuse me if I don't really think her concern is for me here.) 


What she wants is for me to be silent. To retract my post. To hide the truth. I'm not going to lie; this scares the bejeezus out of me. We don't have the money to deal with a lawsuit. I suppose I could just fold, just let her censor me. But no one ever speaks out against TRF's behavior. We're all afraid of exactly this, and not only do I not want people to have that kind of power over me, but I don't think I could live with myself if I went silent and allowed other people to put themselves in the line of fire. Because my silence means other people will be treated this way by TRF. 


I won't let other writers be hurt, no matter what the consequences for me. Hell, I'm not sure I want much to do with the industry after this, anyway. 


I have to wonder, what is she so afraid of? What did I say that could possibly bring TRF's law department down on me? After all, I'm just some nobody on the internet. 


This is a warning for all writers. Avoid The Rights Factory. One thing is for damn sure: They don't give a flying fuck about your rights.


(If you have the time and inclination, please signal boost. Writers deserve to know what sort of shenanigans are going on here.)

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text 2013-11-11 15:33
This Just In

Strange Grubs too stupid to understand the difference between 'customers' and 'user base'.


In other news: Water wet, ice cold, and sun extremely, extremely hot. 

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