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review 2014-09-24 23:35
Ever have those moments when you "click" with someone?
Click: The Magic of Instant Connections - Ori Brafman,Rom Brafman

Friendships are relationships are sometimes tough for me, but when I meet someone that I "cilck" with, it usually ends very well.


The Brafman brothers explore those times when total strangers meet for work, at random, etc. and "click." This can lead to deep friendships, romances, and more. They can take many forms. Sometimes it's a chance meeting. In one instance, a person with one name Googled herself to find a man with the exact same name. They eventually began talking and ended up in a romance. Or in another situation, a hostage negotiator must try to build a rapport with someone threatening to hurt or kill. He finds a detail that connects the two of them and eventually builds a trust that frees the hostages and ends with no blood shed, no deaths.


The authors also look at some of the science behind this: how some people are naturally attuned to being able to "click" with others. How sometimes opening oneself to another can help build a connection. In a study of college dorms, the study found students located near the middle of the floor or the most trafficked areas were more likely to be more engaged in social activities and have more friendships vs. people who lived on the ends of the floor.


Quite a few of these made sense to me. In retrospect, there were times when I simply "clicked" quite well with someone, despite never having met them before. In others, the proximity of working or taking class together helped establish that rapport. Or in others, I had a similar personality to the person I was speaking to, which also lent to a more air.


Overall an interesting read. Borrowed from the library, but worth buying if this interests you. There aren't tips exactly to better "click" with people (it's not meant to be a self-help book), but it's worth thinking about one's past experiences and compare that to what the authors write.

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review 2014-04-23 19:21
Converting Kate
Converting Kate - Beckie Weinheimer

Kate is a character I'm going to remember for a long time to come. She is someone I'd like to be friends with if I were to meet her in real life. Most of the time I remember books for their stories and their ideas but I will remember this book for the person whose story was portrayed and whose ideas seeps through the pages.

Converting Kate is one of those books that are very unassuming when you first pick them up. I wanted to read it because the portrayal of religion and religious beliefs in fiction tends to bring a depth that doesn't get explored a lot. Somehow characters' faiths and beliefs aren't brought up much, or at least haven't been brought up much in the YA books I've picked up over the past year. That's why I've been seeking them out more intentionally and that is how I found this book right here.

When I read Converting Kate, I was surprised how multifaceted the plot and the characters were. I thought I'd just be reading a book that dealt with questioning the religious order of the (fictitious) Church of the Holy Divine and Kate grappling with her faith. I got so much more out of the book than that.

While loss of a loved one and grief are common plot lines, it felt different reading about Kate coming to terms with the death of her father. Kate's parents had been divorced largely because her father wouldn't convert into her mother's religion. I think that these circumstances gave a voice to those whose parents don't share the same faith. There's a constant tug-of-war between the parents with regards to how their children should be raised. Even if one parent accedes, that doesn't reduce the internal struggles of their children, especially when adhering to one religion over the other also feels like expressing greater love for one parent over the other.

Besides the religious aspects of Converting Kate, I also liked the exploration of how books influence our lives. If Kate's mother had her way, Kate would've only read the Bible and religious paraphernalia distributed by the Church of the Holy Divine. Kate however filled her mind with the literature that her father held so dear.

Coming from such a conservative household, Kate wasn't prepared for things that were considered evil to be commonplace in the rest of the world. Talking to boys and not to mention, being alone with one were very foreign concepts to her. Fitting in socially was a challenge, and when she came across the possibility of homosexuality actually being acceptable in society, she was overwhelmed. Her responses and thoughts on all these matters along with her questioning mind made me want to sit down with her over a cup of tea to talk about all these things that left her unsure.

Since Kate also was cross-country runner, I must say Converting Kate contained a lot of elements that get me excited when I find them in books: depth (in narrative and characterization), sports, religion, and strong friendships among the characters.

This review is also available on dudettereads.com.

Source: dudettereads.com/2014/04/converting-kate-beckie-weinheimer
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review 2011-10-03 06:52
Why Men Marry Bitches: A Woman's Guide to Winning Her Man's Heart
Why Men Marry Bitches: A Woman's Guide to Winning Her Man's Heart - Sherry Argov Super
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review 2011-09-10 00:48
What to Do Until Love Finds You: The Bestselling Guide to Preparing Yourself for Your Perfect Mate
What to Do Until Love Finds You: The Bestselling Guide to Preparing Yourself for Your Perfect Mate - Michelle McKinney Hammond I have recommended and shared this book to many of my girlfriends...and Michelle Hammond used practical humor, wit and sensitivity to every woman's need in effectively laying down eternal truths about romance with God, romance in the flesh, finding the self in the eyes of the Great Lover of your soul, and the many deceptions and defenses that women fall into. I highly recommend this book!
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review 2011-08-18 10:53
How To Win Friends and Influence People
How To Win Friends and Influence People - Dale Carnegie Every person should make this book a part of their life's curriculum. It is widely considered the bible of human behavior and is a must-read for everyone. Although it was written in the 1930s, Carnegie's philosophies still hold true. Timeless. Don't borrow it, buy it. You'll be a much better person for having read this book-- not only to yourself but for everyone around you.
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