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review 2017-12-20 23:46
Review: The Prawn Identity
The Prawn Identity - Morgana Best

This is a light and entertaining cozy mystery series, I love heading into the outback to visit Sibyl and her friends and this time around, property developer Greg Summers and his wife Lisa are staying at Cressida’s boarding house on their honeymoon. Greg’s company is currently planning to develop a large area of ecologically sensitive bushland, and this brings protesters out in full force. One morning, Lisa is killed when a balcony collapses. Was it just a tragic accident? Was it related to Greg’s development deal? Who was the real target? Sibyl and her friends set out once again to catch a killer and as if things couldn't get much worse, the village’s building inspector is trying to close down Cressida’s boarding house for being unsafe and even Sibyl can’t catch a break when Blake’s ex-girlfriend shows up in town.


The Prawn Identity (LOL love the titles in this series!) is a great addition to the series. The entertaining plot kept me guessing with lots of surprises and plot twists and no shortage of suspects. There was lots going on in this one, and I liked that it kept the pace moving quickly, but there wasn’t so much that you couldn’t keep track of what was going on. As always, there’s a lot of laughs (Tiny and the poodle!) and I love the banter between Cressida and Mr. Buttons, and I would love to know more about their back story! Why does Cressida only paint gory death scenes? Was Mr. Buttons really a butler? I need more info!  The surprising ending wrapped up the book nicely, and  the sprinkling of romance between Sibyl and hunky cop Blake adds the awwww factor that makes this series irresistible.


You really can’t go wrong with the Australian Amateur Sleuth series and I definitely recommend this series for any cozy mystery fan looking for suspenseful plots, a unique setting and entertaining characters.

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text 2017-12-18 10:40
The Prevalence of Fake ID’s among Students

If you have decided to get a fake ID, the best option is ID masters to ensure that you won’t be ripped off. You can buy a novelty ID with confidence from ID masters that guarantee the quality of their product to pass security inspections from holograms, magnetic strips, barcodes and micro-printing. However, make sure not to break the law with the fake ID’s to avoid serious consequences.

There are many risks associated to fake ID’s and yet students still get them. Students regularly use fake ID’s at popular hangouts that do not allow underage drinking. If you have a fake ID from ID masters, the bouncer will not stop you at the door because the ID looks authentic. According to students, they were really nervous the first time they used a fake ID. Once they get over the first experience, everything becomes simple and easy. Usually, they go with someone older to avoid many questions.

According to David, fake ID’s in college is accepted by society although in the eyes of the law it is bad. There is no social stigma attached to having a fake ID because it is prevalent. Bars and clubs make sure that their employees are extra vigilant to distinguish the real ID’s from the fake ones. However, if the ID was made by ID masters, it will pass muster.

According to a server at the Top of the Hill, they have several options to determine whether the ID is fake. They ask people when they graduated from high school. If it takes them more than a minute to reply, then it is very likely that they are using a fake ID. Sometimes, the servers change the question to “What is your zip code?” or “What is your address?” and then wait for unsure answers.

Some of the valuable clues to figure out a fake ID are the materials, seals and state. It is certainly not a fun experience for both parties involved because bars do not really want to turn down customers. However, there are laws and bars do not want to face the legal consequences of allowing minors inside their establishments.

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review 2017-12-03 23:12
A cute, simple picture book suitable for infants and up.
Petra - Marianna Coppo

Disclaimer: reviewing eARC galley via NetGalley.


Very few words and strong storytelling through the images makes it perfect for very young audiences, as well as beginning readers. The images are sparse, simple and whimsical, surrounded by plenty of white space. The story is amusing and meaningful; an accessible exploration of identity. I loved the emphasis on adjusting expectations, adapting to new, unexpected situations, and knowing and accepting yourself as the world shifts around you. The main character is a stone with a big imagination, and rather than falling into despair when its surroundings make its dreams crumble, it just keeps adapting and enjoying where it's at. A good message of resilience and stability for kids rendered in a minimalist, non-preachy style.

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review 2017-11-20 14:36
"Identity Thief", by J.P. Bloch
Identity Thief - Spencer J. Bloch

Once you have started this psychological thriller you will not put it down. This quick read with lots of twists has kept me captivated from page one and held my attention through every chapters till I reached the unexpected ending. I simply loved it.

The story is structured in alternating chapters between the view point of the identity thief and the victim, Dr. Jesse Falcon. The plot has layers upon layers of deceit; no one is who they seem. Nothing is simple in this fast-paced, sometime darkly comic thriller. The pieces of the puzzle are continually shifting and at every corner there is constant barrage of shocks, so forget trying to guess the outcome.

This is a cleverly and brilliantly roller-coaster ride filled with emotional and scarring issues. A story of a thief and victim both trying to stay two steps ahead of the other is no less attention grabbing, this one tops all. What set this story from others is you are soon thrust into a world of action with Dr. Jesse Falcon whose identity is stolen going through endless hoops to find the person causing him so much turmoil. You learn and understand the main characters from flashbacks and from their actions and what they are thinking. The supporting cast also have their own plans lurking in the shadows. The narration moves along smoothly making this story easy to read. Well-done. 

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