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review 2019-10-20 23:47
The Bewildered Bride by Vanessa Riley
The Bewildered Bride (Advertisements for Love Book 4) - Vanessa Riley

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


Adam and I had been kicked out, were running for our lives, and the morning sun hadn’t even risen.


Ruth and Adam had a whirlwind romance that had them going to Gretna Green to get married. Adam hasn't been completely honest about who is and plots involving his uncle stealing money that have him in danger, so before they can fully enjoy their happily ever after, evil snatches it away.


Fourth in the Advertisements in Love series, The Bewildered Bride gets the story rolling right away, almost too quickly for me. I haven't read the others in the series and for the first twenty or so percent I felt like I was missing some background or key information. There is some lying by omission going on from Adam and he isn't completely honest about how much danger his uncle is, leaving Ruth in the dark in a way that completely hamstrings her. I felt even more lost than Ruth with the plot about Adam's evil uncle, I'm wondering if there was some information about this in the previous book or if Adam and Ruth's relationship starts there, as they're getting married when we first start the book. The middle was a still a bit muddled for me but towards the end, the author untangled everything to make things clearer.


I have to believe the good in him. He did not take me to Gretna Green just to have at me. We married. I was a bride. I was loved.”


The star of the show was definitely our heroine Ruth. Since no one in her family ever met Adam, they don't believe she was married, making her family having to rescue her from a brothel and then delivering a baby nine months later, a dark mark on her reputation. Ruth's mother and sister don't believe her story about marrying Adam either, letting their friends say hurtful things to Ruth. I felt for her and her pain was palpable on the pages, it was just the construction of the story plot that I couldn't completely get on board with.


On their way back from Gretna Green, they are attacked by men possibly sent by Adam's uncle and it ends up where Adam thinks Ruth is dead and Ruth thinks Adam is dead. Ruth doesn't have any proof that she was married to Adam and Adam has a tough road to travel before he can get back to being in control of his own life again. This is a great set-up for some drama but when our hero and heroine meet back up again, Ruth doesn't recognize Adam (the first time because she doesn't have her glasses on). Adam proclaims some weak excuse for not telling her and for the vast majority of the story, we have Adam lying to Ruth again and some unreliability that she can't recognize him. I just didn't feel the romance between the two.


Ruth was a strong and heartbreaking character with all she had to deal with, while I felt like I couldn't connect with Adam and his lying. The evil uncle plot was a bit hard to follow but the author did a great job of portraying the emotional and historical feel of the times; classism and racism. I could have missed some information starting with book four, if you're a reader of the series you'll definitely want to read this for Ruth and if you're starting here, be prepared to maybe be as bewildered as Ruth.

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text 2019-10-10 19:31
Reading Update: 20%
The Bewildered Bride (Advertisements for Love Book 4) - Vanessa Riley

Rainy cloudy day here, perfect for reading and a crock pot meal


The Bewildered Bride by Vanessa Riley purchase link


Crockpot Ranchero Chicken recipe

Added green chilies, extra cayenne, and spicy guacamole. Ate mine in a bowl but bf did tacos with sour cream and loved it.


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text 2019-08-22 23:08
BoB26, Day 4 - If This, Then That
The Nightingale Girls - Donna Douglas
With Every Letter - Sarah Sundin
A Distant Melody - Sarah Sundin
Through Waters Deep - Sarah Sundin
The Dragon and the Pearl - Jeannie Lin
Let It Shine - Alyssa B. Cole
The Bashful Bride - Vanessa Riley
The Preacher's Promise - Piper Huguley
A Most Precious Pearl - Piper Huguley
Conspiracy of Fools: A True Story - Kurt Eichenwald

Recommendations Time!


If you like the Call the Midwife memoirs by Jennifer Worth.....then check out The Nightingales series by Donna Douglas.


If you like true crime sans murder....then check out Conspiracy of Fools by Kurt Eichenwald.


If you like WWII era historical romances....check out Sarah Sundin's trilogies.


If you like adventure/road trips with your romance...then check out the Tang Dynasty series by Jeannie Lin.


If you like more recent historical romances...then check out Let It Shine by Alyssa Cole or any book in the Decades: A Journey of African-American Romance series (each book in the series is written by a different author and takes place between 1910-2008ish). Decades have some of the best romance covers ever!


If you like Regency era historical romances but need more color *cough*….then check out Vanessa Riley's Advertisements in Love series.


If you like historical romances other than Regency era or another mail order bride...then check out Piper Huguley's Home to Milford College series (Reconstruction era/early Gilded Age) or Migrations of the Heart series (WWI/post war/early Jazz Age). 





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review 2018-10-22 12:09
A great start, very slow middle, and appropriate ending
The Butterfly Bride - Vanessa Riley

All in all, it's a good read, but there were some parts that bored me while I was reading and I had to take a break before continuing with the story. I found it a little bit slower for my taste. Other than that I liked it a lot. The story is good, characters are well-developed and it's quite intriguing. I especially enjoyed the whole mystery/danger aspect of it.

Frederica Burghley is an illegitimate daughter of a Duke. All her life she has tiptoed around society, careful of not causing any scandals, she fears being compared to her mother and just wants a respectable life. That's why she must marry now because the Duke himself has a new bride and her status in his household has become precarious. She is hoping to find a husband among the candidates who responded to her newspaper advertisement. There is only one problem; one of them could be a potential psychopath bend upon hurting her. That isn't going to deter her though, she must marry soon and she will find a husband for herself at any cost. Love can wait until after marriage.

Jasper likes Frederica and hates the thought of her marrying someone else. However, he can't marry her. So, he must let her go. He can only ever be a friend to her. The kind of friend she deserves. When he finds out that she is in danger he appoints himself as her guardian. But will he be able to keep his distance, find her a husband, and keep her safe all at once? Or are they both running towards an imminent disaster?

It's an enjoyable read that I would recommend to all historical fiction fans. Although, it's a standalone novel, it is better to read the series in order if you plan to read all the books in this series because characters from previous books made an appearance in this one. And it will be more fun to know their backgrounds and history as well.


P.S. I received a complimentary copy of this book via NetGalley.

Source: mineofbooks.blogspot.com/2018/10/review-butterfly-bride-by-vanessa-riley.html
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text 2018-10-14 16:58
Reading progress update: I've read 55%.
The Butterfly Bride - Vanessa Riley

It's kind of slow paced, which I don't really like much. :/

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