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review 2019-10-11 15:18
Who am I: Prequel to the Semiramis series by Maya Daniels
Who am I: Prequel to the Semiramis series - Maya Daniels

@mayadaniels11, #Paranormal#Romance#YoungAdult, 4 out of 5 (very good)


Who am I: Prequel to the Semiramis series is exactly what it says. It is a short novella giving you an insight into the main character's childhood. It shows you just what Alex goes through and why she is the person she is at the beginning of Semiramis Awakened (book one in the series).


It is exceedingly well-written and packs a punch for all it is so short. You will feel for Alex before you even really know her, which is exactly how it should be. The writing is the usual high standard you would expect from a Maya Daniels book, and although there is no world-building per se, it still gives you enough to give you an inkling into Alex's world. 


I have already read the three books in this series, and am waiting oh so patiently (!!!!) for the fourth book to arrive. Therefore I already know Alex and what she goes through. Did this impact my enjoyment of this story? Absolutely not. You don't have to read it in order to gain maximum enjoyment out of it. Absolutely recommended!


* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and the comments here are my honest opinion. *



Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!


Source: archaeolibrarian.wixsite.com/website/single-post/2019/10/11/Who-am-I-Prequel-to-the-Semiramis-series-by-Maya-Daniels
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review 2019-03-17 21:26
Prequel to a series, tragic set up.
Legacy of the Blade (Series Prequel) - Elizabeth Rose
Quick read. This was a prequel to set up the series. We met Corbett as a child through to the loss of his family within a very short time span. There were hints at mysterious happenings throughout the sad events with a touch of the psychic. I look forward to reading the series, which begins with Corbett's story as a grown man in Lord of the Blade.

This is my unsolicited review.


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review 2017-08-17 20:01
Giveaway – The Resistance Series by Tracy Lawson @TracySLawson @SDSXXTours
Spark: Careen's Prequel to the Resistance Series - Tracy Lawson
Careen’s Prequel to the Resistance Series
This is a wonderful and enticing introduction to Careen, who is running from her past to start her life anew, and The Resistance Series that reeks of government conspiracy and danger…and I am hooked.

Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos 3 Stars


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Source: www.fundinmental.com/giveaway-the-resistance-series-by-tracy-lawson-tracyslawson-sdsxxtours
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review 2017-05-14 01:51
UNTIL YOU by Melody Heck Gatto
Until You: Prequel to the Renegades Seri... Until You: Prequel to the Renegades Series - Melody Heck Gatto
  Introduces the Pittsburgh Renegades series a little. Surfer Sam plays hockey in California. He meets Trina at the beach in Delaware. Turns out that Trina sings the National Anthem in Winnipeg and her brother plays hockey in Pittsburgh. Trina has many problems that she is dealing with.

I liked that Trina came to trust Sam. I also liked that Sam earned her trust. They were a good couple who learned that communication could deal with whatever was given to them. There is not much hockey but there is some hot sex.

I look forward to reading the full series since my appetite for the Renegades has been whetted.
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text 2017-01-23 14:34
Could have been a cute story?
Aloha, Baby! ~ a prequel novella (The Escape Series Book 0) - Ann Omasta

I'm not going to rate this one because of certain things. One, I know how much time, effort, and self an author puts into a book (at least I hope everyone spends as much time as I do). Second, this is written in present tense which is one of my pet peeves. It just doesn't work for me.


Okay, the story itself has potential. However, I never felt connected to the characters and I felt like this was someone's outline draft for a book. It was all telling, no show. I wanted to like the characters and I wanted to feel something. Even though I finished it, I was left feeling disappointed and like I had wasted my time. 


There was a sex scene I skipped. If I were to rate, I'd give a 3 on my scale with a PG-13 to R movie rating for the one scene. 


1-5 scale and what it means:

1: I couldn’t even finish it / just plain bad

2: I hope I didn’t pay for this / disappointing

3: I didn’t hate it, but it was still missing something / forgettable but inoffensive

3.5: On the line between good and ok / like, not love

4: Solid mind candy / worth reading

4.5: So very close to perfection! / must read

5: I could not put it down and I’m still thinking about it! / a true treasure


Movie Ratings in relation to my review:

Clean--Hallmark movies, some kissing, no nudity, no sex on or off "screen"

PG--Some innuendo but nothing kids don't hear every day, sex is all closed door

PG-13--some language (swear words not related to sex), more talk about sex, heavy petting, removal of clothing on screen, but sex is closed door.

 R--swearing (can be related to sex), feels like the whole story is about the sex and not the relationship or some other plot, on screen sex with details

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