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review 2018-03-02 15:02
Legend of Love: Muse of Epic Poetry - Callie - Lisa Kessler

Book two in the Muses series brings us Navy Seal, Hunter, and the psychologist, Callie. He is sent to her after a rough mission, but he has no interest in talking and getting his head examined by an "old man". When he discovers that his doctor is a beautiful female he still doesn’t want to talk about how his mission went wrong but he does want to go out on a date. Callie holds out strongly and stubbornly, but Hunter draws her in and when she discovers he is her Guardian it makes it even harder to resist his charm. As they grow closer, the Kronos Worshipers single Callie out as their next victim and it is up to Hunter to keep her safe. I enjoyed their story. The Order of Kronos is a bit weak for the bad guys. The members are part of a big oil conglomerate and yet they have to brain wash someone in order to make him fanatical enough to murder without question. They need to be more ruthless and aggressive. They come off as a bit passive compared to the strong protagonists in the story. Other than that, I enjoyed book two as much as book one. Looking forward to reading about Reed next.

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text 2018-01-17 16:59
Unique plot and characters
The Devil And The Muse (The Creatives Se... The Devil And The Muse (The Creatives Series Book 2) - Joshua Sindell,Mandy Jackson-Beverly

The Devil and the Muse by Mandy Jackson-Beverly is the second book in the Creatives Series. I did not read the first book in the series, while I would have liked to, I found it not necessary. The author did a good job of catching the reader up to date. It helped that a description of the characters was included in the very beginning of the book. I referred to it several times until I got caught up on the cast and their roles in the story.


The Allegiance is a group of individuals headed by immortals under the protection of the goddess The Lady and the Rose. Their purpose is to protect and nurture Creatives and other magical beings from those who would do them harm. Creatives are those individual that have a unique gift of being able to see events that lie hidden underneath a painting. In the past, Creatives have been hunted down and killed as witches. Now the Creatives are using their power to help a group of girls who have been kidnapped, raped, tortured and killed by the soldiers of an evil vampire named Kenan who is the devil incarnate. The Allegiance must work quickly if they are to save these young girls.


The book is the classic tale of good versus evil. Yet, the plot and characters are unique. I have read a lot of fantasy and paranormal books and cannot recall anything like it. The author gets lots of kudos for originality. The plot moves rapidly and the sittings change quickly form Washington D. C. to Italy and other places, and time periods, several times which will keep the reader on their toes. This is a book you can’t skim over or you will miss an important action sequence that is critical to the plot.


Overall, it a good story and will appeal to readers of paranormal, vampires and fantasy.  As I stated already, it is not necessary to read the first book in the series but I recommend you do. If I had read the first book, I suspect I would have gotten more from the story. Also, when I start a series in the middle and like it, I always find myself going back and reading the book(s) that I skipped over. Therefore, I am going to add book one to my TBR list and I hope you do too. It is worth a read.


I received a free copy in exchange for my honest opinion.


See mopre of my reviews on my blog at www.thespineview.com.

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review 2018-01-12 21:13
The Billionaire's Muse - M. S. Parker The Billionaire's Muse - M. S. Parker

The Billionaire's Muse by M.S. Parker is a great read.  Ms. Parker has delivered a book that is entertaining.  It is written in alternating point of view format.  I think it might have been even better in third person, but that's a personal preference.  Tanya and Erik's story is loaded with drama, humor and steamy sex.  My favorite part of the book were the lovable characters.  I enjoyed reading The Billionaire's Muse.  This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger.

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review 2018-01-09 19:51
The Muse of Fire
The Muse of Fire - Carol M. Cram

Grace bolts from her London home late one night after her father comes home drunk and hits her.  Still blaming Grace for her mother's death, Grace has become the unwilling scapegoat.  However, the streets of 1800's London are not a friendly place for a lady at night.  Grace is found by Ned, a stage manager at the nearby Theatre Royale.  Ned graciously helps Grace recover over the next few days.  During their stay together, Grace tells Ned of her interest in the theatre and how she and her mother would recite lines.  Ned allows Grace to sit backstage and watch a performance before she must leave and face her father once more.  Before Grace goes, an opportunity arises for Grace to be in the Chorus of a show.  Grace falls in love with the theatre and finds the strength to part from her father's household.  Upon hearing the news, Grace's father writes her out of his will.  Soon, with help from Ned, Grace finds her place among the acting troupe.  Although, just as Grace begins to rise, the theatre burns down and when it is rebuilt and hike in prices results in a riot at theatre every night.  As Grace and Ned deal with the Old Price riots, they also uncover a mystery dealing with Grace's mother and Aunt.  

The Muse of Fire transported me directly to London's Theatre scene in the early 1800's.  I was taken with the historical detail, I had never heard of the Old Price Riots and were surprised to learn that they were very real and just as comprehensive as described.  I also enjoyed that some of the actors, actresses and directors were also taken from history.  The thoroughness in describing how backstage operations at the theatre worked was entertaining as well, from costuming to props, fly rigs and makeup, to orchestras and prompters the liveliness and excitement of live theatre is revealed.  Grace and Ned's characters were complete and well thought out.  Both had interesting histories and good backbone.  From the beginning I wondered what their relationship to one another would be and I was pleased to see how they ended up.  I loved Grace's direct nature and willingness to endure.  Ned is exceedingly kind and able to use his wit to his advantage.  The mystery and drama created by Grace's Aunt, Father and cousin Percival was exciting and unexpected, creating just as much drama as the stage.  Overall, another rich and exhilarating historical fiction from Carol M. Cram.

This book was received for free in return for an honest review. 

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review 2017-12-01 01:15
good book and characters
The Irredeemable Billionaire (The Muse Series) - Lexxie Couper

Grace is a widow whose job is being a paramedic and she has a son named Cody. Grace had been married to a firefighter who got killed in the line of duty during a fire. It has been two years. Grace promised she would never replace her deceased husband.  Then Grace's childhood neighbor Sebastian and arch enemy shows up at her door to be Cody’s Big Brother. Both Grace and Sebastian/Seb are shocked.  Seb is now a famous movie director. Sebastian is in Sydney preparing for the premiere of his latest project. Seb is used to getting what he wants. Seb had been out with friends and several beers later he sees a hat he wants to try on in - Hugo’s Boss Boutique- so he broke the store window so he could try on the hat. Sebastian received community service for his misadventure. His community service was to be a Big Brother to a younger boy. Seb had constantly teased Grace growing up ,making her life miserable. But Grace gave as good as she got. Sheila is Grace’s friend and tried to help,  they had also grown up together. Sheila also runs Big Brother. Big Sister program. Sheila had put Cody’s name in to get a big brother without telling Grace. Cody is a movie geek and he and Seb bond over their love of movies. Grace doesn’t date there isn't time after work and Cody. Grace has a neighbor who brings her coffee unannounced in the morning. He is trying to insert himself into Grace's life. Even after their past Seb awakens a sleeping part of Grace and makes her want more.

I really enjoyed reading this book. It was a fun, silly,enjoyable read. Cody definitely added to the story and I just loved him. I liked the pace and the plot of this book a lot. I loved Seb and Grace together. At times this choked me up and at others made me smile. I do think Grace should have let go of the past sooner than she did and I think Seb should have gotten over being full of himself and being a butt a lot sooner than he did also. All and all this was a good read. I loved the characters and the ins and outs and I recommend.

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