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review 2018-10-05 03:24
Acts of Faith (Cost of Repairs #4)
Acts of Faith - A.M. Arthur


When the seven-year old is the most mature person in the room, you've got problems.


Massive problems.


Mostly irrational, overprotective, miscommunication-because-your-head's-stuck-up-your-butt drama llama problems. 


My GOD! I wanted to smack Rey so many times. Sam isn't spared either. He gets some stern finger-wagging. 


And how do you not look in the car!

(spoiler show)


Add in the hilariously distracting typos (talk drink of water, mandolins in kitchen cupboards) and the Reign/Sam and Samuel/Rey naming device on the POV switches, and this was one annoying read.


I don't care enough about David to read his story, and I'm not feeling compelled to go back and read #3 with Gavin and whats-his-name, because if the grown men can't even act their age I have no hopes the teen boys will be any better. So this is it for me and this series. And probably this author.


3 stars because Faith was adorable.

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review 2018-10-02 20:21
1K thrill ride
Under the Dome - Stephen King

That was a trip and a half.


For being such and unwieldy mammoth, the tension never lets up. Everything goes to shit fats and through infinite pages. Something to have in mind before taking a stab at it. Gave me quite the bit of anxiety (which is part of what I liked but, you know).


The set up had my mind working. I was raised in a small town, so I could more or less envision most of the human-failure troubles to come (though here they were running on a rocked fueled schedule), but some of the environmental issues I had not considered till I read about the stream. Then I knew that even in fairytale land everyone was fucked. And King does not write "friendship is magic" worlds. He likes to put the devil at the wheel.


There are many bit thoughts running through my head theme wise, like cooperation vs dictatorships, the cruelty of children, the old terrible memories of shame and guilt, that remark about how skewed the numbers between genders were (because who do you think gets scalded first, when the water starts heating? Duh), their positions (librarians, doctors, press, liberal priests, smart kids), guilt for bad deeds vs guilt for having enjoyed them. Also, the surprising bits that made me laugh (mostly bleak Gilligan's cuts that proved I have a very dark sense of humour) and the bits that made me suck my snot (most of Sammy Bushey, Ollie and Ames).


I don't know that it is a book for everybody, even King's fans, and many of the paths trailed are a rehash of The Stand in a way, but I actually liked this one's pace a lot better (grueling is not always my choice, but it's a good one when I go for thrillers or scares, so plus).


On the whole, there were no big surprises, but I quite like it. And I'm exhausted.


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text 2018-10-02 15:53
Reading progress update: I've read 949 out of 1074 pages.
Under the Dome - Stephen King

Somewhere a dog was barking.


Ahhhhh Gggggoooddd. This is killing meeee!


I'm finishing this puppy today, because there is no way I'm stretching the anxiety.


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text 2018-10-02 07:51
Reading progress update: I've read 719 out of 1074 pages.
Under the Dome - Stephen King

“Lissa Jamieson, the librarian with the crystals? Ernie Calvert? Are you sure about those two?”
“Who better to recruit than a librarian when you’re dealing with a fledgling dictatorship?


True story. My mom has some interesting stories from her library science professors down here. Even more interesting, the liberal priest is part of this conversation, which also rings. We only lack a teacher.


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text 2018-10-01 00:50
Reading progress update: I've read 568 out of 1074 pages.
Under the Dome - Stephen King

He had no idea how many there were in all, but if forced to guess, he would have said between four and six hundred.


Shit. That's enough boom and fire there for those visions.


So, got over the middle mark of the book and over three days narrative. The issues I'd expect to crop from go have reared their heads, but as always the devil drives, so everything is going as badly as it can, and as Barbie's arc words say.


"This is not as bad as it gets"


I actually took a long breather after the arrest last night to go watch Ocean's 8 (I had so much fun and I'm obsessed now) because the tension is a killer.


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