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review 2020-05-06 15:20
It Was A Dark and Stormy Night
It Was a Dark and Stormy Night, Snoopy - Charles M. Schulz

by Snoopy


You know, I'm amazed I never read this whole book before. I've seen a lot of the individual cartoons in newspaper comic sections over the years, but it never occurred to me to get the collection. It was going used for a penny so how could I resist when I saw the category for a Dark and Stormy Night on Halloween Bingo!


I think this should be required reading for all wannabe writers. Not only is it a great collection of classic Snoopy cartoons, but it highlights some of the inner thoughts of the writer within many of us.


Highly recommended!

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review 2020-04-24 03:57
A Dark Night Hidden by Alys Clare
A Dark Night Hidden (Hawkenlye Mysteries #6) - Alys Clare

Hawnkenlye Mysteries #6


I'm not sure how I've been picking them lately, but this one managed to morph from a potential murder mystery into a kind of conspiracy to spirit away some heretics to the continent to escape punishment by the Church. I could have done without the magical children of the forest stuff, but otherwise it was okay. Hopefully this series will get back to proper murder mysteries soon?

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quote 2020-04-05 10:00
“You know, I can always tell when you’re not really angry, because you get loud and you swear a lot. When the anger’s real, you’re quiet and it’s way more scary.”
Dark of Night - Suzanne Brockmann

Dark of Night by Suzanne Brockmann

(Troubleshooters series, Book #14)

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review 2020-03-31 17:50
Bosch is now working with Renee
Dark Sacred Night - Michael Connelly

Bosch got a little sentimental and try to help a woman who has become an addict after her daughter was murdered. 


Maddie is staying away in college as she didn't really like this woman staying with her dad.


Renee is in the night shift. She caught Bosch looking at something in a locked cabin and find out he was looking for his old murder books and note cards.


So she got involved. Lucky that she did as Bosch did need help when there is a contract out to have him killed. 


The detective story is complex with some detective work with lot of interviews and finding clues. 


This is not as good as most of the Bosch series as Renee character has not been well established yet. We know she was not really emotionally healthy, but she is smart. She is also not well like and not trying to find relationship that is more meaningful than an occasional fuck. 


The chemistry between the two characters are not there yet. It is not easy as Renee is not a likable character. 


Still an enjoyable read. 


4.5 stars.


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text 2020-03-28 02:21
Reading progress update: I've read 178 out of 448 pages.
Dark Sacred Night - Michael Connelly

Bosch has a cold case. He went into his previous work post and want some note on the case. 


He was caught by Renee when he opened a locked file cabin. 


So he told her. There was a cold case nine years ago. And the victim's mother seek his help to find the killer. 


He is having a relationship with this person. She was an addict after her daughter got killed and now staying at Bosch place. 


This is not that complicated. 


Renee is also having a relationship with the lifeguard she knew when she was sleeping on the beach. Which is most of the time. She didn't get much sleep and was there with her dog.


How would that work? Going back to the case and check all the alibi and interview anyone who might know something. 


Bosch is a middle aged man. Renee is young but emotionally damaged. Interesting to throw these two together on a case. 

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