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review 2020-05-02 11:19
so very nearly 5 stars!
His Accidental Daddy - Luna David
Independent reviewer for Archaeolubrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. Thornton runs into the side of Asher's car and neither man will ever be the same again. Thornton is a Daddy, and he wants Asher for his boy, but Asher doesn't have a clue about the lifestyle or what being a little means. Can Thornton make Asher see that he needs him, that they need each other? I really REALLY enjoyed this book! I've been struggling with a lot of reading at the moment, and to be honest, Daddy/littles haven't really been my thing but this one twanged something when I read the blurb, and I am so glad I gave it a go! Poor Asher! He really is a wreck about most things, everyday things cause him into meltdowns and he is struggling just to function. Cue getting sideswiped in the rain, and Asher is losing it, big time. Then a voice cuts through the panic and Asher can just breathe (as much as fractured ribs will allow) and Asher falls hard and fast for Thornton. Thornton, while feeling incredibly guilty for crashing his car into Asher's, feels a pull to Asher that he never felt before. Just seeing him in that wreck calls to his inner Daddy so far and so deeply, Thornton cannot resist. But Asher thinks he is damaged, and Thornton knows that isn't the case, he just needs to make Asher see. I've tagged this BDSM but there is actually very little of the "usual" stuff, just some spanking, and talk about power exchange and a Dom/sub relationship that is in this book for Thornton's best friends. It is HEAVY on the emotional side of things though, and I think that's what carried me through, watching Asher get out of his head, and into his little for his Daddy. Thornton's emotions are all over the place too, but I didn't feel them as deeply as I did Asher's. It is also incredibly SWEET in places, hence the warm and fuzzies tag. Both voices are clear and you really do get into Asher's head when he starts to meltdown. Very well written scenes when Asher loses it and Thornton brings him back. I'm interested in reading about Damian and Syed (the D/s relationship here), Thornton's best friends, but MORE so about another pairing that blossomed towards the end of this book. Madi, who is Asher's best friend, and Trent, who is Thornton's younger brother. That pairing would be a Mummy/little relationship, and I'm really rather curious about that one! Not quite hitting those 5 stars, but so very nearly! 4 stars **same worded review will appear elsehwere**


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review 2019-12-06 10:53
an enjoyable listen, for the most part.
Changing Lines (Harrisburg Railers Hockey Book 1) - V.L. Locey,RJ Scott
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted the audio version of this book. I came across this pair of authors when asked to read the Owatonna U Hockey series. THIS series is before that series, and so I know some of what happens here ahead of time. Tennant is the youngest brother of three, and they are all hockey players. Tennant wants to do his own thing, so bucks against what his brothers want him to do and joins the Harrisburg Railers. Jared is one of the coaches to the team and Ten’s big brother’s best friend. Jared also pushes all of Ten’s buttons and is 9 years his senior. Jared can’t touch Ten, can he? For the most part, I did enjoy this book. Like I said, I knew there was a happy ever after and I knew what would happen to Jared’s son, Ryker (book one, Owatonna U Hockey, who is 17 here) so it was more a matter of HOW they got there, rather than if. I liked that Jared made Ten wait, and that boy did struggle in the beginning with that, but once he saw WHY Jared wanted to make him wait, he saw, he really did, the beauty of that. Both Jared and Ten have a say, in the first person. Each voice is distinctive enough to know who is speaking if left mid chapter, but I have something to say about the narration in a little bit. I would have liked more conflict, I think! Ten is in the closet and NO one knows, not even his parents. Coming out to Jared changes things for Jared, cos he thought Ten straight. The conflict I think I wanted was with the team, and the aftermath of his coming out and what that meant to ten and Jared. There is SOME fall out, with the team’s bosses and what they do after, but when Ten was musing over things I was expecting MORE, you know?? Sean Crisden narrates. I have listened to his work a couple of times before, and I think I prefer his work when only a single character has a voice. Here’s why. Doing two voices alternately has to be difficult. Ten is far younger than Jared and has a higher voice that I had no trouble with. Switching then to Jared’s voice, which is low and deep? HIS voice is the one I struggled with. Crisden dips his voice when Jared is thinking, and is emotional, and I struggled, with my dodgy hearing to keep up. I missed some of Jared’s musings because of that. There was also some long drawn out, detailed descriptions of hockey matches and I kinda tuned out at those points. Had I been reading, I would have skipped ahead, but you can’t do that when listening. Sorry, but great details about sports is really not my thing, even if stories about the sports players is. 4 solid stars for the book 3.5 for the narration Rounded up to 4 stars overall **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


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review 2013-04-12 00:00
Gaps In Your Soul - Shayla Kersten Jared is a groomsmen at his best friend's wedding, he is newly home from Afghanistan and is recovering from his physical injuries but also the emotional tole the war took on him.His best friend's younger brother Dalton is the one he walked away from 10 years ago after a spectacular BJ he hasn't forgotten.Dalton plans a little revenge and to get Jared out of his system once and for all.I had a few issues, maybe I'm just not that way, but I think 10 years of not seeing someone is enough time to get over a one -off with your crush. Jared made no secret of his plans for a career in the military and it was e 19 year old Dalton that came on to him, I didn't see the need to treat him so poorly and plan to use him and leave him.Of course Dalton loves Jared and Jared loves Dalton, but Jared is in the closet and if he wants to keep his career and his benefits he needs to stay there. My issue was really Dalton not taking any of that into consideration, I'm not saying Jared was right or wrong, but he does have serious things to consider and I thought for an adult Dalton was pretty childish, he wants Jared, he wants him now and he wants him how and where he wants him, I felt Jared deserved a little patience and consideration and time.Jared was also running hot and cold with Dalton, but I would have liked to see a little bit more after the wedding, the 180 and then the end? I wanted to know what he is going to do and some of the thought he put into his decision and his future.
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review 2013-01-10 00:00
Gaps In Your Soul (Naughty Nuptials)
Gaps In Your Soul - Shayla Kersten 3.5 stars. Too fast resolution but apart from that, I enjoyed this.
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review SPOILER ALERT! 2011-04-10 00:00
The Wimp Factor: Gender Gaps, Holy Wars, and the Politics of Anxious Masculinity [Stephen Ducat ]
The Wimp Factor: Gender Gaps, Holy Wars, and the Politics of Anxious Masculinity - Stephen J. Ducat

I wasn't really sure about this book, since most of it is politics. I don't really like politics that much, but it wasn't as bad as I feared it would be.

One quote that I really liked was "One world, under Gaia". I can't remember who said it, but I thought that wouldn't be a bad thing when I read it. Not sure about the word under, since Gaia is mother earth or the personification of the earth herself. I understand that it was trying to freak out some people, and using the Pledge of Allegiance wording to do it.

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