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review 2017-09-03 03:13
Slight The Mummy and Indiana Jones feel
Grim Shadows - Jenn Bennett


Rage and hurt called the Mori, who rose up  from the floor. Dark limbs, blinking eyes, grotesque features. Monsters, fueled by her pain. Dead things pulled from the Spirit World. Things she didn't understand and could barely control, but they coalesced into a writhing mass of gloom and shifting shadow, crawling up the marble walls and columns. Sniffing out opportunity as they tugged images from her mind. Command us, they whispered inside her head. Dark avengers, read and willing to do her bidding. To avenge her through abhorrent deeds. Through fright. Injury. And death.


Reading this for the Ghost square for Halloween Bingo, put in a mindset for a more spooky feel, which was probably a bit unfair. The supernatural/paranormal aspect of the Mori spirits that haunted our heroine took too much of a backseat. They come out to play, blast some windows out and try to murder people with chandeliers but they still stayed too much to the background. We don't get the full explanation for them until towards the later half of the book and for having such a huge impact on our heroine's life, they weren't really addressed with any solid conclusion. 


The separate storyline of ancient Egyptian curses, puzzles, and hunting enemies was incredible fun and entertaining but again, I wanted it to be more flushed out; I didn't feel like we really got to know the villain and all his dark deviousness. I wanted this book to be 500pgs, lol. 


The romance was fun, too. The couple's first sex scene felt deep and was hot. However, with everything happening with the supernatural storyline, the couple's relationship took a bit of hit. Both our characters had rich background stories and secondary characters that were full in their own right and only added to the depth of our main couple. The author put in the details for a rich story but it lacked the page count for deep life. 


There were some spooky moments and sexy times, I'll definitely be reading about the hero's younger sister and their servant/bodyguard in the next book.


"Well, together we might get somewhere, because if you can brew us up some tea and make toast, I'll fry us up some eggs." He glanced down at the purring ball of fur nosing his way into their conversation. "Eggs for three, I suppose. Or maybe we should feed him the deviled ham and see if it'll turn him in to Number Five."

"Big talk. At the rate you two are going you'll be kicking me out of the covers and cuddling up with him instead."

"Not on your life." He grazed a barely there finger down her hip as she passed, sending a tiny shiver racing below the silk of her robe. "I like your claws better."

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text 2017-09-01 20:18
Reading Update: 30%
Grim Shadows - Jenn Bennett


But damn if she wasn’t twice as intriguing now that she’d tried to kill him.

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review 2017-07-21 14:36
Tried to Finish, Just Got Irritated (DNF at 38 Percent Mark)
Alex, Approximately - Jenn Bennett

Sorry, I tried and I don't have the patience to sit through any books I am not enjoying right now. My tolerance is at an all time low. This book should have been a pleaser with me. It takes on "You've Got Mail" and "The Shop Around the Corner". I love "You've Got Mail" it has Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan who I wish were in more things.

And then there's this book. I don't know. Maybe it was the Young Adult setting and I just didn't have patience anymore for the lead character's constant inner monologue about how she hated the male lead but still found him attractive. And the male lead was a jerk and I just didn't have the energy to read about how she gets swept away by him. I quit around the 39 percent mark. I just could not keep reading this. I promptly sent it back to the library (e-book hold) and went about the rest of my day.



"Alex, Approximately" is about a teenager Bailey (called Mink) Rydell who goes to live with her father in California. We get enough bare bones about Bailey's life with her mother and her mother's new husband to know that living with her father was probably the best thing for her. But as I will go into further down below we don't get a real sense of either of Bailey's parents at all. Since I quit this at the 39 percent mark though, maybe she finally has a real conversation with her parents and doesn't do the Artful Dodger mess the author kept repeating ad nauseam as a quirky characteristic of Bailey.


Bailey's besides being excited to be with her dad, is happy that she is now in the same state and city as a guy named Alex who she has been talking to online for several months. They both love movies and though Alex keeps asking her to come and visit him she's reluctant. There's a whole thing about why she hasn't told Alex she's now living in the same city as him but I don't have the energy for it besides it's dumb and it's the only way that the plot the author set up even makes sense down the road, so just go with it. 


Bailey's father gets her a job at the world's worst sounding museum and she runs into a guy named Porter Roth who I am just going to flat out call a jerk. Sorry, but he is. I really wish that YA authors took the time with their male leads in these type of books as they did the girls. I just want to ask them. So if you met a guy like Porter in real life, would you think he's charming? Cause up until about the 35 percent mark Porter was an ass. Sorry. There was enough run-ins with him to that point that just showed that besides him judging Bailey and pressuring her to tell him her business (I hate people that do that) he just acts entitled. And once the book went the way of Bailey starting to crush on him I had to tap out. I just don't care. There was even some whole scene about her not being able to eat because she was thinking about Porter and I maybe rolled my eyes and hurt myself. 

There are a few other characters in this book that looked interesting, but we don't spend much time with them (Bailey's parents, her new friend Grace, and some of the other characters that she works with) and when we do spend time with them there's not much there, there. The book seems to be setting up some sort of confrontation with Bailey and Porter's friend Davy and I just don't care. Sorry. I can just see the story-line from a million miles away and I don't have the patience for it.  


