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photo 2021-07-21 07:22

A brand goes far deeper than a company name, logo, or color scheme. Your branding should convey an understanding of those concerns and a commitment to solving them. Identifying your audience and purpose is an important start to the process. Every element of your visual identity should be harmonious across platforms, from color schemes to typefaces and graphic elements. Your customers should get a consistent experience from personal interactions, especially in terms of the answers they receive to questions. If you need help creating a new brand or re-branding your established business get in touch with an SEO company in Broomfield, CO

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text 2021-06-25 06:47
Identity And Access Management (IAM) Market as a Service Market to touch USD 24.55 billion in revenue by 2022

The global identity and access management market is expected to worth USD 24.55 billion by 2022. Growing demand for cloud architecture and improved network capabilities are anticipated to propel the demand across enterprises. These solutions are widely adopted by large and medium scale industries as well as by government agencies.


Companies functioning across cloud platforms offer comprehensive on-demand development tools such as cloud infrastructure and cloud database layer, which empower enterprise IT groups to develop, test, and deliver customer demanded business applications without investing in conventional system infrastructure.


Get Sample Report Copy @ https://bit.ly/3zYJHK8



Over the past recent years, cloud computing, mobile technology social networking, BYOD policies, and other IT and consumer trends have transformed the threat environment. To survive and thrive in this increasingly interconnected and virtual ecosystem, organizations must recognize identity and access management as essential to the secure transfer of information that lies at the heart of commerce. IAM involves trade-offs in terms of cost, risk, convenience, and other user freedoms.


Insufficient identity assurance for cloud application & services and lack of trust in cloud service providers is anticipated to hamper the growth of the market. Major gap between the cloud service providers and service consumer owing to lack of awareness regarding cloud computing solutions is expected to cause vulnerability concerns. However, the rise in global spending of large-scale organizations and government on integrating the management of identities with security identity services and solutions is anticipated to lessen the impact over the forecast period. As identity and access management continues to progress over the forecast period, enterprises are expected to look for larger and more innovative solutions, which are adaptable to trends such as mobile and cloud computing.


IAM services and solutions are growing into a risk-based program, with their abilities focused on entitlement management and enforcement of logical access control. Enterprises have started attaining benefits from their prices, but face major challenges to manage time-incentive practices such as manual provisioning and approval.

The market can be categorized by deployment into on-premise, hybrid and cloud IAM. On-premise identity and access management market accounted for a majority share in 2014 and is anticipated to lose substantial share over the forecast period. On-premise infrastructure uses conventional in-house data centers that entirely controls software updates and security patches. However, security breaches owing to unauthorized physical access cannot be spotted by this technology. Alternatively, cloud hosting companies safeguard customers and alert them instantly which would positively favor demand for hybrid and cloud solutions. Applications sectors in the IAM market include oil &gas, telecom & IT, public sector, utilities, BFSI, energy healthcare, and manufacturing. BFSI sector companies have to adopt cyber security solutions to monitor, detect, report, and counter the cyber threats for keeping the privacy of information and to increase productivity.


Several stringent government regulations and regulatory reforms are causing organizations and enterprises to address their internal control infrastructure. For instance, according to Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), it is mandatory for healthcare organizations to safeguard the portability of healthcare coverage and the confidentiality of patient records. It involves organizations to train staffs to efficiently follow secrecy measures, designate an individual in the organization in-charge of HIPAA compliance and implementation, and undertake significant measures for regulating the disclosure of patient information such as secure electronic access to patient records.


Geographically the global market for identity and access management is segmented into North America, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Asia, Europe and Latin America. Europe and North America are expected to contribute substantially to the global market share owing to the favorable regulatory scenario. The U.S. government has issued over 400 regulatory policies associated to cyber security, which is expected to fuel the market for IAM across the region.


View summary of this report @ https://bit.ly/3jgM0SL


Asia-Pacific identity and access management market are expected to grow at a higher rate owing to the large deployment of IAM services & solutions and an increasing number of cyber threats on cloud architecture. The Middle East & Africa is also expected to gain traction with substantial growth over the forecast period.

The key market players dominating the global market for identity and access management includes IBM, HP, EMC Corporation, HID Global Corporation, Dell Software, ForgeRock Inc., Net IQ, Oracle, Centrify, OneLogin, CA Technologies, Amazon Web Services.


Enhancing security of critical data, ease of mobility, smooth authentication &authorization, and scalability are a few of the key strategies adopted by industry leaders in order to connect with the cloud-based environment.

Industry participants are investing in R&D to develop new technologies for improving the network-based security. Strategic acquisitions and partnerships are being adopted for business expansion.


