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review 2017-10-30 18:46
Hilarious and scorching hot
Mister McHottie: A Billionaire Boss / Brother's Best Friend / Enemies to Lovers Romantic Comedy - Pippa Grant

I'm pretty critical when it comes to romantic comedies, but I couldn't find much to criticize in this one. Grant had me laughing from page one and things that were a bit over the top and eye-roll worthy, they just worked for this one. There's a fine line between love and hate and Chase and Bro dance all over it. The chemistry between them is crazy good, even when they're slinging insults, and they take angry sex to a whole new level. Mister McHottie has great characters, brilliantly witty dialogue, and a fast-paced, hilarious story that I couldn't put down. Pippa Grant is new to me, but this crazy good romantic comedy just put her on my authors to watch list! If you need a good laugh and enjoy crazy, over the top pranks (including some perfectly timed glitter bombs), sexual innuendo, combined with a scorching hot enemies to lovers romance, this is a must read.

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review 2017-10-25 14:08
Nineteen Eighty-Bore
Nineteen Eighty-Four - George Orwell

1984 is probably THE book when it comes to dystopian fiction, it is a canonical or if you like „classic“ novel, but now I wonder if it really deserves this status.
My dystopian October readings included Evgenij Zamjatins We, which was actually the blueprint for 1984 (believe it or not, but since Orwell knew Russian very well, he was quite familiar with Zamjatins writing), so I was quite eager to read both novels and now I just don’t understand how Orwell didn’t come up with something better.


I was honestly bored throughout most of the time and this has nothing to do with a lack of action in a traditional sense or the average plot, but first and foremost with the characters (1), the structure (2) and the length (3).


1. Good characters make good texts in my opinion. To really engage while reading, I have to feel something for at least one of the characters. This can be a liking for someone, love, dislike or even hate – but in 1984 I did not really like nor dislike anyone – I am simply completely indifferent to all of them. Where is the charisma, the uniqueness, the personality? One might argue that in the 1984-kind of future these traits are not allowed to exist, therefore no one possesses them, but then I say that this is what makes us human. I understand, that the average citizen of Oceania doesn’t have any personality, but what about Winston and Julia? I cannot remember ever having a protagonist who was such a flat, non-developing character.


2. If the characters are bad, sometimes the writing style or the structure of a novel can help to counterbalance the deficit. But not in this case. One cannot even see the plot for all the repetitions. So many unnecessary repetitions. The past is constantly altered and people killed by the Party have never even exited. Point made. It is a good point. But point understood the first time. There is no need to come back to this in every other chapter.

Also, Orwell obviously went through a great deal inventing Newspeak. Then why isn’t Newspeak incorporated more? I mean, seriously, compared to Burgess’s Nadsat, which is quite unintelligible at first, Newspeak is not hard to grasp.


3. The sheer length of 1984! This ties in with point 2 about the repetitions – You could cut out so much and it wouldn’t affect the story at all. When I was probably half through I started thinking, that maybe 1984 would work really well as a short story. And I don’t say this in regard to the shortened attention span of us modern people, but because our social, cultural and literary Erwartungshorizont has been pushed forward so much since 1949 that a modern reader is no longer challenged by this.


All in all, I had high expectations for 1984 and maybe that was the problem.

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review 2017-10-21 16:18
Reread of Brother's Ruin by Emma Newman
Brother's Ruin - Emma Newman

Series: Industrial Magic #1


The second novella in Emma Newman's Industrial Magic series came out last week, and I was just hazy enough on the details of the first one that I decided to reread it before reading the second (plus novella so it's short). If anything, I think I enjoyed it more this time around and felt more forgiving towards some of the things that felt too convenient before. This is basically an alternate history that takes place in the Victorian era where the industrial revolution is being helped along by magic and magic used in industrial settings. The story takes places in London.


My first review can be found here.

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text 2017-10-21 08:09
How to change brother printer network settings

Brother printer or Brother soft printer is a printer manufactured by brother software which also provides the network settings for their printer. Network settings for any printer are important as it is because of the network settings that the printer will be connected to any LAN and can print all the data that is sent to it by one of the many computers connected to LAN.


To change the brother printer settings, you must follow the steps below:


Step 1) First you must be aware of the WLAN point to which you need to connect the printer to.


Step 2) You need to know the Network name and network key. Next, go to the brother.com and search for the printer you are using. You must search the exact model name as each model has its own network settings.


Step 3) Once you have selected the model, you need to search for the network settings as per your LAN requirements.


Step 4) Download the exe file for network settings. Once it is downloaded, run the exe file.


Step 5) Give a name to your printer which you want to see in the Local Area Network. This is important as it will show your printer in the network with this name.


Step 6) Now that your network settings have been installed, you can use your printer to print any documents on any network.


In case you find need any technical assistance in changing network settings of Brother Printer, you can always contact the brother printer technical support number. You may contact via email or call the customer support team. Your queries will be adhered to in a stipulated time frame.


Source: www.supportcarenumber.com/brother-printer-technical-support
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text 2017-08-15 18:44
15th August 2017
Flowers of a Moment - Ko Un,Brother Anthony,Young-Moo Kim,Gary Gach

Body and soul, let's all go / transformed into arrows! / Piercing the air / body and soul, let's go / with no turning back. 


Ko Un


August 15, 1982: On this day, Ko Un was released from prison under a general amnesty. The former Buddhist monk, who had been given a life sentence for resisting the South Korean military dictatorship, went on to become one of the most acclaimed poets in Korea. 

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