The writing is serviceable. In between chapters, Bennett, jumps to showing texts between Alex and Bailey and it was okay. I will say one thing though, that unless you are a huge film buff, the quotes at the top of each chapter are not going to mean much to you. Luckily for me I watch a lot of classic films and just movies in general so I definitely got the quotes. I will say one thing though, I at least agreed with Bailey and Porter about how terrible "Breakfast At Tiffany's" the movie was when you look at how offensive that mess was with Mickey Rooney. I definitely enjoyed the book much more.


The flow was jagged throughout. I think that's because we keep hearing about something mysterious that happened to Bailey that I am going to just take a wild guess about. I skipped to the end to see if was correct and I was. 


I do still enjoy reading young adult books because when you read a really good one, you just want to keep re-reading it again and again. I just may take a little break cause I have been reading a lot of duds lately. 

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text 2017-07-17 21:09
Reading progress update: I've read 16%.
Alex, Approximately - Jenn Bennett

Good lord. I want to drown Porter. Seriously. If he ends up being Alex (and all signs point to yes) I will kick something. Cause Porter blows and if he was talking to me the way he is talking to Bailey, he would be getting kneed somewhere. 


One of my pet peeves are people who get too familiar with me when they just meet me or want to dissect me. Go the hell away. I always get some guy saying I so know who you are because you don't like to eat french fries with ketchup. FYI, I loathe ketchup unless it's Heinz. I am from freaking PA, ketchup that is not Heinz is gross. It doesn't mean I have commitment issues or means that I am afraid to live a little. 



Image result for shove off gif

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review 2016-11-17 05:10
Rezension | Annähernd Alex von Jenn Bennett
Annähernd Alex - Jenn Bennett,Claudia Max



Die 17-jährige Bailey ist in einem Online-Film-Forum alias Mink unterewegs und schwärmt schon seit einiger Zeit für Alex. Als Bailey zu ihrem Vater in einen kalifornischen Küstenort zieht, in dem auch Alex wohnt, erzählt sie ihm vorerst nichts davon. Bailey möchte zuerst unauffällig nachforschen, ob das mit Alex auch in der Realität etwas werden könnte.


Als Bailey ihren Sommer-Job in einem Museum beginnt, knüpft sie zum ersten Mal in ihrem Leben eine richtige Freundschaft. Leider entpuppt sich der Job im Kassenhäuschen als der reinste Horror, bei dem sie sich jeden Tag fast zu tode schwitzt. Einziger Lichtblick: Porter Roth, Surferboy und Macho, der sie mit seinen Sticheleien ganz schön aus der Reserve lockt. Die beiden kommen sich jedoch schnell näher und ihr Onlineschwarm Alex gerät bei Mink immer mehr in Vergessenheit.


Meine Meinung


„Annähernd Alex“ von Jenn Bennett hat mich durch sein sommerliches Vintage-Cover sofort angesprochen und wanderte somit als erstes Buch aus dem Königskinder Verlag in mein Regal.


Obwohl es Teenager-Love-Story’s wie Sand am Meer gibt, fand ich diese hier äußerst bezaubernd. Die Hauptprotagonistin Bailey ist mir mit ihrer Liebe zu alten Filmen auf Anhieb symphatisch. Außerdem kann ich ihren vorsichten Charakterzug nur zu gut verstehen. Ebenso wie ihr Vorhaben Ihren Online-Schwarm Alex erst einmal aus der Ferne zu beobachten um eine Enttäuschung bei einem realen Treffen vorzubeugen.

Als Bailey allerdings zu ihrem Vater nach Kalifornien zieht ändert sich so einiges in Bailey’s Leben. Nachdem sie durch ihren Ferienjob eine gute Freundin gefunden hat, und die Anziehungskraft zu dem attraktiven Surfboy Porter auf der Hand liegt, kann sich Bailey nicht länger in ihrem Schneckenhaus verkriechen. Nun ist es an ihr die Initiative zu ergreifen, ihren Online-Schwarm Alex zu finden oder doch mehr Zeit mit Porter zu verbringen.


Der Geschichtsverlauf liegt zeimlich klar auf der Hand, nur für Bailey nicht – sie scheint wahrhaft Tomaten auf den Augen zu haben. Doch das hat mich ehrlich gesagt überhaupt nicht gestört, ich fand es sogar sehr unterhaltsam, dass Bailey das offensichtliche nicht wahrnimmt und im Dunkeln tappt. Deshalb vergebe ich für diese zuckersüße Unterhaltungslektüre 5 von 5 Grinsekatzen.


Über den Autorin


Jenn Bennett wurde in Deutschland geboren, zog dann aber in die USA. Sie reist gern, u.a. nach Europa und Südostasien. Sie arbeitet hauptberuflich als Autorin und hat u.a. eine sehr erfolgreiche Fantasyserie geschrieben, bevor sie nun mit „Die Anatomie der Nacht“ ihr erstes realistisches Jugendbuch vorlegt. Jenn Bennett lebt mit ihrem Mann in Georgia. (Quelle: Königskinder Verlag)




Eine Liebesgeschichte die für ein paar schöne Lesestunden sorgt und dabei sommerlichen Flair versprüht.

Source: www.bellaswonderworld.de/rezensionen/rezension-annaehernd-alex-von-jenn-bennett
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