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review 2016-02-24 00:58
Good Story and Characters
Bound with Passion: A Regency Reimagined Novel - Megan Mulry

Georgie was a very spirited adventurous person. She totally went against the ways of her time. She wore men’s pants and cut her hair short and this is just a couple so the things she did that was unusual for a lady of her time. Georgie loves to travel and went to N Africa to live for five years. She lived as a man named Mr George Camden to be free. But then she returns home. Georgie has known Trevor most of her life.  Trevor is gay and his longtime lover is James. Now Trevor's father insists he get married or he will be disinherited. Trevor goes to Georgie and she agrees to step up to the plate and marry Trevor but in name only.

I enjoyed this story and plot for the most part just don’t enjoy reading about men on men or menages. Otherwise i liked reading this and I recommend.

I received an ARC for this story for an honest review.

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review 2015-07-17 05:10
[Book Review] Bound with Honor
Bound with Honor - Megan Mulry

This is not a historical/regency romance.  Rather it is "regency reimagined" which allows for regency window dressing with some vague nod to expectations of propriety.  There are references to the expectations of society, but the characters live in a little orgastic oasis where loving polyamory is the norm.

Perhaps it is a child's duty to be embarrassed by one's parents, certainly not all of Kinsey's children were enthusiastic about their parents openness regarding sexuality.  If that's the case, Lord Archibald Cambury fulfills his duty admirably, wanting nothing more than the opposite of the intimate relationships of his closest family.  His mothers are splendid, and his sister is quite happy with her two husbands, but all he want is a single, proper, wife.

The lovely Selina Ashby could be that very wife: demure, lovely, and intelligent.  Or at least Archie thinks she is demure, and is both shocked and horrified to discover that she's a very forward and sexually eager young lady.  To say that he is shocked by her actions is an understatement, and Archie re-evaluates her suitability as both a potential wife and mother.  Then later when he learns exactly how close Selina and Beatrix are, he feels as if his world is falling apart.  Fortunately, his own dear friend Christopher is there to bugger some commons sense into Archie.

If I was to do a review for twitter on this book it would be: "Prudish Lord rejects hedonistic lifestyle & fails to grasp double standards until fucked into understanding."

I'll be honest, the fact that Archie has a pretty well established long-term, if casual, relationship with Christopher, yet is utterly unaccepting to the point of incomprehension of Selina's relationship with Beatrix when she even tells him upfront annoys me.  The first real breakthrough Archie and Selina experience quite explicitly involves Christopher in the most intimate of ways.  Add in all of the other less traditional relationships of his family and the fact that everyone else knows exactly how close the two ladies are makes it all the more ridiculous.  Though perhaps Archie's biggest failing throughout the whole book is having an utterly prudish world view when anything involves him.  His mother is in a loving relationship with another woman, his sister has two 'husbands,' and he even has a dear male friend who he is ever so intimate with.  Get over yourself, Archie.

Read for salacious adventures and overly dramatic conflict.

Advanced Reader Copy copy courtesy of Netgalley; differences may exist between uncorrected galley text and the final edition.

Source: libromancersapprentice.blogspot.com/2015/07/book-review-bound-with-honor.html
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review 2015-06-18 03:28
Bound With Love by Megan Mulry
Bound with Love - Megan Mulry

I don't get into many F/F historicals, not Regency era anyway, so when this book hit my radar I said yes. :) I hadn't known it's actually a followup to a more erotically charged work with pansexual characters. I found I could follow this story without reading the predecessor, though.

Vanessa and Nora have been together for 20 years, having found each other after Nora's harrowing marriage and separation from her child. When they learn Nora is about to be reunited with the baby she lost, more secrets are revealed. The past becomes a source of tension for both women, to say nothing of the present as Vanessa interferes with her children's lives.

I liked the idea of this story - two older heroines, an accepting family, passionate scenes that didn't come off as gratuitous. The storyline seemed better filled out when the story interchanged between past and present. I liked reading the progression of Nora and Vanessa's romance.

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review 2015-05-01 17:09
Bound with Love by Megan Mulry - My Thoughts
Bound with Love - Megan Mulry

I received a copy of Bound with Love as part of the Riptide Advance Read program.  


If only I was able to suspend belief enough to accept that everyone in this book is involved or wants to be involved in some kind of queer or menage relationship I think I would enjoy it much more.  Because the book is well written, much in the style I've come to associate with Regency romances and many of the characters are interesting.  It's just that with all the non-mainstream romances going on, it seems as if the author is trying to stuff as many characters with different queernesses into her story as possible.  This would work for me in a science fiction or fantasy setting, I think, but in a historical, non-alternate world book... I find it just too much.  


However the love scenes between Nora and Vanessa were nicely done, I thought.  Just explicit enough to fit with the overall feel of the book and I did enjoy the relationship between the two of them.  This story is really more about family and mothering than the actual romance between the two women and the realisations that they come to, whilst very convenient timing-wise, were valid and logical.  I think many mothers have been there.  :)


So, I am sure that many readers out there will enjoy this novella more than I did if they're able to put aside the everyone in the book is queer in some way coincidences.  It was fun getting to see more of the characters we met in the first book, Bound to be a Groom - they play a vital role in this story - and we do meet characters whose stories are coming in the series.  

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review 2014-12-06 07:12
A statistics professor and a French billionaire? Yep. But it totally works...
Roulette - Megan Mulry

“It’s taken a long time for me to build my life the way I want it. I don’t want to do anything to ruin that. It may not be perfect–”
“You deserve perfect, Miki.” The way he looks at me, like he believes such a thing is even possible…it’s too much.

Roulette was a wonderfully entertaining contemporary romance with a highly intelligent, fun heroine who was in the midst of making some major changes in her life. Cue the drama and the passion…and the sexy French billionaire.


Megan Mulry’s stories, in my humble opinion, are always rock solid and have incredibly relatable characters. Miki was no exception. Like I’ve said before, I love strong, smart and sassy heroines, so this story really struck a chord with me.


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