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review 2022-11-11 05:15
The World of Cherry - Kay Brandt

Cherry owns a club that caters to wealthy lesbians. They come for a night of fun. Cherry watches over her club and clientele with an experienced eye so there are no complaints. She arranges partners and parties for them.


I liked this book. It introduces the characters who work for and with Cherry. It also sets up the series. The rendezvous are hot! I liked the graphicness of what happens in the club. This time Cherry has arranged for a woman's birthday surprise by her friends as well as an 18th birthday party for the stepdaughter of a long-time and important client. Cherry has hired a new dancer and has a request to join the club. The story is good bedtime reading and I look forward to the rest of the series.

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review 2022-07-18 20:24
Review: Cinderella Is Dead
Cinderella is Dead - Kalynn Bayron

This was an amazing book that in the year 2022 hit a little two close to home.  The people of Lille have been subject to to whims of a power-hungry tyrant for over two centuries, with women and girls bearing the brunt of his madness.  Cinderella is dead, and it turns out the story everyone has been told about her is a lie.

This was a beautiful retelling.  So original and thought provoking (considering today's current atmosphere.)  I was completely caught up in the tale.  The characters, even with a few annoying habits, were so likeable.  I was right there in it, fighting with them.  It was well thought out and wonderfully written.   I read along with the ebook, while listening to the audiobook and as usual, Bahni Turpin knocked it out of the park!  She captured the emition of the characters and did amazing distinguishing them with different voices.  This was a 10-out-of-10 would/will read again.

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review 2020-06-21 03:48
Amelia Westlake Was Never Here - Erin Gough
Will has problems at school.  She wants to expose the way students are treated.  Harriet does not understand what Will's problem is but as Will explains what she sees as inadequacies in the system, Harriet begins to have her eyes open.  Between the two of them, they come up with a solution--Amelia Westlake who will point out the school's problems.  Now can they do it without getting caught?
This is a coming-of-age story.  It is a bit of a romance.  It is rollicking good fun as Amelia is credited with a lot of goings-on at the school.  She seems to be everywhere and knows everything.  Now the faculty and some blackmailed students are looking for Amelia but she pops up where and when least expected.
I enjoyed this story.  It was fun to watch as Amelia lets the truth out.  Unfortunately the faculty are dense.  They are more interested in protecting the appearances of a good elite education than in righting the wrongs that have been allowed unchecked growth.  I am glad the students bonded over Amelia.  I am glad Will and Harriet let others know what was going on eventually so it could not be swept under the rug. 
I would read this author again.  I had a lot of fun!
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review 2020-02-23 17:32
I Married My Best Friend to Shut My Parents Up (manga) by Kodama Naoko, translated by Amber Tamosaitis
I Married My Best Friend to Shut My Parents Up - Naoko Kodama

Machi is tired of her parents' constant efforts to match her up with a successful man and half jokingly says she should marry someone they'd hate just to spite them. Her friend Hana surprises her when she suggests that the two of them get married. The news so shocks Machi's parents that they do indeed back off, at least temporarily. The special partnership certificate requires that they both live in Shibuya, so Hana moves in with Machi, which also helps them maintain the marriage charade.

Machi can't help but wonder if Hana is actually serious about all of this, though. Back in high school, Hana confessed her love for her, and Machi turned her down. They've continued to be friends, but what if Hana hopes their fake marriage will become a real one? As Machi starts to ponder her and Hana's relationship, she also takes a long, hard look at her life.

This was okay. I wanted something light and non-explicit, and that's what I got. I kind of wished it had a bit more substance to it, though. Machi seemed to just work, eat, and sleep, which fit her characterization, but I would have thought Hana would have had a more visible social life beyond the one meet-up with her ex.

Hana was the energetic and positive one, while Machi spent a large chunk of the volume looking tired and depressed. I was glad when Machi started evaluating her life and deliberately became a more active participant in it. I cheered her on when she became more assertive at work, and the part where she told her mother off for the first time was great. She was standing up for Hana, yes, but also for herself.

I had some issues with the romance aspect, mostly due to the fact that Hana and Machi's expectations for what their marriage would be like once it went from being fake to real didn't seem to match up (although the special partnership certificate was real, so honestly they were married for real from the start, but whatever). Machi seemed perfectly fine with the way things were - living together, spending time together, making meals for each other, and just generally supporting each other, no sex required. 

There's no problem with that, and I actually would have been on board with it, if it hadn't been so obvious that Hana expected their relationship to eventually include sex. She made it clear that she was willing to wait and take things slow, but it never seemed to enter her mind that it might never happen, or that it might happen but that Machi might not be as into it as she was. There were no moments when Machi realized she found Hana sexually attractive, and all physical affection, except for a few head pats and a hug, were initiated by Hana. But they did eventually kiss and Machi enjoyed it, so maybe I was concerned for no reason.

Overall, this was nice, but it could have used a second volume. Or a full volume devoted to this story and these characters. It's common for one-shots to include one or more additional stories, and this one was no exception. The last quarter or so was devoted to an unrelated short called "Anaerobic Love."

If you were flipping through the volume, you'd likely think it was a flashback to Machi and Hana's high school days, because the character designs are so similar, but the story actually stars Oshimi and Mutsumi. Mutsumi is the school's track star, while Oshimi used to be in track but hurt herself and now dedicates herself to studying. Mutsumi seems cold towards Oshimi, and yet she frequently has Oshimi give her massages after practice. Oshimi, for her part, eventually realizes that her interest in Mutsumi may actually be love.

I liked this story a good deal less than the main one, and the times when Oshimi deliberately hurt Mutsumi while massaging her made me uncomfortable. I'd really have preferred it if this story had been scrapped and the main one fleshed out a bit more.


A color illustration, a 2-page author afterword in manga form, and four pages worth of extra scenes relating to the main story.


Rating Note:


I debated between 3 and 3.5 stars. It wasn't the most memorable thing ever, and I doubt I'll ever want to reread it, but I did really enjoy Machi's personal growth, so I went with 3.5.


(Original review posted on A Library Girl's Familiar Diversions.)

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