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url 2022-05-10 16:48
Now Live: The Mirror by Fizza Younis


Snow White has lived all her life hoping that someday she will find a way out of her evil stepmother’s clutches. Now it seems her dream of freedom is within her reach. But will she just extend her hand and take what’s hers? Or does fate intervene again, shattering all her hopes?
They call her the Evil Queen, but it’s not her fault that the mirror demands to be fed. She has tried her best to keep Snow safe. Unfortunately, she might not be able to help her wayward stepdaughter anymore. Things are rarely the way they seem. And Snow might have to learn this lesson the hard way.

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review 2022-02-21 22:14
A Wicked Snow - Gregg Olsen
A Wicked Snow - Gregg Olsen
I am really starting to enjoy this author! His stories are right up my alley. I love a murder mystery, real or fictional. It's my ideal book!
This story did not disappoint!!!!
There was a huge mystery surrounding this investigator and her mother. Her mother disappeared and the circumstances shrouding it were unlike anything I have heard of. It was a wild read! It was twisted, dark, slightly graphic and horrifying at times, but a great story!
I could even see a next book for this one. One that might give us more insight in to Hannah. Especially given the information she knows now.
I definitely look forward to reading more from this author and highly recommend his stories to anyone looking for a thrill!
Source: www.fredasvoice.com/2022/02/a-wicked-snow-gregg-olsen-6.html
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video 2021-01-06 04:40


To choose your snow chains , you will first need to define several criteria: your needs, the type of tires on your vehicle, the installation and size and, of course, the price. Here are our tips for choosing the right snow chains.

Precisely define your needs

If you live in a mountainous area or go skiing once a year, your snow chain needs will obviously be significantly different. Generally, three cases are distinguished:

  • You live in an area that is not very conducive to heavy snowfall and / or you need chains for (very) occasional use. In this case, snow socks may be sufficient. Compact, easy to install, they will help you out for your rare trips on the snow.
  • You regularly go to the mountains, you are regularly confronted with snow or you do not have winter tires. It is then imperative to acquire snow chains . You will then have to define the most suitable model: classic or universal, manual or automatic tensioning, etc.
  • You are in a heavily snow-covered region where you have frequent trips on snow-covered roads. You will have to turn to spiders , the must of snow chains.

Choose snow chains adapted to your tires

To choose the right snow chains for your vehicle, you must first and foremost make sure that they are suitable for the size, in particular the width of your tires . In addition, the chains will also need to be adapted to the rims of your car. Indeed, aluminum rims require chains with anti-scratch protection.

Best Snow Chains

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text 2020-12-21 01:02
It is very popular in todays world for people to buy businesses

If you have no idea on this topic you can always get professional help who will be able to meet your requirements for a reasonable price. This can save you a lot of time and money in the long run but you have to remember that it will cost you initially. These experts will be able spot the business that have potential and the ones that you should avoid. There is help offered if you choose to accept it. If you are lucky enough you will be able to ask around for advice and help to guarantee that you are making the right decision. It is very popular in todays world for people to buy businesses that have already been established and making a constant flow of money. There is a way to help eliminate this factor, by opening up an online shop it will allow people locally and people that live a fair distance to browse your shop or service and make a decision if they want anything.Not everyone has the patience and knowledge to start their own business from scratch. Dont think that you have to make the decision by yourself.

If you can not afford the professional assistance, then just ensure that you research everything about the company before you make a final decision. There are many factors that need to be considered to ensure that you are making the right decision. For example if you are searching for a Queensland business for sale then you will only have to research the companies that are based in Queensland. If you have any doubts you are often best trusting your gut feeling and backing off as it could end up being a very costly task.As mentioned before about limiting your audience, this is not necessarily a bad thing. There are the advantages as well as disadvantages of buying a Queensland business, the main disadvantage will be the fact that you are limiting your audience. If you have a local shop it is only beneficial to people in that area so you need to make it stand out from your competition to get them returning to you each time snow fence Suppliers they require your service.

This can be a frustrating process as you need to research each company in depth to ensure that you choose one with potential that you will be able to increase in value of the set period.Setting up an internet site for your company can be done fairly easily, if you know how to do it yourself you can implement your skills to get a site up and running. Dont be afraid to ask for proof of what they are claiming in order to settle your mind and be confident in the company you are investing money into. If you have a much smaller target audience it means that you can concentrate on them and make the service perfect for them. For example if you had a clothes shop specifically for women you will want to only stock womens clothes which will allow you to get more styles and variations giving them more choices. This will make it much easier for you and ensure that you get the maximum potential from your new business.You have to come up with certain requirements so that the decision will be a lot easier, as you may want to buy a local company which will reduce the choices down further.You are advised to come up with your plan of action before you make any payments so that you are fully aware of what you are going to do and when to do it.

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text 2020-12-17 17:55
Top 10 snow chains in 2020

For me, safety in the car is very important. That's why I get really frustrated when I go out to buy a supposedly reliable car snow chain that ends up breaking as soon as I use it for the first time. Here I will tell you about my experience with best snow chains.