Market Segments

IAM Deployment Outlook (Revenue, USD Million, 2012 - 2022)
        • Cloud
        • Hybrid
        • On-Premise


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At Million Insights, we work with the aim to reach the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Our representatives strive to understand diverse client requirements and cater to the same with the most innovative and functional solutions.


Contact Person:

Ryan Manuel

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Source: bit.ly/3zYJHK8
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photo 2021-06-09 07:30
Why it’s Important to Have a Strong Brand Identity

A well-designed brand identity rolls your company forward, increasing momentum in recognition. Fonts, color schemes, your tagline, and your logo are vital components of your brand identity. Ensure your branding is consistent and extends to all your marketing materials. Brand identities designed using guidelines and then tested, measured, and improved, lead to economic gains. High brand equity is always a positive thing. When companies ignore the process of branding, they lose out on sales. To achieve your objectives, you need to employ a professional SEO company in Broomfield, CO. They will provide valuable insights and enable you to increase your online traffic and sales. 

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text 2021-03-25 06:00
Player Verification in Online Gaming for Combating Scams

The trend of online games is more than physical sports. The reason can be nowadays youngsters are more attracted to digital platforms. Physical sports need specific playgrounds and weather for playing. Like football or hockey can’t be played inside a room or in very high low temperature. Online games also replace indoor sports because e-games have a very engaging interface. Advanced games are empowered with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms that record the user experience to give a more charming graphical user interface.

There is no doubt that e-gaming is going to become a separate industry from sports because of its huge market size and large number of users. As per the reports of Statista, in 2021 the e-gaming revenue is predicted to reach $23,582m. Another report shows that the online gaming industry’s market size will be equal to one percent of worldwide GDP. The huge money involvement attracts criminals to disrupt the online gaming environment.

Let’s have a look at the hurdles confronted by the online gaming industry

Scams in Gaming Sector 

There are various and innovative types of frauds like online gambling scams and online casino scams. Now fraudsters use more sophisticated ways of scamming in online games. Some of the types of scams are discussed below:

Numerous Account Scam

This is the format type of fraud in the online gambling industry. In this type of fraud, multiple online accounts are created in any game. These accounts are created using fake credentials and they can count dozens or hundreds in number. The goal of creating multiple accounts is to move the game in favor of one gambler or against him. By doing so the gambling game can be manipulated and the fraudster can get hands at the winning money. 

For example, while playing an online poker game, fraudsters join a table with multiple accounts. Then he intends to win the game by knowing other players’ cards also. This type of scam is performed usually by a group of fraudsters.

There are scams rather than game manipulation that are done by creating numerous online accounts like:

Bonus Misuse

Online games often offer free chips to attract new customers. Like players get fifty free chips for single-time installation of the game. This promotion strategy is also disrupted by scams, they install the game with different accounts and transfer the chips from every account to his account. It is done fastly and when the online game company gets to know about this scam, the scammer has already transferred thousands of chips to his account.

Fake Bets 

While playing an online gambling game, fraudsters bets on a single player to make that player more trustworthy. The genuine gambler also bet on that player considering that he might have high chances of winning. Then the player deliberately loses the game so that he does not have to pay the betting amount. Fake bets can place a heavy amount of money in the fraudster’s pocket.

Stolen Credit/Debit Cards

Fraudsters steal debit or credit cards or get access to the card card number. Then they use this information to buy chips or other gaming services like body skin or weapons. Another way is to bet on games through this information. If the bet wins, they transfer the money to their account. In both cases win or lose the legitimate user gets affected because it was actually his money that was lost.

Player Verification for online gaming safety

Online gaming environments can be secured and streamline by identifying and verifying all the players or gamblers while opening an account. This is also called Know Your Player, the identification is done by player name and nationality. While the identity verification process is a bit significant. All of the player’s personals and financial information is verified through supporting documents.

Personal information is verified by government-issued documents like ID cards or passports. The financial information like a bank account number or credit card number is verified with bank statements. The Player just has to upload his live selfie and document’s image to the online verification software.

Summing it up

The above discussion states that the online gaming sector is a potential target for scams. Legitimate players might lose interest in online games if they have been scammed multiple times. Know Your Player mitigates the risk of numerous accounts and stolen debit/credit cards. Player verification is essential for the gaming industry so that they can have a better user experience and a better online gaming environment.

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url 2021-01-15 05:41
What is brand identity? how to design and develop a great one

Identity is a matter of human life, it shows us our stand in society. Not only humans but also even commercially the people maintain their identity in the market to see where they stand themselves in the crowded and developed market. We have seen people with identity become brands for the future, as simple as role models for example Sachin Tendulkar is a brand of cricket because he has taken cricket to the next level with his unbelievable runs record. 

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