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text 2018-01-09 19:25
Falling for Her Brother’s Best Friend By Noelle Adams Free!
Falling for her Brother's Best Friend - Noelle Adams

After too many bad decisions in romance, Emma is going on a man-fast. For the next six months, she’s fasting from men. No sex. No dating. No soulful gazes. No fond memories of her first crush. She’s going to spend the time focusing on her career, getting in touch with herself, and helping her two best friends with the launch of their new tea room. No men.

And that includes her brother’s best friend, Noah Hart, who has just returned to their hometown.

She doesn’t want Noah anyway. He might be even hotter than he was before, but he’s not a nice guy anymore. He’s made a fortune by acting ruthless in business, and the last thing he’s looking for is small-town domestic life. He doesn’t even want to be in town again, but a sick grandmother guilted him into it. Then he has nerve to not even recognize Emma when he sees her again. Maybe it’s been seven years, but a decent guy would remember his best friend’s little sister.

Noah is not a decent guy. Anyway, Emma is on a man-fast. And she doesn’t want Noah.

At all.

Fifteen years ago, three girls were thrown together because their brothers were best friends. Now they're all grown up, and their brothers are grown up too. The Tea for Two series tells their stories.

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review 2018-01-02 00:00
Seducing Her Brother's Best Friend
Seducing Her Brother's Best Friend - Noelle Adams Noelle Adams is romance gold. She proves that love is not always in your face sex appeal. Seduction does not have to be raunchy, it can be a subtle merging of the minds and hearts. Carol and Patrick are one of the best examples of romance. Love was a gradual progression, that neither saw coming, until it was too late to overlook. There is no perfect time to fall in love and no perfect person to fall in love with. Love is accepting a person for who they are not who we want them to be. Seducing Her Brother's Best Friend is a flawless look at what love is. Sweet, sinful and flawed, but no less life-changing.
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review 2017-11-22 00:00
Second Best
Second Best - Noelle Adams Second Best - Noelle Adams

I read this book twice. Yep. I was sent the ARC a second time, and when I opened it again, I decided I wanted to finish it again. THAT'S how much I loved this story.

I've read a love of Ms. Adams' books over the years, and I think this one is my absolute favorite.

As is my wont, I'll talk about our leads.

Ashley is the girl that nobody really notices. She thinks she's ordinary, but the real reason is that she hides behind insecurity, plain clothes, and the tendency to be quiet. She's in love with one of the partners at her firm. But that's not who she's sleeping with.

Sean Doyle isn't the man of Ashley's dreams, but he's filling a hole in her life. After a one-night stand, they made a deal. They'd meet every two weeks and have a no-strings affair. Sean knows she's in love with someone else, and he's not looking for a relationship after a tragedy left him heartbroken.

“Look at you,” he rasped, his mouth near my ear again. “Look at how hot you are, how much you want this. This is who you really are, and only I get to see it.”

Gradually, their agreement becomes something else. They still meet on Wednesdays, but the assignations become dinners with deeper talks. Sean and Ash learn more about each other. Things come out that were never meant to be learned - breaking some of their terms.

But when their contract is metaphorically ripped to shreds, they have to face their feelings, and not just for each other.

The romance between Sean and Ashley was such a slow burn, it really was gorgeous how it unfolded. I loved that they were attracted to each other from the beginning, yet started out as a different kind of "ship".

I give Second Best five Ribeye dinners.

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review 2017-08-19 05:07
Protecting the Movie Star (The Protectors) by Samantha Chase and Noelle Adams
Protecting the Movie Star (The Protectors Book 4) - Samantha Chase,Noelle Adams


If experience makes the man, Cole is a force to be reckoned with.  From an early age he's fought battles that no person should have to face and done acts that have left him in despair.  Criminal, fighter and best friend are monikers he can't escape, but the one title that changes the man from fighter to warrior is protector.  He wears that title like a badge of honor and will let nothing stop him from shielding the woman he loves.  Not even guilt. Protecting the Movie Star is darker and bolder than the previous three novels in the Protectors series. Not only does Cole and Evangeline tempt readers with their page turner romance, but authors Chase and Adams close out the series by tying up loose ends. An emotional tale of redemption, faith and hope that inspires the heart and heals the soul.

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review 2017-08-17 21:15
Protecting the Girl Next Door (The Protectors) by Samantha Chase and Noelle Adams
Protecting the Girl Next Door (The Protectors Book 3) - Samantha Chase,Noelle Adams


A true original.  In a twist of pure genius, Chase and Adams scored success with a not often used scenario. They took a man of action out of his element.  Declan is the man with the plan and the strength to back it up. He thinks with his head and has become well-versed at ignoring his heart.  When an assignment puts the big bad Marine in front of a class full of first graders, the man with the plan realizes he needs a helping hand. I LOVED this story.  There is nothing more precious than a child and for these authors to blend the innocence of youth with the jaded maturity of adulthood was a stellar move. Kristin and Declan's romance traveled a complicated route but the message conveyed with this tale was simple.  Sensitivity is not a weakness, it's a powerful asset.  It only took a group of mischievous kids and a caring mama bear teacher to show this tough as nails warrior the error of his ways.

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