Having my first car, I bought him a set of metal chains so as not to lose traction during the winter, but they turned out to be very poor quality. I installed them to pass the 6 km of the first snow that I experienced in the vehicle and they were a total disappointment.

The point is that the material was totally flimsy and one of the links gave way. So I had to leave the car stopped in the middle of the road and wait for the snowplow.


I tell you that I will never go through that situation again, so I started looking for the best on the market and I will share them with you. Here is my comparison and opinion on Best snow chains. Remember that Best snow chains that best suit your needs and budget.


What is the best snow chain?
This is my comparative list where you can find the least expensive models

and of better quality. I selected them first depending on the types of chains, which are basic, standard, premium and alternative drive.


All are suitable for cars, trucks and vans, except those with alternative traction, which work only for passenger cars. Although the harsher the conditions, it is preferable that the chains are more advanced.


Patterns influence traction and are available in diamond, square, ladder, or diagonals. Ideally, they should support speeds of at least 50 km / h, although some can reach 100 km / h.


In terms of price, there are other very affordable options that offer good results and it may be convenient to consider chains with textile covers included, in turn, chains that adjust the tension automatically are also a good option and try to always be easy to install.


Here are the best snow chains:


1. Non-slip snow chain for SUMUYA tires

Adjustable universal model


The next product that I can recommend to you in terms of high-end snow chains, are those of the Sumuya label , who have designed a set of 6 universal chains with adjustable straps for 185-295cm tires. They are resistant to less than 50 ° C, because they are manufactured with 100% pure Dichotomanthes, and they are really easy to install in a few minutes without the need to move the car.

The kit also includes gloves and an installation tool.


2. Set of 6 UNIAUTO snow tire chains

With snow scraper and gloves

For those who enjoy long car trips during winter with the intention of skiing in beautiful places, they know well the importance of carrying a kit to avoid traffic jams and slides in the snow.


Thinking about it, the Uniauto brand offers us an innovative, universal and adjustable design, made with extra-thick TPU. In addition, its system is highly resistant to abrasion, thanks to the zinc alloy buckles. Very simple to install.


3. Alpin 48708 snow chains
A convenient package


This package comes with 2 metal chains and with square steel joints, which guarantees its durability and good quality. These come in size 80, but are also available from 30 to 100.


Due to their size, they are ideal if there is little space in the wheel arches and they are easy to install, with a fast and stable assembly. In turn, all the mounting handles are in front of the wheel.


In addition to the two chains for the front or rear, it includes a pair of gloves, repair kit and instructions.


4. Snow chains KÖNIG THULE CB-12 104

Excellent quality and reliability

KONIG CB-12 104 Snow chains,


This model from the Konig brand also comes in a presentation of two chains for you to install them on the driving wheels or the rear ones. They are made of metal and have a fairly simple manual tension system that gives them good rigidity. It works with one stop for installation and another for tension adjustment.


Make sure that your rim has at least 12 mm of clearance between them and the body to be able to use this model, and it also has the O-Norm 5117, UNI 11313 and TUV certifications.


5. Sumex Hupr235 snow chain
Thicker for more traction


Now I bring you another package with two metal chains, this time made of premium steel alloy. Although the version that I show you is size 235, 210, 220, 227 and more are also available until reaching 270.


They are 16 mm thick and highly recommended for how easy they are to install and their good quality, since it comes with an instruction manual and they are quite robust. In turn, they have the European TUV and GS certifications.


6. iRegro snow chain
More convenient


This product corresponds to another type of chain, as they are 6 individual chain pieces with buckles made of zinc alloy and steel tendons and teeth. Each rim has 3 pieces.


One advantage is that they are a striking yellow in color, which adds greater safety on foggy roads.


They are capable of withstanding temperatures of -50 ºC and are quite resistant to wear. They're also easy to mount and uninstall, universal for 165-285mm tires, and work on slopes, smooth ground, snowfields, and more.


In addition, it includes a shovel.


7. Lilauto anti-slip car snow chain

Resistant and reusable


This is another good option that I found and it consists of 10 individual chains that must be placed 5 by 5. That is, the package will serve to cover two tires. In turn, they are easy to install and adjustable tension for rims between 175 and 295 mm. This is why it is ideal for cars, trucks, sports cars and more. Anyway, keep in mind that they support up to 3 tons.


They can also be installed on the rear or front wheels, they work in temperatures from -35 to 85 ºC and their maximum working length is 80 cm.


Remember that safety is essential when driving on roads with adverse conditions. For this reason, we recommend maintaining moderate speeds and choosing the right model for the situation. Therefore, if there is very heavy snow or ice, I recommend chains with diagonal or diamond patterns.


Also keep in mind that being metal products, they could have sharp edges that damage the tire tread, which could cause the tire to burst or puncture. Look for any sharp links or cutting edges. It never hurts to be mistrustful.


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