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text 2015-08-08 11:10
Just $0.99 for a LIMITED TIME!
Dangerous Concoctions (Curvy Assignments Series Book 2) - Victoria Bright
He's So Fine (A BBW Stepbrother Romance) - Marie Mason
A Simple Change (Change Series Book 1) - J.L. Ostle,Laura Hampton
The Hardest of Changes (Change series Book 2) - J.L Ostle,Laura Hampton
When Fates Collide Box Set - Isabelle Richards
Big Bad Bear (Soldier Bears Book 1) - Terry Bolryder
And The Earth Moved: Romantic Comedy Cozy Mystery (Amber Reed CCIA Mystery Book 1) - Zanna Mackenzie
Uncovering You: The Complete First Boxset - Scarlett Edwards
The Billionaire's Desire: The Complete Series - Cassie Cross
Stone Deep: An Alpha Bad Boy Romance (Stone Brothers Book 3) - Shauna Kruse,Tess Oliver,Elizabeth Anna Hart

These keepers are books that you can get under a dollar for a short while.  Here are some greats at a low low price!!


eBooks only:


Dangerous Concoctions by Victoria Bright


Amazon ** Barnes & Noble ** iBooks


He's So Fine by Marie Mason



A Simple Change by JL Ostle



Big Bad Bear by Terry Bolryder



And The Earth Moved by Zanna MacKenzie




Stone Deep by Tess Oliver & Anna Hart FOR PRE-ORDER



The Reason I Breathe by Cory Cyr


Amazon ** Barnes & Noble


Home or Her Bear by Harmony Raines



The Hardest of Changes



BOXED SETS of eBooks:


The Billionaire's Desire:The Complete Series by Cassie Cross



When Fates Collide Box Set by Isabelle Richards

Amazon ** Barnes & Noble


Uncovering You:The Complete First Boxed Set by Scarlett Edwards



Protect and Serve:Soldiers, SEALs and Cops: Contemporary Heroes by J.M. Madden (Author), Sharon Hamilton (Author), Amity Cross (Author), Stacy Green (Author), Allie K. Adams (Author), HIldie McQueen (Author), Cheryl Bradshaw (Author), Carra Copelin (Author), Jenna Bennett(Author)      FOR PRE-ORDER


Amazon ** KOBO ** iBooks

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review 2014-05-12 00:00
Uncovering You 3: Resistance (Uncovering You, #3)
Uncovering You 3: Resistance (Uncovering You, #3) - Scarlett Edwards Review and Purchase links are posted here :


Here's the thing about mini series, I want every page to count! Then there's this thing I always fear, for the characters to suddenly change. But guess what? This DID NOT disappoint!!!!

My first reaction after reading, I wanna cut Jeremy's balls off!!!


My God, this guy is sick! What a sadistic asshole! And I loved it! Cause I didn't want him to suddenly go soft....

And Lily... I so don't want her falling for him. Pourquoi? Nothing about Jeremy is loveable... and I know Lily knows better than that.

Though there was a moment that I thought it was heading that way.... This is such a mind fuck! Well done Ms. Edwards....


I still don't know what Jeremy's motive are or maybe there's none and he is just a perv! Still, it would be nicer if some of the mysteries would unravel a bit soon.... like maybe on the next book? Here's hoping.

That said... there's a reason why I'm not so fond of mini series, I hate the wait for the next book! It's torture!

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review 2014-04-04 00:00
Uncovering You 2: Submission
Uncovering You 2: Submission - Scarlett ... Uncovering You 2: Submission - Scarlett Edwards LIVE NOW!!!






Does she even have a choice?

I'm Shock!!! I'm in rage!!! And I'm crying!!!

Jeremy Stonehart makes my skin crawl right now! I wanna cut his balls off!!!


Poor Lilly.... abducted... and now... ugh, I don't wanna say it!


I never really expected to what length the story would go! And OMG, I'm flabbergasted! ! I couldn't even care less about Jeremy's psychobabble. Man, what an A-hole! I've read a lot of bastard lead characters and Stonehart comes to the top of my list.


That said.... despite everything that Lilly is going through, she still tries to keep her sanity! I can't even imagine how she's doing it! It's crazy!

A must read if you like dark, edgy and whole lot of angst and mystery.

This takes us a step more to Lilly's torture and a hint of the kind of person Stonehart is. My mind is still reeling with so many questions though. And I am so thirsty for more. It is torture waiting for the next book!

Thank you Ms. Scarlett Edwards for the privilege!!!

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review 2014-03-31 00:00
Uncovering You: The Contract (Uncovering You, #1)
Uncovering You: The Contract (Uncovering You, #1) - Scarlett Edwards Seriously, it's another 50 shades/Bared to You etc. etc. copy-cat.

She even falls into him when she meets him. A la Ana/Christian and Eva/Gideon. Then he bans the fed-ex guy who accidentally bumped into her (and apologized) from his building. Cause he iz a young gazillionaire who owns his own company/ies. But that's not enough so he extends the ban to all of fed-ex entirely, indefinitely. Or until they can teach their employees to never accidentally bump into any person in a crowded lobby, and prove it to him.

Naturally Ana...Eva...I mean, Lilly is utterly impressed by this and even more impressed when he steps on the elevator and the many people already occupying it remove themselves immediately. Cause, that's hot.

He says 'impressed?' to which she responds, 'they know you'.

Yes, those people who work in his building, for his company, aka his employees 'know him'. Enough to disappear quickly, or 'file out, meek as mice'. He calls her 'astute'.

He also has the blackest eyes she's ever seen, so black she can see the purple underneath, and then compares them to midnight sapphires?

Astute, indeed.

I'm not even going to get into the confusing (and often seemingly pointless) timeline of events which goes from 2014 to 'present day' which is 2013, to six months, eleven years, one month, three months ago and back again from chapter to chapter. Chapters are often less than a page and overall the writing is just meh.

No, thanks. Not going to be continuing and certainly not if the price is going from .99c to $3.99 for a 100 page serial.
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review 2014-03-24 00:00
Uncovering You: The Contract (Uncovering You, #1)
Uncovering You: The Contract (Uncovering You, #1) - Scarlett Edwards *** ARC provided by author in exchange of honest review***

Wait. WHAT?! That's it?! This has to be a joke.
I can't believe how short this was! Just when I was starting to get into the story it ends! This is my first "dark romance" novel, because let's be serious 50 Shades of Grey doesn't count. And I'm completely new to this general, so when I was offered the chance to be apart of the blog tour I was ify at first. But I am so glad that I took part, because this book was fantastic!Although when I first started reading this I was not a fan of it switching between present day and the past. I call it personal preference, I find that myself as I reader will tend to get lost and somewhere along the way I have to pause and go back and try to remember if I'm reading the present or past chapter. Nor was I a fan of how the story started! You're basically reading backwards to lead up to the beginning, BUT the last chapter does not end where the book started so that annoyed me a little. But again, I chop this up to personal preference! So than I decided to read it again and let me just say I LOVED it!A completely different style that I haven't come across before. And Scarlett's writing style? Unique! I will be highly (and patiently) waiting for Uncovering You: Submission! I can't wait to find out what will happened next between Lily and J.S. And the way that it ended? I was sitting here thinking "Oh J.S., your in trouble now" !!
My rating: ★★★★/5
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